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  1. Wow - and I thought that there 'might' be space available in (gulp) November, when I returned from Am'dam.... Glad I registered early.
  2. I miss the Pacific National Exhibition here in Vancouver, Canada the way it used to be, before land was reclaimed and parkland was restored. Not that there's anything wrong in that. But the fair has lost alot of the variety in it's diversity of presentations and displays during the two weeks it runs. The Puyallup still does that quite nicely in this day and age, thankfully. So it's nice and close by, too.
  3. Thinking and hoping everything works out ok with those in (now) Rita's path. Everybody take care.
  4. Hope this trip of the Alveys turns into a possible future parks tours to see you guys there, ok? Have a great visit with them. bill/NW
  5. And today's Birthday Greetings go to ___________ . Have a great day to all of you, who we don't know yet. And to those of you who we will know, soon enough.
  6. ^Actually, I was thinking the "Marina Plate" might prove more, um, interesting? For that price, I mean, lol. (Or the Shoreline Combo for that matter, )
  7. Sweet sweeet Yowsa! Happy dance!!! Our dollar just went up, against the US $ :shock: then and then Ordering this DVD and the Japan-A-Rama Spectacular, tonight hee hee hee. Sending you the $$$ following the order, Mr.R. Yes. 8) Later than evening........... Done! (Hugs to the Missus E.)
  8. You are going to have an awesome ride!!! Have a great one. 8)
  9. Not the greatest start to my week - but a start all the same.
  10. I ordered a t-shirt from California and they sent the wrong size. Grrr. Now I have to spend extra $ to ship it back to them, and (hopefully) get a refund for the money I have to put out, now. Hmmmph. But of course, since it is from Canada to the US, it's going to cost me more than domestic post. Definitely the day (Pirate Talk Day) to ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRh. (P.S. To Robb - This is NOT the TPR shirt I ordered from you. Another t-shirt I ordered. I just realized 'maybe' you might have thought this was your order...)
  11. Very good. Had me fooled. Things to do with your photos, huh? Could be interesting to see how other real coaster pix look, being altered that way, huh?
  12. Gee I do miss the Puyallup! And the video is great! I like the way he's fit everything to the song, then ... it's just the sound of the peeps and the coaster itself. Great TR video!
  13. I have always driven a manual stick - but when I've rented cars in the past, I always got automatic, which I considered to be a Bonus Vacation Benefit as part of whatever driving trip I used to do, lol.
  14. ^I stand corrected on that, the queueline for DD is something to go through. I think I am used to too many 'overhead pix' of these layouts, sometimes, lol. The discussion was mainly focused on AK's theming and why there was problems in the E-ticket area, I thought. And my observation, is based mainly on what DISNEY does with (simply) coaster tracks, and what nowadays, you really can't theme, because of size and layout of such coasters. Big huge buildings seem to be the way to go, if you can swing the $$$, yes? Themed, of course. The discussion seemed to be also about various attractions at AK being modest in thrills and not-too-distinct in their design. Well, I think anybody not too keen on some thrill rides certainly can have Disney to thank when it comes to giving first-timers a start. Kali Rapids seems such a start, to me, for rapids rides. And I also seem to remember that Disney was orig.planning to put some sort of suspended coaster in a ....castle? Meaning, a huge big building themed to the teeth, with all of the coaster probably inside of it. That would be awesome to go thru, queue line and all, lol. If IOA had done it with DD, like a building of a huge castle, or a huge mountain beside the castle queue line? Mmm. That would be incredibly choice. Probably lightning effects inside too with all the passes. Exp.Everest at AK may be the start of a new thrill era at AK. Or at other theme parks. You never know, hmmm?
  15. Great TR guy. And for my $, I think you posted some excellent single pix of each AT coaster there. Really nice single coaster shots, perfect to show what they're all about, individually. Very nice. You did a great job there.
  16. Felicity Huffman (sp) is a great actress and they finally acknowledged her tonight. Go girl!!!
  17. hey hey - And they're off and running! DeGeneres is great, Desp.Housewives is there. And who're the first winners, huh??? And WTF is going on with the in-house announcer there? Can't be heard, on television. Guys, get it together down there. Hmmm. Prob.with on-air-annoucer still there. But - the winner of the Reality Program is ___________. 8)
  18. Um, shouldn't it be noted that no other theme park franchise ever did as much themeing to its a) attractions b) services and c) surroundings as Disney had ALWAYS done. Then, Universal 'got it.' And IOA was created. And that's it. For now. The trick is, how do you put themeing around a suspended or rocket or (fill in blank) coaster and make it fit in with the rest of the park's themeing? IOA's Dueling Dragons is still, two suspended coasters whose track in most of it's entirety you can still make out, right? There's just a Dragon-like entrance and the queue line is a building. Disney is putting into EE what some of these franchises should do themself. And I realize it probably can't be done with most coasters, because of their size and build, etc. But remember - there was complaining and major problems with DL when it first opened. Then later on, the old Matterhorn (1959)was created and steel coaster history was born. AK is doing fine with what it's mandate was set for - to educate the public about animals in a new and different way. And they're certainly not going to fold up their theme park tents, because it's not E-Ticket Heaven to some peeps..... yet. Peace all.
  19. Great TRs so far, everybody. :mrgreen: And I think the (ahem) jeans on Ms. Hilton-Wannabe #2 are most (um) provocative? Could you imagine, if one of her friends had started 'snipping away' at some of those pieces, here and there... Actually, on second AND third thought, no, no noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
  20. Pretty amazing views from a lot of the rides, with where the park's situated. Great TR! Thanks for sharing.
  21. ^ Great memory video coaster1 !!! Thanks for The Blast from The Past! (finding myself repeating earlier post - - age does things)
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