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  1. We are getting a waterpark, I never knew that. i live in Hemet right next to temecula, right next to the Diamond Valley Lake. I always thought Temecula would be a great place to make a theme park.
  2. I am still interested, that is a lot of replies compared to my park. Please post an update.
  3. Ok time for a second update today because there won't be another update for a week Looks like Loop Da Loop is getting an enclosed station too. Loop Da Loops complete station. The track gets so close they couldn't put on the roof all the way. Whatever, it still looks cool. Work walls have been put up where Flying Carpet and Rotor used to be. I got this pic while riding The Double Deck Observation Tower called Sky Scraper. Looks like the park bought some land (finally). Doesn't look like much has been done yet but it looks like it will be big. I got this pic while riding Loop Da Loop. Looks like coaster track. Sorry, no update for about a week. I gots stuff to do. EDIT: No comments again
  4. I have soaked thats it. Ok now for an update Manta Ray is getting a station building, finally lol. Here is Manta Rays finished station building, it looks suprisingly good. I like how the park is puting some different themeing up other than generic. Hopefully Loop Da Loop will get a station building soon. Rotor and Flying Carpet were closed, Rumors are going around saying they are being torn down Yep, the rumors were true they are being torn down, I wonder why. More soon
  5. Update I got some more photos for your liking, That is the very compact Crazy Catipillar You can see every coaster in this pic (its kinda hard not to do that). Heres another nice pic, you can see some of the parks many flatrides Manta Rays station, rumor has it that the station will be enclosed soon An overall shot of the park. That little section on the left is where new track is stored. More soon EDIT: No comments yet
  6. This is Temecula Theme Park. It opened in the city of Temecula California a couple of years ago. The park is very small and Compact, it currently has 4 coasters. 1. Loop Da Loop: This is a Custom Schwarzkopf made to fit the small park. Personally it is my favorite coaster in the park. 2. Manta Ray: A B&M Dive Machine, very fun ride, but I like Loop Da Loop more 3. Half-Pipe: A fun Half-Pipe coaster. 4. Crazy Catipillar: A small kiddie coaster. The park is full of thrill rides and kiddie rides. Here is a teaser shot: Loop da Loop is the pink and purple coaster. Manta Ray is the aqua colored coaster. You can barely see Crazy Catipillar, its kinda camoflaughed. And you can see some of halfpipe too. As you can see, the park is very small. Comments and critisism are welcome, just don't be too harsh More photos soon
  7. ^ Ya seriously, what is the point of posting something that is not yours, the reason why you post things is to see what people think of YOUR OWN work. That really pisses me off .
  8. Well, I am trying to put a park online for the first time, and I have tooken plenty of screen shots but my question is, where are the screen shots saved after they are taken.
  9. Too bad, well at least that means more Movitopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dude, that is so cool, a Space Mountain made by B&M, that has got to be awesome. Also if The Horntail is based on Harry Potter wouldn't it be called the Hungarian Horntail because that is what the dragon is called in the movie, but whatever you want
  11. Dude, that is so cool, a Space Mountain made by B&M, that has got to be awesome. Also if The Horntail is based on Harry Potter wouldn't it be called the Hungarian Horntail because that is what the dragon is called in the movie, but whatever you want
  12. ive never been to dollywood and i was wondering what kind of ride blazin fury is
  13. it looks great so far but you need a coaster to help make the skyline more appealing
  14. well i was at six flags a couple of years ago and was getting on the ever so painful phyclone. before we were about to leave the station the ride op was like you are now about to experience deja vu, before you leave today make sure to ride our new coaster phyclone, and she points do deja vu and she busts out laughing. nobody even noticed. she says to the other ride op, did you hear me, i said phyclone was deja vu and deja vu was phyclone, ha ha. the other ride op didnt really know her so he was like fake laughing to be nice but looking at her like she was an idiot at the same time, it was so funny.me and my mom were like the only ones who heard her say that, we busted out laughing at how stupid she was. no offense to the cool people who work at sfmm, but sfmm hires some wierd people lol that was my funny theme park story, i want to hear other peoples funny theme park stories, so feel free to post your funny story
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