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  1. I was there for one day with my Contiki tour group on Sept 25. A few of us got really lucky and found a table for 8 of us in the HB tent at around 4pm...finding a table is a bit of an understatement; we found one with room for about 5 and pushed all 8 of us in until the very drunk people next to us just left and gave us the whole table. The day was awesome, we were right next to the band and were all standing on the tables dancing and singing. You've never experienced Bohemian Rhapsody until a bavarian band plays it and an entire tent full of people are singing along. Two people on a table behind us also gave us a free sex show when they decided that the end of the table was a good a place as any for some good ol' fashioned German lovin. I'm not a beer drinker (hate the taste) but they gave me something that was beer mixed with Lemonade (their name for Sprite/7-up apparently) which was tolerable. I ended up having a few of those, pork knuckle, pretzles, pickles, apple strudle, and one of those deep fried apple danish things. I left the group about an hour before our meeting time so I could do some rides. I did Olympia Looping, Hollenblitz (which I now call Disco Mine Shaft), and High Energy before running out of time and having to leave. Also tried my hand at one of the shooting galleries; took me a few shots to get the hang of it, but I got 6/11 targets. I'll put up some pictures later. Also picked up a special edition Oktoberfest stein from one of the largest stein makers in Germany the next day when we were in St. Goar. Only 201 were made (for Oktoberfest's 201st year).
  2. The EX has kinda lost it's lusture for me over the years. I don't even bother getting a ride's pass anymore and rather spend my time in the buildings (all the outlets are awesome), eating food, and playing the $1 games. I tried the deep fried butter this year and was pleastly surprised; tasted just like a timbit. And from what I remember hearing last year one deep fried butter ball is less calories than one sour cream glazed timbit (my favourite). Also tried the deep fried coke, which was meh for me. Way too sweet and not much flavor. For those wondering, they make it by mixing concentrated coke syrup into the batter and then dropping it into the deep fryer. I was hoping they would still have the chocolate covered bacon, but couldn't find it anywhere. Also really wanted to try the Behemoth burger (the buns are two texas toast grilled cheese sandwhiches), but the line was way too long and couldn't find someone willing to share.
  3. I'm going to be in Munich for one day during Oktoberfest while on a tour of Europe with Contiki. I plan on having as much booze, bratwurst, and schitzel as possible while checking out as many rides as I can in the few hours I'm there.
  4. Should be fine. No more than 30 minute queues although that is the time gypsies go to the park but the crowds will be light. Thanks for the info. If the gypsies are anything like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, the day should prove to be quite hilarious.
  5. All I know is that my shift starts at 7am tomorrow, so I'm going to find some boxes to hide behind and be checking out the website with my blackberry.
  6. The thing that gets me about the tags is that they say Rutherford. Rutherford Rd is the road on the complete opposite end of the park from where construction is happening. So either this thing will span the park (unlikely) or Rutherford is some different thing and this is just a coincidence (likely)
  7. Thanks for the replies! I'll be at Alton on Oct 3 and was able to convince my friend to add Thorpe on Oct 2. I also got some 2 for 1 coupons for both parks off eBay. I'm so stoked to finally be able to ride Nemesis.
  8. General Contractor Seats doesn't make much sense to me. One possiblitiy is that the box contains one seat (like a tester) to show off some kind of new seat design.
  9. If the name ends up being Leviathan then Canada's Wonderland will need a flying coaster named Ziz so they can cover the three biblical monsters.
  10. I'm planning on going to Thorpe on the first Saturday in October, any idea what crowds will be like? Thanks
  11. I'm planning on going to Alton Towers on the first Sunday in October. What are crowds usually like, and will I be able to do all the coasters at least once? I've been wanting to visit this park for years, so I'm hoping it doesn't let me down. Thanks
  12. Giga Dive Machine...obviously. If it is indeed B&M I'd imagine track pieces would be at the Ohio plant. Has anyone been near there lately and seen anything new?
  13. Because past examples dicatate that Giga coasters tend to be popular. Who cares if a giga is built a few short years after a hyper? The general public certainly won't care and the enthusasists (minus a few) won't complain. Look at Holiday World, two water coasters in two years...oh, the humanity!
  14. As the others have said there are lots of restaurants around the park. Across Jane Street is Kelseys, a fairly generic type of restaurant, as well as a Wendys, McDonalds, Tim Hortons and Licks (great custom burgers). Vaughan Mills mall has several restaurants inside and around. Some of my favorite places are Wild Wing or All Star Wings, The Keg (although it is kind of pricey), Boston Pizza, and Montanas. As for things to do around Toronto; you got the Zoo, Royal Ontario Musem, Horseshoe Valley Adventure Park (ziplines, zorbs, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc etc). There's tons of stuff to do, depending on how far you want to drive.
  15. Has Canada's Wonderland ever played a trick on enthusiasts like that though? I don't ever recall them putting out fake plans or clues before a ride was announced to throw people off. Then again, with more parks getting into the game of viral marketing and such, especially with enthusiasts, we can't really rule it out. Maybe someone else can go to the park and try to zoom in on one of these cages to see if it really says Giga.
  16. While the rendering looks fantastic, and I imagine the model will too, the price just seems way too expensive for what will likely be a desk or shelf piece. I understand the desire of wanting to be able to do custom pieces for each customer's favorite ride, but that just really makes it way too expensive. The method is really cool; I learned a lot about different 3D printers in my engineering degree courses, and got to use a few rapid prototypers, but the costs of using them is fairly large. Can yours (or any) print in colour, or will paitning be something the consumer has to do? Personally, I think you should look at some popular roller coasters and create model trains of those. Even having one of each type of coaster would be a good catalogue of products. If you offer a few different pieces you could (semi)mass produce them and drive the price down. Sure, the quality won't be as precise as a 3D printer, but you could still get good quality and be good competition for CoasterDynamix. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Fingers crossed for a dragon "theme" (or name, since that's pretty much as far as CF themes a ride) that interacts with Dragon Fire.
  18. I really loved how they were calling the girl their baby. I can only imagine her mother (or whoever) on the other line. "OH MY GOD, IS MY BABY OK?!?! DISNEY IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS! MY POOR BABY! etc etc"
  19. Winnipeg Jets unveiled their new logo today. Check out their Official Site. I've read a lot of hate towards the new logo, but I personally love it. It's simple, modern, showcases canada, great colour; I can't wait to see it on their jerseys.
  20. Last Summer by lostprophets A great song about the great times and memories you have with friends before going to different schools after high school, or even different jobs after university.
  21. The entirety of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But, if I were to pick one: "Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?"
  22. Got tickets to Yellowcard's Toronto show in October. Last time I saw them was at Warped tour just after Ocean Avenue came out. I can't wait.
  23. Not sure if it was a mistake on FutureShop's part, or just a good sale, but I just got Uncharted 2 for $5 online.
  24. Winnipeg is said to be annoucing their team name before they make their pick tonight (7th overall). TSN is reporting it will be Jets.
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