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  1. I really like it, it seems so fun. The only thing I don't like is some parts seem to go a litte too slow.
  2. Even without the nylon wheels, the pretzel loop on Tatsu is one of the most intense parts I've ever felt on a rollercoaster.
  3. Way better than your other park! You are doing very good, all I can think of is you should either change the cement to different kind of paths (as it tends to look very bland) or download some custom path covers.
  4. ^ I'm pretty sure there is more than that holding them together
  5. It was alright, seriously this ride would have been so much better if it didn't have so many pumps. The ride was great until the end of the second loop, then it got quite pumpy. Make sure you smooth out those pumps and then this ride would be awesome.
  6. This is such a great park and I really enjoy following it. great job!!!
  7. Cool, it's nice to see you start getting serious about making good coasters.
  8. That looks awesome man, I've always loved mine trains.
  9. I wanna ride it so bad but it won't let me ride it in the simulator
  10. I can't believe I just caught on to this park. This is a great park. As for the ride I think its a family coaster.
  11. Cool man, if you say I'll like it, I probably will. Can't wait!
  12. This is pretty cool, I like how you put some of your own ideas in there.
  13. GhostRiider, that ride is amazing, and for me the crazy roughness adds to it!
  14. This looks so good, i can't wai until he shows screen shots of the coasters!
  15. ^ Yeah I was going to do that but totally forgot, I chose the 4 seater because originally it was going to be an out and back but I decided I like the twisters better and never got around to changing the trains. Thanks for the comment.
  16. Geez, that thing looks pretty insane, if you terra form that it will look awesome!
  17. Geez, I hope I can go to this, my brother may be able to take me but I'm not competely sure yet. I think fifty bucks is worth it, I mean, your rideing a roller coaster with flame throwers, I repeat, flame throwers before the general public gets to do it, ok maybe its not all worth it but I really hope I can go to this.
  18. Looks pretty good but thats going to take years to put supports on it.
  19. Then keep the updates coming, the park keeps getting better and better!
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