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  1. Just got back from Pittsburgh; my step-dad took me to the draft as a late birthday gift. Got to meet a few interesting people at a bar after the draft including the owner of the Hamilton Bulldogs (also part owner of the Montreal Canadiens) and a few TSN personalities. So happy for Cody Ceci getting drafted to the Senators; born and raised in Ottawa, played for the Ottawa 67s, and now a chance to play for the Sens. I'm pretty sure I was one of three people in attendance wearing a Sens jersey. I was really hoping to get my picture with the Cup in my Sens jersey but they closed the line early on the first night and the line was massive on the second day. Only thing I didn't like was the Pittsburgh fans booing the kids getting drafted to the Flyers. I understand booing the team because of the rivalry, but after the kid's name is called the only sound should be applause for getting picked. I'll post some pictures later once my internet speeds up a bit.
  2. Would've been better if they found it on Pluto.
  3. Loved the pictures; although I skipped most of the on ride pictures and haven't watched the POV. I'd rather it be all new to me when I do eventually visit the parks. Anyone else wondering what myths exactly the Mythbusters would be doing at Cars Land? I haven't watched the show in awhile so I don't know if they're still doing actual myths or just cool science experiments. Either way I'll find a way to watch it online (no cable since moving out).
  4. A bandana can be considered gang clothing; most parks and public places have specific rules about wearing gang clothing/colours.
  5. It would have to be set up like couch surfing with reviews and references of each person offering up a place to stay. Rating someone after staying there would have to be mandatory so others can read about how you were treated. It's a good idea, but for those looking to go to places near parks why not just use Couch Surfing for that? Chances are the person you stay with has been there and can offer up some advice. They might not be an enthusiast, but for that why not just use TPR or a website dedicated to that park to find someone that may want to meet up there and show you around?
  6. When I first read about this the only thing I could think of was "A Legoland would have been PERFECT for the now closed Ontario Place!" They already have some rides in place, a popular water park, located in the heart of the city, right next to a growing airport and plenty of room for things like the mini cities and displays they build. I'm also pretty sure there used to be a big lego fun centre in the Atlantis buildings.
  7. After ~18 rides in a row on Vortex and 9 in a row on Behemoth, my roommate had to call it quits after throwing up on the brake run. I lasted a few more and took my count to around 20 on Behemoth (and the ~18 on Vortex) before tapping out. I felt bad having him sit and wait for me all day; not to mention I was starting to get a little queasy. At least I got a decent number of rides in, met some fellow TPR members along the way as well, and most importantly raised around $250 for GKTW. For Vortex I had a mini Shox iPod speaker going and played different songs on 5-6 circuits before it died on me. Also found 3 used condoms and a broken PSP on the roof of Behemoth's maintenance shed...corrugated steel just does not seem like a comfortable place at all. Next year I'll be more prepared (ie no to drinking the night before)
  8. My roommate and I are looking forward to Coasting For Kids. Although we're not part of team TPR (we started E4TW in hopes of getting more of our engineering friends intrested in joing us), we're still happy with what we raised. I was able to raise an extra $100 last weekend from just a few friends. Only thing I'm not looking forward to is the night before being a retirement party at a local pub for my girlfriend's father. Have a feeling I'm going to have one heck of a headache the next morning. Hopefully the weather forcast is wrong in it's prediction of chance of thunder showers.
  9. This. An engineering firm isn't going to spend all the man hours to design a brand new ride and then throw it out. Who's going to foot the bill for all that wasted work? B&M? Doubt it. Cedar Point? Unlikely. Canada's Wonderland? Plausible. Getting a cookie cutter Vekoma SLC makes the most sense at that point since the park just wasted money on a design they couldn't use and could have then just went with whatever was available and closest to what they wanted.
  10. That's pretty cool, but I wouldn't use a song that says "lets do something dumb and get married"
  11. I have, but I don't go enough to warrant one. I used to go once a year for free when volunteering for Math and Physics Day and would get a return ticket as compensation. I rarely used the free return ticket. Plus, with the whole living on a tight budget, I couldn't exactly justify one at this point in time.
  12. I really wish they would add some kind of starlight pass ticket. I'd love to visit the park after work one day but $40+ for a few hours is a bit steep on a budget. If their flagship park can offer one, I can't see why one of their most visited parks can't offer one. With such a huge population base around the park and all the options of getting there, it could lead to a few more people through the gates later in the day.
  13. Sorry for the double post; but Quebec City announced their new arena to be ready by 2015 New $400 million, 18,000-seat arena in Quebec City to be ready by Sept. 2015
  14. I'm going to try and get a bunch of engineering friends to sign up and we can all go for Canada's Wonderland. I know plenty of people would be down for this, although I would really like to know what ride it's going to be on.
  15. Drove past the park the past weekend at night. They had Leviathan's lift all lit up pretty much all night (I drove past at 1am and it was still on)
  16. Once Quebec City's new arena gets built they will have the Nordiques back. Trust me on that one.
  17. I'll bet anyone $10 that the upchrage 3D movie being added is just the old Escape from Dino Island 3D. I also find it kind of crazy you now have to pay for a ride that has been free since it's opening. I'd understand if one side was free and non-3D and the other was extra plus 3D. People might be more enticed to pay the extra $1 if it meant a shorter line.
  18. Winnipeg Jets owner endorses Saskatoon as NHL city, with one concern An even smaller city than Winnipeg, but would probably get more support than some teams in the USA. I say if they can do like Winnipeg did and prove the city wants a team there through a season ticket drive, then go for it. They'd probably pull in more money than some of the failing teams.
  19. Have they given a time in the afternoon as to when the first rider's get their ride? Knowing that is the only thing keeping me from bidding. I'd love to be one of the first but I'm not missing work to do it.
  20. It'd be nice to see CW going back to actual themed lands. Medieval Faire seems the closest to being it's original theme; a few name changes, some paint and scenery and the area could be really nice.
  21. Ultimately it's up to the park what they want to classify it as since it's their coaster that they bought from the manufacturer. Canada's Wonderland can call it a OMGWTF300footLOLZ coaster if they really wanted to.
  22. We don't get the same commercials during the superbowl in Canada so I had to watch a few online. The ones that are the same are the ones I care about (movie trailers). One of the best was one that was filmed in Canada (and I believe only aired in Canada; correct me if I'm wrong) was the budweiser flash fans commercial. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0qZYqdsYAg The Edge interviewed one the players and he said after the filming was done some the players had tears in their eyes and said it was one of the best days of their lives.
  23. Not remembering if I posted in here before; I recently saw Mary Poppins and American Idiot while they were both in Toronto. Both were very good in their own ways (you can't really compare Mary Poppins to American Idiot). I absolutely loved the music in AI and Mary Poppins brought back memories of watching the movie when I was a kid. I now also just bought first row centre balcony tickets for Beauty and the Beast for it's run in Toronto. Book of Mormon has also been annnounced in the 2013 line-up of shows, so I will be seeing that one for sure. Other shows I've seen: Phantom Joseph (with Donny Osmond) Tommy Rock of Ages Wicked Jersey Boys Lion King Spamalot ...and probably some more I can't remember
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