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  1. I had a great first day being openly gay! Every single person who read the facebook post was supportive, and I have yet to get a negative comment. I am so much happier now, and I definitely don't regret it
  2. Happy National Coming Out Day (I just came out on Facebook )!
  3. Coming out to everyone in two weeks... so excited but anxious.
  4. I went to the boardwalk yesterday and the crowds were light until about 4 o'clock. Giant Dipper wasn't as good as I remember it being, but Double Shot and Fireball were great!
  5. I just got Fallen by Evanescence and Alanis Morisette: The Collection. Does anyone else have these albums?
  6. I know its really scary to tell your parents, but its really important to do so. I am younger than you, and I told my parents a couple months ago (it was a very positive reaction). Its also important to tell a few close friends, which I am still working on. So far I have told one friend, and they have had the same positive reaction. Good luck!
  7. ^I sent u a friend request! Anyway, i would get the gane if i had an xbox!
  8. Ok! Ill friend u. Does anyone else play LBP 1, 2 OR LBP karting?
  9. Is the tunnel supposed to be pitch black on Gold Strikers first drop? In the updated POV the bottom has light shining through the track.
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