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  1. This restaurant is designed to compete with SeaWorld so it takes on a slightly different theme. oops sorry, thats the second time i have done that today lol
  2. I dont like the coral reefs in the rainforest cafe, isnt it suppost to be, rainforestey.
  3. they are so stupid to keep the power bar! if they put that in RCT4 (if it ever comes out) i will shoot my computer
  4. this looks awsome, you are doing a really great job on this
  5. i have the first one, its okay I guess, you dont really build the park, it is already made, all you do is place the rides. it gets kinda boring after a while, unlike RCT3
  6. I like the floorless, it gives the park a great skyline and it looks like an overall fun ride
  7. ya there are like 634853865 hotels on beach blvd. but my grandma lives about a mile from knotts so i am good
  8. Wow, the park is looking great, my only suggestion is to add another coaster
  9. Wow, looks really cool, there arent to many no limits dark rides, I am definity going to download this when its done.
  10. oh, you mean your scared of the clown looking puppet from saw, ok.
  11. thanks, yeah i had to make the the brakes a little harsh to stop the coaster.
  12. Yay for Metallica lol, I dont have them right now because i have no limits on another computer that doesnt have internet can someone else comment
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