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  1. I stopped watching Glee after season 2, but I always enjoyed his singing numbers. It's always sad when a talented Canadian dies. RIP
  2. I completely forgot about the Jet Motto track. I used to be addicted to that game. I had some free time last night to pick up Bioshock Infinite again. Got to Comstock's airship and am now in the battle trying to take down all the Zeppelins with Songbird while trying to protect the power on the ship. Also downloaded Mortal Kombat last night for $10 last night as part of the PS Store Summer Sizzle sale. Gonna need to put a larger hard drive in my PS3 soon.
  3. I love the guy, but had he gone to the Pens he'd instantly on the hate list. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/nhl/story/2013/07/05/sp-nhl-alfredsson-senators.html Now at least it's official. Seems Boston was after him too.
  4. Reports are that he's leaving for the Red Wings and explained to the Sens that it's not a money thing but a "I want to win a cup" thing. If that's the case at least he's going from one of my favourite teams to my other favourite team so it's not like I won't watch him any more. Plus, it would mean I get to see him play in the Winter Classic. Hopefully he has more luck than Sundin did when he went to Vancouver for his last season.
  5. After looking up what Fascination is, it reminds me a lot of a long lost favorite from the CNE. Game was called "I Got it!" You played by throwing small bouncy balls into a cube with a 5x5 board at the bottom. You won by lining up 5 bouncy balls in a row. It got difficult when you're close to winning and the ball you throw in knocks others out of place.
  6. One of the Toronto papers (along with many Toronto fans I know) are trying to make Chicago winning the cup seem like Toronto won the cup since Boston took out the Leafs in round 1. All I can do is shake my head and try to remind them that when your team exits the playoffs there is a 0% chance they are going to the win the cup.
  7. I imagine the OHL double header will be less attended that the AHL game. I'll most likely be in Windsor-Detroit anyway, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit outside for two full hockey games. I may go for one or part of one, but mostly for the novelty of it being at Comerica Park.
  8. Finally bit the bullet and pledged $30 last night. Can't wait until release day.
  9. My name got selected in the ticket lottery for the Winter Classic this past weekend and I purchased my ticket packages last night. Best thing is that I already have a ticket through my step-dad so these were just icing on the cake. $129 for the Winter Classic and $28 for the OHL Double Header (AHL game was sold out). Already got a bunch of offers for them from friends. Only thing that sucks is that because I entered the lottery through the Leafs, the tickets are in their sections.
  10. I found the public transit to Thorpe from Central London to be pretty good; short train ride from London to Staines and an express bus to Thorpe. Pretty much what I expect for transit options to theme parks. As for museums, I'm surprised that the Ontario Science Centre gets more visitors than the ROM. Granted, I haven't been to the Science Centre in years, so perhaps they've added new exhibits that have helped it out. I'll hopefully go this summer to check out the video game exhibit.
  11. I Love Lucy is coming to Toronto as well; there was a little blurb about it in the programme for Book of Mormon. From what I read, the audience is the live studio audience during the filming of two I Love Lucy episodes and everything that goes on backstage. Never been a fan of the show, so it's a pass for me. After seeing Book of Mormon yesterday, it is now easily in the number 1 spot for the musicals I have seen. The songs were amazing and I could not stop laughing. My girlfriend and I were singing "Hello" all night. I would have gladly paid more than what I did for this play and I really hope it comes back to Toronto so I can take my parents to see it. Also, have to love the actual Book of Mormon advertisements in the programme for the play; thought it was a smart move by the church.
  12. My tickets just arrived for the world premier run of Aladdin in Toronto this November/December. I got in on the priority pre sale (I don't remember signing up for anything, but I'm glad I did); I can't wait to see this one.
  13. For me, it's easy with Crosby; Pens jersey = I'll boo till I can't boo no more Canada jersey = I'll cheer till I can't cheer no more That being said, Anderson did a fantastic job shutting him down the other night. Fantastic last second win by the Sens. Looking forward to bring the series to 2-2 on Wednesday.
  14. As much as I hate to say it, the Leafs did do a lot better than I expected (I guessed Bruins in no more than 5). Hell, I thought they'd make it a good decade of no playoff hockey in Toronto.
