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  1. Somehow passed my last course. Graduating with an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering in June!
  2. Loved hearing Somewhere Only we Know. I had actually put it back on my iPod a few weeks ago when I found it on my external hard drive. Also, in celebration of Barbra Streisand: http://gobarbra.com/
  3. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/gamenews.php?id=76816 Can't wait to see what it is. Super Wii?
  4. So, this guy is obviously an idiot. Believing Vegas is a prime location for an NHL team before some Canadian markets that have be re building themselves so they can host their teams once more. Phoenix Coyotes Should Move to Las Vegas says the Gambler
  5. Not necessarily; they could have likely just put a section of different track types there for showcase purposes.
  6. I haven't played RCT2 in a long time now and decided I should re-install it and build at least one of the ideas floating around in my head. Here's my first screen from my "medium sized park" idea. It's a dock area for a walled ancient (possibly also futuristic) city. I haven't decided what's going to be on the opposite side of the moat yet. Comments appreciated.
  7. Personally, I can't wait to see Phoenix out of the playoffs. Mostly because I've read and heard a few sources now saying that as soon as the Coyotes are out they JETting back to Winnipeg.
  8. Got Assassins Creed 1 and 2 for my birthday. Started the first one last night; so far so good.
  9. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Emily Browning From Sucker Punch soundtrack. It's so haunting, I love it.
  10. That's awesome; thanks for sharing that. I always love watching the trains at EPCOT. I've always wanted to build a garden railway....maybe when I have my own place.
  11. From working on one of those coasters I can tell you that the ride automatically stops if the cages are open when it reaches the end of the station. That's also if the operator doesn't notice it before hand and hits the stop button.
  12. Air Canada is threatening to back out of their sponsorship of the NHL if they don't make some changes in regards to the safety of the players. Personally, I think they're just looking for a fay to further their name from the Leafs
  13. If this really is true than I'm really happy I got my rides in last summer. But as others have said the 15min between launches was horrible. I had an all day pass and decided to just ride it 3 times to get my money's worth. Rode once in the back, middle, and front. The ops just stood and stared at me while I waited in the station and just stared at the clock. I think the shortest between launches was 10min
  14. Back story: I'm one of the executive for a student organization that unites undergraduate engineering societies in the province. For National Engineering Month I organized an event that brought 10 of those schools together. Each school built their own Rube Goldberg Machine that was connected to the next through a cell phone or internet connection. When the signal got to my machine at the CN Tower, it was rigged up to turn on the CN Tower lights purple to represent engineers everywhere.
  15. I think the 15k - 20k number could mean the amount of people needed in the development and construction of the area. If it ever reaches the construction phase.
  16. Gore Verbinski was talking about his take on the BioShock movie and why it didn't get off the ground. Source I wish I was rich and had the money to finance that vision....I think I may go replay BioShock 1 and 2 now.
  17. 30 Seconds to Mars announced some spring tour dates, and it looks like Toronto is the last stop I will definitely be there, and my goal will be getting on stage this time. Also considering going to Edgefest...Rise Against is the main act. If the Foo Fighters tour, I will most likely go see them, as I've been dying to see them for a long time. Yellowcard is coming to Toronto, but they're an opener, rather than the headliner, so I might hold out and hope they do a full headlining tour for their new album.
  18. If you want fiction books you can try: Utopia by Lincoln Child I read that one awhile ago, and it was actually a pretty good read. There's actually quite a bit of technical terms in the novel that many people might not know about unless they know about roller coaster technology. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Docotrow I just bought this book a few days ago and haven't started reading it yet, but my cousin swears by it and says it's a great book; especially if you love Disney.
  19. At Canada's Wonderland the openings for the old Walk Behind Falls are now boarded up on either side of the waterfall. You can also see the pathways up the mountain, from when you were allowed to walk up there.
  20. I love the Professor Layton series, the conclusions of the stories at the end always get me. I'm about half way through Unwound Future right now.
  21. Where do you see a Wall-E sequel going? Another search for EVE, this time on Earth? It would almost seem like the same thing.
  22. Scott Pilgrim vs the World: the game. Best downloadable game I have ever played.
  23. For you and your denial - Yellowcard Yellowcard is back!
  24. Anne Hathaway is Catwoman! Tom Hardy is Bane! Source I'm wondering if Catwoman will be considered a villain or an ally to Batman, and if she is an ally, who the other villain would be.
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