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  1. I went to Queen Mary Dark Harbor on Friday the 29the and was having a good time until.... I exit one of the mazes and security is there claiming that SOMEBODY complained that they saw me groping and molesting multiple people in the maze! I was not allowed to defend myself or complain. I was escorted out an exit and told there was nothing I or they could do...The desicion had been made. I don't think I have ever felt so hurt and humiliated in my life. Why would someone make this false acusation against me? I can only think maybe it was a mistaken identity and the real culprit got away or maybe they had another reason for wanting me gone and this was a convenient excuse. I was dawdling in the maze because I really enjoyed seeing how it was all put together. It was certainly not dealt with in an appropriate manner and I hope it does not happen to anybody else. I'll try, probably in vain, to get a refund and an apology.
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