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  1. I only watch skits of it on YouTube, but UK's Balls of Steel is/was awesome. As for "international shows" Corner Gas is local here in Canada, but international to the majority of users, so I'd say that one was one of my favorites too.
  2. I buy all my textbooks from abebooks.com. They usually cost me around $10-$20 with shipping included. They work perfect for Canada because they tend to send the international editions from places like India, and those editions always use Metric. If you don't mind using metric and using a conversion site (or your brain) to switch the units, it's well worth the savings.
  3. I'm at an engineering conference in Newfoundland and tried to go to a bar today for the drink special. After paying the $5 cover I walked in and couldn't get anywhere near the bar. The place is tiny and full of engineering students and locals. I proceeded to squeeze my way out, find a friend in line and convinced him to go to another bar. Worst $5 ever.
  4. I'm not sure if I can remember all the movies I've seen this year. Here are some that stood out and I'd consider my best of 2010: 1. Scott Pilgrim vs The World (the rest are in no particular order) Harry Potter 7.1 How to Train your Dragon Despicable Me Toy Story 3 Shutter Island Get him to the Greek She's out of my league Robin Hood Shrek 4 Tangled Before I get "how could you not include Inception and/or Social Network": I haven't seen them yet.
  5. The model looks good, but I'm not a fan of the no swinging. The fun of a suspended coaster came from the swinging of the cars. Without that, it's just a non inverting SLC.
  6. As I understand it, there has to be one section of track which is just 12 straight pieces of track. Of those 12 pieces, some can be a downward slope.
  7. I finally got RCT2 working again, so maybe I'll give this challenge a try. As long as school work doesn't get too hectic, I should be able to finish. Station to Station time - 1:19 Type: 3 car bobsled Here's a few screens so far Loading Station Bridge and base of viewing tower Grandstand at the entrance of the park, by the final turns of the run.
  8. Using Christmas money, I did some boxing day/week shopping. 32GB 4th Gen iPod touch for $289 ($10 off the Apple price, so it's still a sale) 2 Suits for $130 (3 for 1 suit sale, my buddy got one, I got two)
  9. Not NHL, but I'll be at the Canada vs Russia World Juniors game tomorrow in Buffalo. Some of these guys will likely be in the NHL one day though.
  10. Lets see if I can remember it all... My Booky Wook 2 by Russel Brand Wake by Robert J. Sawyer Kick Ass Blu-Ray Despicable Me Blu-Ray How to Train your Dragon Blu-Ray Glee Season 1 DVD Tons of clothes (sweaters, jeans, hoodies, boxers, t-shirts) Lots of gift cards 2 pairs of thermal underwear (perfect for my upcoming trip to St. John's) $400 cash for a "big gift" (I'm buying a new iPod touch) $100 cash for a date night with my girlfriend (going to use it for upcoming trip to NYC) And not really a gift cause they were free, but I'm going to the Canada vs Russia world Jr game in Buffalo tomorrow (actually have tickets to all three games tomorrow, but only interested in Canada)
  11. 10. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo - Bloodhound Gang 9. A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars 8. Attack - 30 Seconds to Mars 7. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - Offspring 6. From Yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars 5. Misery Business - Paramore 4. Nothing Special - illScarlet 3. Saviour - Rise Against 2. Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes won't Save you This Time) - lostprophets 1. The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars Give it a few more days and a few of those will change. I've been upping the play count on a couple tracks from 30 Seconds to Mars' This is War album (Closer to the Edge (16th), Vox Populi (22nd) , and This is War (18th)), as well as Fake it by Seether, Cold (but I'm still here) by Evans Blue, and a few other songs.
  12. This morning I woke up, signed into facebook and was greeted with a message that someone tried to sign into my account from a place that Facebook isn't used to. After confirming my identity it showed me on Google maps where the login was attempted from...Krakow, Poland. Then realizing that my Facebook and Hotmail are connected with the same password, I signed into Hotmail to find a bunch of failed message notifications from spam messages sent to my entire contact list. I had to change both my passwords to completely different things and now have to get used to both. I'm having the IT department at school wipe my hard drive tomorrow and refresh it back to the state I got it with when they gave it to me at the beginning of the year.
  13. The Lonely Island - I Just had Sex (feat. Akon)
  14. Prince Desmond was recently spotted in Toronto. "Have you seen someone who's head looks like this?"
  15. ^That's pretty bad. The sad thing about my prof not showing up for this exam is that it's a final year course. The prof e-mailed all of us and told us he "read the schedule wrong" and thought it started at 3, not end at 3. He wants us to write it in the new year, and I for one don't exactly want to spend my Christmas break studying...especially when I'm in Newfoundland for a week long student engineering conference for the last week of my break.
  16. Great article from Calgary: 43 Reasons the Leafs Stink Source
  17. You'd think more people would appreciate good looking girls in skimpy clothing at testosterone filled sporting events.
  18. Was supposed to write my Advanced Solid Mechanics final today. The prof never showed. After 45min of waiting the program director came in and had us all sign an attendance sheet and asked us to wait. 2 hours after the exam was supposed to have started he came in and told us we could leave. Most of us are now furious that the exam could be rescheduled since we either live far from campus or have plans already. Amazing how a student misses an exam and gets a 0, but the prof misses the exam and we're all inconvenienced. We're all asking for a take home exam now.
  19. The better idea would have been Thrashers follow Edmonton and unveil new dance squad but they won't dance until 5000 tickets are sold. And speaking of dance squads/cheerleaders in the NHL; I'm really surprised the Leafs haven't done this yet as a way to suck even more money from their fan base.
  20. I just got 4 round trip bus tickets from Toronto to New York City for $0.50 total...that's $0.13 each ticket...or $0.07 each ticket each way. Scratch that, I just got another 3 more for another $0.50. Going to be an awesome surprise birthday weekend for my girlfriend. Only crappy thing is that Little Mermaid isn't playing on Broadway anymore
  21. Looks like Prince Desmond has decided to move the Big Dipper out of the Cleavland area.
  22. Price Desmond took in an awards show to raise awareness. IMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT IMA NEED HELP SAVIN' TEH BIG DIPPER
  23. Another cruise in the news for damage due to weather, this time a Royal Caribbean. Source
  24. Video of Antarctic Cruise in some intense waves According to the short summary on my home page, the ship lost an engine during the ordeal. And an article about it here I think an Antarctic cruise would be fun, but those waters are pretty treacherous. Upon further research of this ship, it looks like it was designed for cruising the Great Lakes; a far cry from the Antarctic Ocean.
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