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  1. Even with more safety restraints there will be a minimal risk. The girl should be happy that she survived this attack- and grateful that the Disney employees reacted fast enough so the doctors where able to save her life.
  2. I remember this one to pull around 2,5g lat: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1413/1171073842_c753f6c3ab.jpg?v=0 Greetings schrubber
  3. Wow! That looks great. Did you forget the station? Greetings schrubber
  4. There`s another cutback in Space Mountain @Disneyland Paris. Your coaster looks great so far. Can`t wait to try it! Greetings schrubber
  5. Thank you! Very good trackwork, awesome 3ds. And an extra "hooray" for real life counter-strike simulator. greetings schrubber
  6. The link doesn`t work anymore, and I missed to download this ride. Can you please put on a new link? Thanks! schrubber
  7. Ok, if someone has the time to match all this given criteria for the coaster, then it could be a win win situation. But not for me. It takes decades to build a coaster after these criteria... greetings schrubber
  8. Of course, but they are going to make money with it. Greetings schrubber
  9. 100 Dollar? And each additional track 50? Sorry, it seems like this company looks for cheap videos to use in their simulators. Such a high quality project takes many, many hours to build (my last project "monkey island" took around 20-30). 100 Dollars means 3,33 Dollar per hour, this wouldn`t be enough to pay the current in germany Greetings schrubber
  10. This could turn out to become a very good coaster- keep up your good work. The layout looks awesome, especially this bunnyhop-turnaround-combination. Greetings schrubber
  11. Not that much to see... Finish the layout, take a new POV without (!) the lift and I`ll be able to say more. Greetings schrubber
  12. Nice, nice! I`m looking forward to ride this (hopefully very smooth) Coaster. Greetings schrubber
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