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  1. I haven't made a coaster in No Limits in a long time and seeing all these contests going on inspired me to make a coaster. So I present to you Forest Flyer. It's a woodie that, as you would have guessed flies through a forest. I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. Edit: I just noticed that it didn't pass the E-stop test. I updated it and posted it, so download the second one. Heres some screen shots: Theres an overview for you! Please comment! Forest Flyer.nltrack Don't download this one, doesn't pass E-stop Forest Flyer.nltrack Download this one, it passes the E- stop test.
  2. It was kinda rough in the boomerang but I liked it, especially the little "suprise" ending.
  3. I like the TGI Fridays, I can't wait until more actual park construction hapens!
  4. Cool, I forgot about this park but I'm sure glad it's coming back!
  5. OMG, this ride looks really good, I love the inversion after the MCBR, its like a boomerang on opposite day! I say you use No Limits Elementary to make a helix. It makes perfect helices.
  6. Heres mine, you get your head chopped off just after the break run. Rambler.nltrack
  7. Yeah thats true but Silver Bullet doesn't take a huge amount of space because it's above everything thats under it.
  8. ^Yeah thats true but has anyone noticed that every coaster built in the past ten years at Knotts have gotten smaller and smaller. GhostRider, Xcellerator, Silver Bullet, Sierra Sidewinder, and Pony Express.
  9. I wouldn't be mad either. I sure hope project emerald lives up to its potential.
  10. I wonder where they will put their next coaster and (if they do) what ride they will take out to make room. I hope that they take out boomerang and but one of those Intamin Ball Coasters in, those look pretty cool.
  11. Dude project emerald sounds like it's going to be huge, I'm curious at what it will be.
  12. Hopefully they also make a B&M flier and dive machine.
  13. I have a good feeling this will be even better than Hotel Helvetica
  14. ^ everything yuou said and there were so many red g's all over the place, you need some practice, then you might get better.
  15. That was freaking awesome! That must have tooken you a long time. You are the best RCT3 movie maker ever!
  16. That was really good, with the exception of a few pumps and yellow g's, but other than that it was freaking awesome, great ride!
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