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  1. ^ I saw that on the news today. Apparantly the girl was hit with a baton and her boyfriend went in to comfort her/give her a kiss. The picture makes it look like more was going on. ^^You make some very valid points, and I do agree that many (most) of them are from Vancouver and everything they did just shed a horrible light on the citizens of the great city. But I also think that many people also went from other places just to cause problems. If people like causing trouble and know that there's a possibilibty of a riot (like a home team possibly winning or losing the playoffs in a very passionate city) they'll go to that city just to be a part of it. Also, I came across this forum today. People are posting pictures from people's facebook's and other social media sites of the user bragging about what they did. I hope they enjoy getting charged for what they did (Warning - language) There are also a few Facebook groups dedicated to posting pictures and videos so citizens can help identify people to the police. I've seen one YouTube video where the highest rated comment is someone basically saying "I know the two people in this video causing trouble; I've already notified the VPD." I love how a lot of the proud fans and citizens of Vancouver are coming together to clean up the city and identify people in pictures and videos.
  2. As a Canadian, I would just like to say that the people in the video DO NOT represent my country. They also DO NOT represent the province of British Columbia, the city of Vancouver, the Vancouver Canucks, or the sport of Hockey. A real Canucks fan would have been upset, but would wear their jerseys with pride knowing that their team had the best record in the league during regular season play and put up a fantastic fight in the post season. The people in the video are no better than the Dbags protesting in Toronto last year during the G20 and are making people ashamed to be Canucks fans, citizens of Vancouver, and even citizens of Canada. I've heard a few news stories now saying people went with the intent of rioting (apparently one jackass took a truck just so he could flip it), which makes me believe that whatever the outcome of the game was, this still would have happened....which is a real shame for the true hockey fans in Vancouver. I've seen some videos of people standing up to the crowd of looters and rioters only to be taken to the ground and kicked by everyone in sight and when someone tries to help they get pulled away by a friend because they dont want to get involved....sigh.
  3. Something I keep hearing that has been getting on my nerves is Canadians saying they are cheering for Vancouver because they want the cup to "come home." Do these people not realize that for most of the year the cup is in Toronto at the Hockey Hall of Fame? The cup is just about always "home!"
  4. I'll finally be taking a trip to Europe with a tour group in September/October and have booked my plane tickets to leave London a few days after the end of the tour. I'm really hoping to visit Alton Towers so I was wondering what the crowds will be like on a Sunday or Monday in early October. Also, does anyone know any ticket discounts available (besides the 20% off if you book online)? I've heard a lot of places in London have discounts if you take the train, is this the case with Alton Towers? Thanks for the help
  5. Downloaded InFAMOUS as my first welcome back Ps3 game. Will probably wait a few days to download the second (don't want to go over internet bandwidth). Also downloaded the first access demo of Duke Nukem Forever and loved it. I can't wait to pick up the full game this week.
  6. It's not summer in the GTA until the Marineland commercial is on.
  7. E3: Taking Flight with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventures Even though this game is aimed at kids, it sounds really cool. Can you imagine what they could do with a Pokemon game? Collect the toys (and make a huge fortune) and you could essentially have a virtual pokemon fight by physically putting in and taking out your creatures during battle.
  8. As a change of pace, I would just like to say that I absolutely hate the Canada's Wonderland Ride Warrior commercials. Last year's were bad, but the song they added it to this year make me change the channel.
  9. Lets see how rabid they are after a few seasons of realizing they are rooting for the Thrashers... Leaf fans are still pretty rabid after several seasons of rooting for the Leafs.
  10. One thing I would never buy is a used bed from a hotel. Especially a Las Vegas hotel.
  11. I've had a very emotional past two weekends so I've turned to my happy song a lot. Last Train Home by lostprophets
  12. There were 13,000 season tickets on sale; those are what were sold in 4 minutes. They also sold all their corporate boxes as well. Winnipeg games are going to be wild.
  13. ^^ Just to add to that story; once the public sale started tickets sold out in 4 minutes. They reached the cap of 8000 on their waiting list soon after.
  14. Once Quebec completes their new arena one of the aforementioned teams will be moved there; that's a fact. After that the NHL needs to stop kissing the ass of MLSE and allow a second team in Toronto. I guarantee that a 2nd Toronto team would bring in tons of season tickets and cash from merchandise. There will still be the faithful Leaf fans, but a whole second fan base would emerge.
  15. 7th team in Canada, soon to be 8! I think Bettman's annoucement would have been much better if it was just "I''m an idiot; the NHL should have never left here." I've read people are starting to buy up domain names of websites that may become possible team names. Manitoba Thrashers, Falcons, and Bears have all been bought. I'm really hoping they keep the Jets name, but part of me is doubting that.
  16. The last thing I'm going to do at a theme park after paying for travel, parking, and admission is lie on the ground for "fun."
  17. Made a post on craigslist claiming with Rapture coming I would need a little sister to protect. She would need to be proficient in using a large syringe and would only call me Daddy or Mr. Bubbles. In return I would carry her on my shoulder and fight to the death to protect her.
  18. If it was on the brake run then chances are the ride needs to be shut off and locked out before an op can walk back there to clean it. Rather than close the ride for 30-60 min to clean the ride during an annual event (I've never been, so I can't say if it's busy or not) they probably figured they'd clean it at the end of the day. If you noticed it, chances are others noticed it, and chances are at least one person complained. It may look gross, but the smell won't kill you.
  19. Got 18 engineering students onto one Behemoth train and started singing Godiva's Hymn.
  20. If you knew the people of Woodbridge, Maple, Vaughan area, it's really not surprising...
  21. I was really wondering how they were going to address the whole prom issue in that going to prom usually means you're graduating. Going with Jr. Prom made some sense, except there have been episodes in the past now where the Glee kids have been talking like they were going to be graduating recently. Now it's like those conversations didnt happen. Also, did they really need to add to Rebecca Black's bank account by doing her song?
  22. Having been in the core of the tower and the raydome (the inflatbale bubble under the observation deck) this seems like the next natural step for me. Only thing holding me back is the $175 price tag.
  23. I'll be there Friday for Math and Physics Day, after not getting to go to the park once last year it'll be nice to go again. Especially if this beautiful weather keeps up and the crowds are light.
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