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  1. Apparently it was all a misunderstanding. The two usually go around looking for scrap metal to recycle and found the track. They say that the track was by the curb and looked like it was trash since it was all rusted. Plus, it sounds like the place they took it from has been suffering from some major financial woes. So, really, who knows if the place was actually going to end up building the coaster at all. http://www.news-press.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080502/NEWS0117/805020379/1092/NEWS01
  2. I was chosen to help out at the Math and Science day next week so hopefully I'll get to ride it then. If not then, I also get a free admission for another day for helping out, so I'll ride it soon. I can't wait, I've driven past it way too much.
  3. Lines at Season Pass Preview Night aren't very long anyway. Sure, Behemoth might go to an hour to an hour and a half tops, but that's it.
  4. I cant imagine why season pass holders would want to bid. They're going the same night and will be on it within a few hours anyway, for free.
  5. This guy reminded me of someone with the "Fraser" personality. Thinks himself much better than everyone else, has to get his way, and likes to look down at anyone who doesn't agree with him. Plus, he seems like the kind of guy that is only happy at "civilized" events like theater or opera, not the happiest place on Earth. You can even tell by his pictures (I'll assume he took the pictures) that he was trying to be artistic instead of have fun. It would have been nice if he actually had done some more research into the things he likes to bash. Take the Disney Vacation Club for example. He goes on to bash everyone that uses it because they use it to go to Disney World every year, when members can really actually go to tons of places and resorts (non-Disney) around the world...or so I'm lead to believe by reading their site. I agree with a lot of the points made, especially the one about the fact that it seems like he didn't even try talking to anybody during the whole trip. But really, I hope to god he didn't talk to anyone because he probably would've ruined their trip and made their kids cry when he told them that Mickey is actually a punk teen trying to pay their way through school, and that Cinderella doesn't know how to keep her legs closed and will be getting her way with the guy dressed up as Donald Duck tonight instead of Prince Charming.
  6. I forget if I said put me down for a guest as well...if not; then put me down for a guest as well, since I'd probably bring someone with me.
  7. So far in order: WDW Animal Kingdom WDW EPCOT WDW Hollywood Studios WDW Magic Kingdom
  8. I have no problem donating $100 to a charity, but making a donation have a minimum kinda defeats the purpose of a donation to me. I still really doubt that they will get 64 riders for this unless they lower their minimum bid. As of now, they have one car full.
  9. The fact that they made it so you have to bid a minimum of $100 kinda makes me mad. I would've have definitely bid if it wasn't for that. I know that charities deserve the money they're getting, but by charging a minimum donation, it kinda defeats the purpose. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get 64 bids because of this. Did they make minimum bids for rides like Maverick and TTD?
  10. I'm not sure how true it is, but my friend that works for the park had told me that when people move in next to the park they have to sign something about that. It was something like stating that the home owners realize the park was there first and they cannot complain about any noise coming from the park. Not sure if it's true, but it makes perfect sense and is a smart move by the park since those houses are all on once-owned Wonderland land
  11. I really like the HUSS Giants that I have been on. I prefer the Giant Frisbee over the Mondail Revolution (Psyclone at Canada's Wonderland), I really enjoyed Tomb Raider the first time I rode it back in 03, and Sledge Hammer isn't too bad. It's really a shame nobody built the Land of the Giants, that would have been really cool. I also liked the look of their last un-built giant ride, and was hoping somebody would've built it so I could try it out.
  12. Too bad the map doesn't speak the truth, because then all the waterfalls would be turned on.
  13. My girlfriend and I are thinking of doing the summer work experience program for international university students but have some questions. Maybe some of you can answer them. 1. Is it worth it? We realize that the experience will probably be beyond words, but seeing how much the rent is, plus the cost of food, and minimum wage makes us question it. I heard ride attendants start at $8/hr, meaning that it could up to 10hrs of work a week to pay for that week's rent. 2. Can you pick what position you want? I realize that you probably can't say "I want to work on Tower of Terror" but can you specify that you would like rides instead of say quick service, or even what park we prefer? 3. Can you pick where you want to live? We know that the apartments aren't co-ed, but can we both say we want to live in, say, Vista Way so we wouldn't have to travel to the other complexes to see each other on days off or night? 4. What kind of hours can we expect? This kind of goes with number 1; if there isn't enough hours, there's barely any money to pay for food and rent, let alone save enough to take home. Thanks in advance...if I can think of any more I'll ask.
  14. Marineland in Niagara Falls -Finish Dragon Mountain -Start/Finish the Aquarium Complex -Add some kind of transportation around the park (sky ride would work nice) -Add some more restaurants, shops, and games along barren midways -Install a lighting system in the park so they can stay open later -Add some kind of new junior coaster -Make a river starting at base of Dragon Mountain Falls and circle around the park of the park (this would be for an old rumored river boat ride). The ride would end with getting very close to the water fall, just like a mini maid of the mist -Themed log flume or rapids ride -Add a few flat rides -Add a swimming with dolphin experience -Hyper coaster, tallest in Canada, named Leviathan, tag line: Suck on that Cedar Fair All over several years of course
  15. That's a great ride, it's got a decent length to it and never a long line. The theming is also actually pretty good for not being at an overly expensive chain kind of park. Ontario Place is an awesome place to spend a day and kill some time. Two very nice mini-putt courses, free paddle boats, good water slides, and a few other rides that make the day worth it.
  16. Hey everyone, I'm a regular member of Thrillnetwork and usually frequent here but never actually posted anything...until now. About myself: Actual name is Ryan 21 (22 in 12 days) Live just east of Toronto Mechanical Engineering student Have wanted to be an Imagineer since I first stepped foot into Magic Kingdom when I was about 8 (granted, back then I didn't know there was an actual term for the job and just called it "design stuff for Disney World") About the avatar... It's a Hannah Montana costume I found in EPCOT a few weeks ago. My friends and I weren't sure if the costume is for boys or girls so we decided to take a picture of it and have some laughs. We asked the cashier about it, but they didn't know either.
  17. I'd be interested in this. Having used to work at the park it will be cool to see all the backstage stuff again.
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