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  1. Wow the dive coaster looks really good and so does the spinner, this park is coming out real nice.
  2. To be honest, I was kinda dissapointed with thrillville. You don't really make the park, its already made, you just build rides. I hope this one will be more like RCT3
  3. Sorry guys, I think I am going to cancel this park, I am going to Holland and stuff and I won't be able to update. I also didn't get too many comments, so whatever, i might start anaother park in a couple weeks.
  4. thanks what is the code to take of the menus and things when you take a screenshot?
  5. Pretty good. Your park is almost as small as Temecula Theme Park lol
  6. Is there a name for the park yet? Well anyways looks pretty good .
  7. Don't worry Bosbeest will get a station building sooner or later. Also I made Loop Da Loops station pink because it matches the track.
  8. Okay, not much of an update but the new name for the coaster is bosbeest which means forest beast in Dutch. I decided to make the name Dutch because Temeculas sister city is in Holland. Here is the logo Sorry but that is all I really have right now
  9. Thanks for the comments guys, you make it all worth while. Okay on with an update The que has been built and lots of rocks are being put in. Oh yeah, it was repainted green with brown supports and a whole bunch of trees were put in. Wow, its hard to see the layout with all of the trees. Did I mention I got to ride it before it opened. You go so fast right here. Right after the break run. Definently the best bobsled I have ridden. The ride has no name or station building. Any suggestions on a name. More soon.
  10. It looks pretty good but there is a lot of space that you need to fill in.
  11. Ok I am back and time for an update Lots of work has been done on the bobsled coaster while I was gone. Here is a better look. Another pic Here is another pic of the new coaster farther in construction Here is the coaster finished. Wow, it looks great, I can't wait until it is opened. Here is a better shot of the layout, I hope they paint it and theme it. A random pic of Loop Da Loops station that I forgot to post. More soon.
  12. the coaster looks great, so it is a remake of a rorn down coaster in real life?
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