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  1. what scenery set did you use to get the boulders, by the way, nice park
  2. ok, i am trying to get custom scenery, i save it under themed and it is never on the game. its supposed to be where all the other scenery is, right? please help
  3. the only thing i dont like is that there is no supports at the end, but other then that, it was awesome
  4. actually you can just press browse when you are posting a track and then find it, then you don't have to put t on your desktop
  5. that happens to me, but when i am on coastersims.com or weeweeslap.com and when you are posting a coaster and you want to put a screen shot on, they are always there even though they arent when your not posting anything and just want to see them. I hope you understood what i said
  6. i built it a long time ago, it was my second time using supports, the first time, well you dont want to know, they were horrible, anyways i thought i would use premade supports. and i kinda like the colors imo
  7. it must be making a coaster because you cant build a park in no limits. but im all for no limits
  8. I cant right now my computer is being gay, i will try later
  9. This is The Diamond, I made it a while aago and i thought i would post it here. The Diamond.nltrack
  10. i think atari and the no limit guys should team up to make it
  11. thanks, that really helped me, i always overlooked those units, but this showed me they really help
  12. I meant how do you put no limits and RCT3 rides on the internet soory
  13. This may be a stupid question, but how do you record and put RCT3 and no limits on the internet
  14. That was the only RCT3 dark ride that actually scared me. Very good sound effects and very cool custom scenery, that must have taken you months to make. By far the best RCT3 ride I have ever seen.
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