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  1. "We are family" is starting to play on the radio - and I remember loving to dance to this song at the bar. And pretty good too - hah!
  2. Chris^ at this time, I believe they're hitting a "ballpark figure" of somewhere between $1600-1800 US total (not incl.airfare to either London airports). This is probably based on places R&E've already been to, contacted and worked out as far as hotels, transport, the parks tix etc. for a smaller group like us (just over 40 peeps). I am hoping it works out to $1500 US(hah) - but hey - once in a lifetime for a first-time experience like no other. AND the start of a beautiful friendship with some people who KNOW how to tour the world and have Fun too! I think one should work to maybe $1500 for now? If you wanted to pay that much of the entire thing. Certainly makes your final difference easy, hmm?
  3. Great TR! And..... a good old Caterpillar with a working cover... (nostalgia break) Yes ^ captions were fun.
  4. Of the ones I have been to, so far? Disneyland Paris. Period. IMO.
  5. And we just hit $1.18 CDN per liter here in Western Canada. Glad I don't have to use my car that often. Sorry the rest of you have to....
  6. And still No lesbians Here in the poll (oops - saw one - guess it's the % that needs upping a touch, lol)
  7. And the trick with these polls is, you don't know how the voting's really going, until you yourself, vote. Unless you read thru all the posts here, altho that isn't guaranteeing who's "winning" etc. Still got three days to choose, too. Hmmm. Which one, which one. (And actually - I originally didn't see the 'view results' button there at the bottom of the poll list - and when I did see it before voting? - I still didn't look until after.... only fair, hmm?)
  8. Calvin and Hobbes???? - oops - sry - guess I should have guessed a strip that's still running, hmm?
  9. Since I have the number '3' popping up everywhere in my life these past (literal) few years, wouldn't ya know it that I'd be #33 on the poll there!!! You can see which one, for now. Compared to the other numbers, heh heh. Yes, after reading "all of the above" I find it refreshing that it's not such a Big Deal as it used to be, to be 'out.' Except of course, to ones self, family, friends, co-workers. That IS still a Big Deal, don't matter which decade, lol. Not belittling that important Part of Life, believe me. Just - "when I was younger..." well, some of you know it wasn't as casual and commercial as it appears to be nowadays. Anyway, here's to acceptance, and to you Allison, Big Bunches of Roses. Good for you!
  10. ^ Well Stitch, if you want some more Python, in "Something Completely Different" There's the new Broadway Cast CD (show won the Tony this summer for Best Musical), Monty Python's SPAMALOT - starring Tim Curry (Orig.Frankenfurter 'Rocky Horror') Hank Azaria (voices Apu and Moe in The Simpsons) David Hyde Pierce (Niles in Frasier) and the gorgeously ample AND gifted Sara Ramirez as The Lady of The Lake (and her Laker Girls!). Great CD of the show - has some the usual wonderful Python freakiness to it too. And remember, "Always look on the bright si-i-de of life"
  11. Darnit - not Alaska huh? Congrats on the game. Hope you had fun in CO. Weather looked nice.
  12. Hmmm. I seem to be having download trouble too, with your video. I get the music, which sounds very ncie by the way - then the "dance of circles" which is something substituted for your video. Hmmm. Ah well. That would be an excellent place to include in a Euro-Tour if Robb and Ellissa ever plan a future trek through mainland Europe, like France and Germany, Holland... Thanks for sharing it, altho I haven't seen it yet, lol.
  13. And we're off!!! Like the proverbial "Herdful of Turtles in a Bowlful of Milk!" I like the odds already, heh heh. Runners-Up (in no part.order...): redunzelizer and Twister II and rollermonkey
  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyggggggggggggggggggg wow.
  15. This is gonna be nuts, Robb!!!! The agony, the decision, Elissa and that pole..... Happy poll setup...
  16. I went back to Robb's original Forum opener w/rant attached. And giggled about his offering that, with the apologies to the people in question, the rant was with the english language and it's non-use, sometimes... There is a marvelous broadway musical called AVENUE Q that has this great little ditty in it, entitled, "Everyone's A Little Bit Racist." The whole show won the (theatre) Tony Award for Best Musical. An adult version of Sesame Street. With full puppet nudity. :shock: :shock: :shock: Anyway, I always put that song on first when I feel like the rant is motivated by something else - when really, it isn't y'know? Worth a listen to from time to time. ----------------------------------------Rant on everybody!
  17. ^that is true, Wes did something I don't think Robb expected could happen^ Still - the right answer is now amongst all of you - happy hunting, lol!
  18. hey Justin - Robb said earlier - the date settings on all the cameras used, weren't adjusted to current dates.... so date settings on pix are unfortunately not-to-be-considered. Hmm, yes?
  19. ^^The food there looks- entertaining. 'Nough said here. 8)
  20. Three cakes!!! :shock: How wonderful. And yes, your whole family getting together is a great thing to still have happen for you and your brother. Hope he didn't get too 'full of cake' LOL.
  21. "Worst - dress size - ever." (love ya Robbman)
  22. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I had to switch from "Say Something Random" Forum to this one immediately... Damned stupid-butt RACCOONS!!! We thought the little ***holes were tired of being near us for so many years - and then last night - SURPRISE. Apaprently not. They tore up one of the old deadwood log pieces I had propped up at edge of cement patio - for grubs and bugs I know. But GEEZ I wish they'd learn to clean up after themself. Hah. I want to shoot them, I want to catch them and release them far far away from us. But I cannot do either, by city by-laws. Fact is, I am not allowed to move them. Has to be done by an (yeah,right) 'expert' and only if there are a good number of complaints - which probably means some stupid # like over 100 homes etc. etc. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRg Anyway, I scooped up the dirt that was thrown around from their 'dig,' re-propped the logpieces back together, it's rained a bit here today and now it doesn't look as bad as this morning. .. Rant offiiallly over.
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