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  1. Spoiler in response to spoiler That being said, I thought the episode was really good. I loved the songs from old Christmas specials and loved the whole Grinch thing; especially with Brittany sporting Cindy Lou Who hair and the club singing the same song the Whos do after the Grinch stole their Christmas.
  2. I have the same bootleg Weezer shirt as the pics from the first post. Most random that happened to me was at Cedar Point the year Dragster first opened. We were walking past the ride, which had a line along the fence next to the launch track (the ride was down), when someone randomly yelled "Nice Shirt!" to me. Turns out it was a friend that I talked to online from a now closed coaster site. We had never met before that, and the only reason he knew it was me is because I had told him about the shirt online and I guess he had never seen anyone else wearing it (to be fair, I haven't seen anyone else wearing it either). The front says "Christina Sucks' and the back "Brittany Swallows." Me and him had no idea that either of us were going to be at the park that day; we just randomly ran into each other. Me and him are still good friends to this day and see each other about once a year at CP, or get together for road trips. I'm still pretty good friends with most of the people I've met off that site.
  3. Eckhart Confirms No Two-Face in The Dark Knight Rises Jeez, sounds like a typical break-up scene from a movie. I never doubted that Two-Face wouldn't be in the third movie, he seemed pretty dead at the end of Dark Knight.
  4. Looks like Kat can now afford a calculus tutor with that extra $384 in her pocket.
  5. Sorry for the double post, but this is big news in Toronto right now Rogers in $1.3B talks to buy majority stake in Leafs empire It's a long article but the TL:DR version is basically that the Rogers Media corporation, who currently owns the Blue Jays, are in talks to take majority ownership of MLSE, which includes the Leafs, Raptors, Toronto FC, and Marlies (Leafs farm team), from the Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan for a cool $1.3B. Rogers would essentially own all sports in Toronto, with the exception of the Argos, and could make their sports network number 1 in Canada, taking the place of TSN.
  6. ^^^While the iPad will be easy to sell, anyone trying to sell 30 signed NHL jerseys is going to look mighty suspicious.
  7. I would love a new Ipod Touch since my nano is getting up there in years. Other things I may ask for: PS3 Move Random Blu Rays Arrested Development Seasons (how I never watched this show before a month ago is beyond me) Money to take a grad trip I know I got: NHL11 for PS3 Iron Man 2 on Blu Ray
  8. With the dollar nearly at par, how could I not go shopping? I went with my girlfriend's family for dinner and shopping in Michigan. Left at 10:30pm for outlet mall, got their early and got a $10 gift card. Bought a pair of jeans at PacSun for $9. Went to Walmart and picked up: She's Out of Your League BluRay - $10 Get Him to the Greek BluRay - $10 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs BluRay - $10 HP: And the Half Blood Prince BluRay - $10 Big Bang Theory Season 3 DVD -$12 At Target got: 2TB External Hard Drive - $70 DS Lite - $80 (using price matching with Walmart ad) Office Season 2 DVD - $13 Office Season 3 DVD - $13 At Best Buy got: NHL 11 - $35 (my girlfriend technically bought it for me as a Christmas gift, so I don't get to play it for a month) I was going to buy another TV, but I learned my lesson from last year and will buy a brand name TV here, likely on boxing day. I was also really hoping to pick up a deep fryer from Khols, but we never got around to going there. When I did eventually get there, the sale was off and they had stacks of them left...at their original $70 price. Canadian retailers were trying everything to keep shoppers in Canada this weekend though. Sears were price matching anything from America as long as it was the same product and many other stores had their own Black Friday sales.
  9. Sometimes you gotta take a lesson from Robin Hood...steal from the Kings and give to the poor
  10. I wonder if she has any kind of insurance on the ride because at this point it would probably be better for her to just take out a claim, burn it, and then take what she can get.
  11. Just purchased. Thank you. Although, I did not like how I had to sign up for an Xbox live account. Why would I want an account when I have no desire to purchase an Xbox?
  12. I love water parks, but the reason I never go is because I hate standing in ridiculous long unshaded lines for an extremely short slide.
  13. Rumored The Dark Knight Rises Female Short List Hmmm....female villain...my Harley Quinn guess could be getting closer to reality.
  14. Next generation Aqua Loops...hmmm. Can't wait for my visit to Ottawa next summer.
  15. I tried out the Playstation Move at a friend's house the other day. I was skeptical about it, but after playing gladiator with them, I was hooked...I'll probably be asking for one for Christmas. I can't wait to see try some of the full feature games they got coming out.
  16. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy anything from Apex Digital. After my first HDMI input stopped working months ago, all my inputs have stopped working so I can't watch DVDs or play any kind of video game. I called them when the first input went and was told to start using the others, once they started going I called again and didn't hear from them for over 4 months when I called them back. Now it's always phone tag, I call them a few times a week asking for the shipping labels they supposedly sent me so they can fix my TV. I've just started asking for a cheque for the price of the TV since I will never trust their products or customer service again. Also, they stopped making TVs, so once the new one goes what are they going to do to fix that? I just logged a complaint with the BBB in their area; I have no idea how they are an A+ company.
  17. Considering the episode is being called "the best Glee yet" by critics, I really don't think they failed at anything in the episode. If you go into the episode just to see how horrible it's going to be, chances are you're going to hate it no matter what they do. They had to take some liberties since it is a prime time show and can't go full Rocky Horror.
  18. It's unfortunate, but it's the world we live in. If you're a guy and some girl complains you grouped or harassed her, it'll usually be her word over yours. But, as someone else said, at least it was just kicked out, rather than arrested.
  19. I just about to say, the saddest thing about those pictures is the snow.
  20. I don't get all the parent's bitching about the pictures in GQ this month. The magazine is for men, and the girls are both 24, so what's the big deal? If your kid gets their hands on the magazine, look at your parenting skills. It's no different than your kid's favorite singers posing in Maxim, GQ, or other men's magazines wearing next to (or sometimes) nothing.
  21. ^Money talks, and if someone were to offer the NHL enough money, I really doubt no amount or bitching from Toronto and Buffalo would stop them.
  22. My buddy and I made a bet, each of us picked 4 villains that we think could be in the final movie. If either of us are right, we win. My choices: 1. Harley Quinn (this way you can keep the Joker in the movie by not showing him on screen. Harley works at Arkham and could be doing his bidding while he's behind bars) 2. Black Mask (criminal overlord) 3. Victor Zsasz (serial killer that carves a line in his body each time he kills someone) 4. Talia Al Ghul (revenge for her father) His choices: 1. Penguin (not the comical Danny Devito version, but a mob boss style villain) 2. Bane (again, not comical, but a person a really strong guy that doesn't care about anyone/anything) 3. Deadshot 4. Calendar Man We both tried to pick people that would be realistic in the movie.
  23. But if the play had actually happened I would assume they would want a bigger role than just Transylvanian 1 and Transylvanian 2. Isn't the main goal of their Glee club to include everyone? They weren't doing it to piss on Rocky Horror, they were doing it to include everyone in it.
  24. "There's a lack of female roles, so we have to double on Columbia and Magenta" was what Will said, I believe. If the play had actually gone on, my bet would be two of the girls doing one act, while the other two do the other
  25. ^Well, Minnesota got a team back and once the new arena in Quebec City is built, expect to see the Nordiques back as well. I can also imagine another team in the GTA within the next ten years, if not sooner.
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