  15. This just in; flash sale at all Toronto area Golf Town stores. Thank you Boston for making Toronto liveable again! And thank you to every Leaf fan on my Facebook feed for jinxing the game and saying things like "Off to Round 2", "Bring on the Rangers",etc etc Game 1 for the Sens tonight and Spezza's been practising with the team. Here's hoping he's back for this series.
  16. Sens are off to Round 2 after a 6-1 win in Montreal last night! If the Leafs lose tonight in Boston, Ottawa will be the last Canadian team standing (and I got no problem with that).
  17. ^you're talking about Vancouver fans here; the same people that destroyed their own city after losing the Stanley Cup
  18. Went to bed with 40 seconds left in the Montreal-Ottawa game last night thinking it was done. Very pleasant surprise waking up this morning and checking the score to see the Sens tied it up with 20 seconds left and then took it in overtime. Let's finish this off on Thursday in Montreal!
  19. Canada's Wonderland: Lunch/Dinner Lick's Burger Boutique is located just across the parking lot on Jane St. It's a local chain with a few locations in Ontario. Everything is made on the grill when you order and their burgers are a pretty good size. Whatever you order, make sure to get Guk sauce on it. I'd also suggest getting Taters'n'Cream on the side (Fries smothered in sour cream, bacon bits, cheese, and chives).
  20. The 2 game suspension was extremely harsh for the hit. Even friends of mine that are loyal Habs fans agreed the call was BS and the punishment was completely uncalled for. I only caught the end of the second and all of the third period of last night's game, but it seems that was all I really needed to watch. The massive fights and penalties were insane, the shot of the Habs bench with only 5 players sitting there had me cracking up.
  21. Anderson was on fire last night. Here's hoping it can keep it up again tonight and take the series to 2-0. Go Sens!
  22. Not going to happen; CN Tower has already said they'll do Blue and White for Leafs playoff games but that's it. Those will be the only times I'm happy my new apartment doesn't face the CN Tower. I'd be sick any time it's Blue and White. Also, I don't see the point in making it a giant goal light; who is going to see it? If you're watching the game (either at the arena, at home, in a bar, etc) how do you plan on looking at the tower? Unless your TV is in front of a window that faces the CN Tower or you're fast enough to run out of your house and look at the tower after each goal, you're not going to see it. On another topic; what do others think of the stadium series for next year? Personally, I'm not a fan of it. It's ruins the allure of the Winter Classic being THE outdoor game, now it's just one outdoor game. Although, I am interested to see how the game at Dodgers Stadium works.
  23. Tough choices. I'll go with three that I can listen to beginning to end without having to skip a song. lostprophets - Start Something Our Lady Peace - Clumsy 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie Other notables: 30 Seconds to Mars - This is War, 30 Seconds to Mars New Found Glory - Sticks and Stones Offpsring - Smash, Ixnay on the Hombre Billy Talent - Billy Talent lostprophets - Liberation Transmission Rise Against - Appeal to Reason, Endgame I could probably go on, but it's Monday and I can't think of any more at the moment.
  24. Saw Billy Talent with Sum 41 and Hollorado last Friday at the ACC in Toronto. My first time seeing Sum 41 and I loved every second of it. Would love to see them again as the headliner so they can get more stage time, but they played a great set with some of my faovrite songs. Derek had an awesome stage presence and brought tons of energy to the show. Last time I saw Billy Talent was at Warped Tour just after their first album was released, so it's been quite a few years. These guys are absolutely insane on stage; Ben was all over the place and engaged the entire crowd. It was nice getting to see them play to their hometown crowd, even if they are Leaf fans and they like mocking all other Canadian teams. At one point they even asked the crowd what the score of the Jays game was next door. I love the fact that they are so patriotic to Canada and loyal to their city. They had a great set with a 4 song encore. I'd definitely go see them again. Tonight I'm going to see the rescheduled Green Day show that was supposed to take place in January. I'm not pleased with the new date (got a big exam on Saturday I should be studying for), but I'm not going to waste my money either.
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