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  1. ^ everything yuou said and there were so many red g's all over the place, you need some practice, then you might get better.
  2. That was freaking awesome! That must have tooken you a long time. You are the best RCT3 movie maker ever!
  3. That was really good, with the exception of a few pumps and yellow g's, but other than that it was freaking awesome, great ride!
  4. Well... you need some practice on smoothening your rides, and you also need to watch those g's, there were a lot of red g's. The terraforming was ok, it looked like it took a while.
  5. Thanks for this awesome park, I hope to me more of your work soon!
  6. Its funny how Disneyland is the only park to stay a lot like it was in the 70's in the sense of adding many thrill rides and taking away everything else.
  7. Wow this park is really starting to come together. The entrance looks great. Good job!
  8. haha, I love the catapult story, I'm liking the Elissa friendly McDonalds.
  9. This is a great park, its really something to look forward to to make me laugh on a long day.
  10. I think you should take out the spinning coaster and put in a dark ride.
  11. I wonder what that big piece of land is at the top of the last pic is for?
  12. It was a pretty smooth ride, but really short and kind of boring.
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