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  1. As of right now, plans to take out Malibooomer have been cancelled to save money for Carsland so it won't be lackluster. I'm sure they will take it out in phase 2 of the DCA expansion after 2010
  2. I don't think the slab will make it look bad since i tend to look at the actual ride instead of the foundation.
  3. That is easily the best stadium I have ever seen. It has a great exterior too.
  4. Yeah and I like how CD5 uptades. Some people put something new in on every update, it starts to get old. Keep up the great work CD5
  5. Looked like fun. I must say, Indiana Thurman looks mysteriously like Kevin from The Office in the last picture.
  6. Awesome man. I've always liked this park, glad to see it back.
  7. Voted. Wow every category TPR is in it is killing all the other sites.
  8. In RCT3 I love how if I dinghy slide falls into a lake it sinks like a rock.
  9. you can choose 3 types of stations: this one, one without the roof and nothing (for 3d-stations) its really hard to make 3d stations if you a noob at it. and there are no other options about the coaster: pretty smooth, I would have choosen different colours, but okay thats up to you. The second loop is banked wrong and well.. pretty nice coaster Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I can't make 3D's worth crap so yeah, thats just about the only choice you have.
  10. Hey everyone! So the other day I was looking in Shane's amusement attic and I saw some of the old Vekoma brochures. I saw all the old corkscrew coaster models they had and was instantly inspired to make my own on the amazing program we call No Limits. I decided to make it a little bigger than most of their old models. This coaster took me a good 3 to 4 hours. It probably would have taken longer but I was way too lazy to put my own supports on so I just used pre-fab supports. I also did not make the loops or corkscrews, I just used the in game ones and modfied them just a little. I also couldn't think of a name as you can probably see. Ok on to some statistics: Top Speed: 46 MPH Highest Point: 87 Feet Track Length: 2425 Feet Inversions: 4 Here's some screenshots: Drop First loop Second loop First corkscrew Second corkscrew Thanks for reading, please rate and comment! I might post a POV later. Vekoma Old school Looper Design.nltrack Here's the download!
  11. Dude that is sweet a B&M Boomerang, that would be amazing if they did that in real life. Good job on that. I would recomend putting fences on the side of all the paths. But good job, keep it up.
  12. I think Love Addict from Family Force 5 would be tight on a coaster, I think all people would like that song since there's no screaming. It might be a little slow for this coaster, but I always thought it would go good with Rockin' Space Mountain if they ever decide to do it again. Here's the URL to Family Force 5's myspace if you want to hear it: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=3575866 By the way, cool concept.
  13. ^ You have to download No Limits 1.7. It's a free download. Good ride, it was really fun, it had little pumps but it was still awesome!
  14. Nice park, the only thing you should do is turn up your graphics settings when you take the screen shots so the park looks even better.
  15. I don't really rant to much but I feel like this should be said. One time when I was about to get on Jet Stream, the ride op was talking on the phone she was cussing while she was talking (the person on the other line was obviously her friend) . It kind of pisses me off when employees do that, especially since they are trying to become more family friendly and a ride op isn't even paying attention, all she was doing is yelling cuss words on the phone.
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