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  1. You know, part of me wanted Sweden to win gold. If Sweden won gold, I would loved to rub it in all my Leaf cheering friend's faces that Karlsson and Alfredson (even though he doesn't played for the Sens any more, Toronto still hates the guy. Silfverberg to a lesser extent) got gold while not one player from the Leafs got anything. I still get to say that they won medals though; something no Leaf can say. On the bright side though, Karlsson did get best defenceman of the tournament.
  2. Woke up for the third period (I'm up at 5am every day and didn't exactly feel like giving up one of my only sleep in days) and was instantly in a good mood. On another note; I can start disliking Crosby again
  3. We're going to be the loud upstairs neighbors tonight.
  4. I saw it the first time it came to Toronto and really enjoyed it. Then again, I'm a fan of the album, so I'm a bit biased. It's coming back to Toronto this year and I just got an e-mail about $35 tickets, so I might go see it again. I'm still waiting for Book of Mormon tickets to go on sale for it's Toronto return so I can take my parents to see it.
  5. You do realize that Toronto is on the other side of the country from Edmonton, right?
  6. Nope. Get ready to hear Oh Canada. Also, I'm betting someone dies at these games due to poor planning/infrastructure. Highest odds are on a spectator, less odds on a journalist, long shot on an athlete.
  7. Beat the story of AC: Brotherhood (PS3) and all the truth puzzles. Just need to get one more recruit to Assassin and a few more Assassin contracts to be done. Not sure what to play next out of my backlog. Two new games got added over Christmas. Uncharted 1 and 2 God of War 2 AC: Revelations Twisted Metal Mortal Kombat Dragon Age: Origins Infamous Batman: Arkham Origins (new) AC: Black Flag (new)
  8. Been clicking the tiles of anyone that has one ready. Since I'm well ahead of where I need to be to get all rewards by the end of the promotion I can do without the 10 gift cards from random towns.
  9. I took some time off work and went down to Michigan for Thanksgiving and shopping with my girlfriend's family that lives there. Its been a few years since I last went and did the all night shopping but I noticed some big changes. Seemed more stores opened early so the choice was dinner or shopping. We had dinner and left at 10 for our usual outlet malls and big box stores. The outlet mall was DEAD and there were no deals to be had that I couldn't get back up here in Toronto during a sale (at the stores I'd usually shop at). The big box stores we hit (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Kohls) were pretty much picked clean by the time we got to them, but I was still able to pick up a bunch of BluRays that I wanted (only missed out on 1 or 2 from my list), including Little Mermaid (it was the only copy out of dozens in the store with a promo sticker and everywhere else had it for over $20). Also got Batman Arkham Origins for PS3, but couldn't find any more copies of Last of Us. All in all, it was fun, but aside from games and BluRays I might just stick to dinner next time.
  10. To me, nothing beats a thick, juicy, perfectly cooked cheeseburger. Throw some bacon on it if you must, but the plain cheeseburger is my Achilles' Heel.
  11. Must have been tired when I wrote that; meant A Whole New World. No comment on Part of Your World.
  12. Saw Aladdin today and was pretty impressed. The fourth wall was broken right away and there was quite a bit of talking to the audience. Abu was replaced by Aladdin's three friends that also act as narrators and Jafar was played by the actor that voiced him in the movie. Wasn't a fan of some of the new songs (especially Jasmine's intro song), but Friend Like Me and Part of Your World were easily the highlights of the play. My only complaint was the ending; Jafar was literally defeated in under two minutes (I wish to trap the princess, evil laugh, I wish to be sultan, evil laugh, I wish to be a genie, defeated). Also a little disappointed I wasn't able to get a program because it hasn't hit broadway yet, so I'll have to see if someone nice on a broadway board can send one to me.
  13. Played Tiny Tower until I built all floors. Don't think I'll be getting back into this one.
  14. My guess: Supports that are cleverly hidden under the waterfalls. I doubt there will be much to the floating mountains since you'll be looking at them from a distance and nothing will need to be up there besides some basic scenery and water pumps.
  15. Went to see 30 Seconds to Mars (6th or 7th time now) last Thursday in Toronto. They put on a great show, but I'm getting increasingly annoyed that they are ignoring their older material. They performed no songs from their self titled album (their first CD) and only one song from A Beautiful Lie (their second CD).
  16. I wonder if they're going to use the old paths up the side of the mountain as the path the cars travel up the mountain. They'd most likely need some widening, but the basic path is still there and won't require that much modification to the mountain itself.
  17. A finale that comes out of the mountain and travels behind the base of the waterfall would be fantastic and something I'd call special. I can only hope. On another note; anyone have an idea where the entrance/station will be? With the theatre on one side, Vortex on another, and the waterfall on the front, the only place I can guess is under Thunder Run. Maybe move the food stands out of the way and reduce TR's overflow?
  18. Sounds interesting, but some concept art or pictures would be nice.
  19. Easy: $$$ Even if the park has one shooter dark ride, what's to say they won't add another? The one already there is small, aimed at children, and has horrible capacity. A second larger one would probably prove to be quite popular. That is, if in fact, they are getting a shooter dark ride.
  20. I gotta imagine that Vortex taking up all of the observation deck space at the top of the mountain may be a problem in re-opening the mountain trails. Personally, I'd love to see them re-open the pathway behind the falls. If I remember correctly, they were closed due to the path getting too slippery, but I'm sure that kind of thing can be fixed by now.
  21. I remember hearing rumours when Paramount still owned the park that the Addams Family ride was being considered for inside the mountain. So, I guess the idea has been there for awhile. If it is true, it should make for an interesting place for a ride. I was in there once when I worked at the park; there was a cube van parked in there and it was mostly used for storage.
  22. Finally got an android phone last week and downloaded this. RyanRF33 if anyone wants to add me.
  23. Just picked up four used PS3 games over the weekend (2 for $20 at EB) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed Revelations Uncharted (I bought Uncharted 2 the same summer when Future Shop had a pricing error on their site (brand new game of the year edition for $5) but didn't want to play it until I got and beat 1.) God of War Collection (I got through most of God of War 1 about 2 years ago when I borrowed it from a friend, so I look forward to finishing that game and starting 2.) My backlog now consists of those 4 games, Twisted Metal, Dragon Age Origins, Mortal Kombat, Infamous, and the DLC for Bioshock Infinite when it comes out.
  24. Finally beat Bioshock Infinite and was completely blown away with the ending. This is one game I'll have no problem playing through again and going for some more trophies and exploring more of Columbia. Started Mortal Kombat the other night. Complete blast from the past, except I'm still not great at performing combos or special moves. Currently playing through story mode and just passed the Sonya vs Jade & Kitana fight.
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