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  1. im petty sure this is a hidden mickey. in indaina jones ride at disneyland california, theres a hidden mickey in the queue in the room right before you see the projector of Dr. Jones assistand for the saftey rules. I dont have a picture but in the room if u look up theres a big painting on Mara, or the idol and the nose is actually a hidden mickey. ill dig up a picture soon.
  2. new pictures were uncovered and when looking at them closley, we found lights were on the uphill shaft. We're not for certain if it was work of the ghost rider but i think someone is giving us a welcome, not in a good way. Just a day closer to going to the mining company and see what really is happening in there. The cars fall out of the station right before uphill shaft 1 As you can see unlike in the past photos this one has lights that seem like a welcome to the mining area, but is it a good sign? Another view As you can see its just a whole big mess of track -please comment[:-
  3. Here's some photographs we found inside a camera that was founded next to the mining caves. The cars just keep running on their own. The miners keep disappearing, but the screams are still heard. Just a day closer to seeing what wrath the Ghostrider has. A Logo Type Thing^ Cars just run by themselves^ And Going^ Please Comment[:
  4. Somewhere in the mining company of Knotts Berry Farm, something mysterious blew over the nightfall. The mine cars ran by themselves, the shafts emptied, and only screams of guest were heard. Cars ran over and over like a curse was upon on the tracks. Myserteries unfolded day after day but then vanished. We're going back into the mining shafts! We're gonna find out what happened here. But on the journey we must face this. It must be a the ghostrider. please comment[:
  5. i would have to say either, Montezuma Revenge [KBF] California Screamin' [DCA] or as everyone would say[ish] volcano.
  6. Most people know that Mr. Potatoes ear also comes off during sequences in the performance he has in the queue. They actually tested taking it out and i have to say its really fluid and smooth. Its really impressive and a good step to the remodel of DCA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhpv_CerF-c&feature=related and he sings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETQTKMyqw7s&feature=related
  7. Looks like for the toy story midway mania attraction they were testing mr. potato head today. I have to see it does look really impressive
  8. It looks like something has changed today in Mankante Park Its true i got some pictures. here you go[: Look whats gone :[ And here But look whats over there It'll fly over the paths so people can wave[: The rest of the park has really died down And a sunset shot
  9. ^uhh im not so sure what that means but if it's either mateches the terrain color or set on the whole mountain terrain then both are yes. and thanks for the comment[: any more?
  10. Thanks Everyone for the really nice comments[: Today sadly was the last day of Season [year] 1. The rides ran for the last time, before being ridden on again. The park gets cleaned up and night falls above the sky. But not all is sad. Season 2 is said to be a big and much better year! Well here some pics[: Pretty and lookin' good! ^said to be a year round' attraction. Scary MAZE[: See ya soon[: -comments or criticism?-
  11. I got some photos of the new track pieces and some supports of the ride. There will be a hard hat tour which i will be going to[: on March 28,2008 and ill get some snag shots there. Well heres what i got today[:
  12. Its Opening Day!!![: There were celebrities and everything but darn it! i could get alot of pictures only 4 today. Im sorry. You would think that people would clean their own trash but as a janitor i had to so yeaa. But dont worry there will be much more when i get the time. Heres all i got... Parking was packed today! there was a line to pay for parking XD Full ParkingLots Celebrities on the red carpet! And mainstreet being stepped on! ahaha jk it wasnt that busy even with over 1000 peeps in the park. Well thats all. Sorry no so many big pictures i had much work to do. Well i hope you enjoyed. Dont worry a big update will happen soon I got the Mankante Park Commercial with me though! I hope this pays back. http://youtube.com/watch?v=zhjPNc_sAgs or rapidshare for better quality http://rapidshare.com/files/102149280/Mankante_Park_REAL_commercial.wmv.html -well thanks for all the support- -a bigger update should happen over the weekend[schools the problem]- -comments or criticism?-
  13. Hey guys. Just a small update but the parking lot is finished and ready for cars. One step closer until opening day. Well here are some pics... The bus station in case guests come from cities and such The entry to the parking lot 2 days until the grand opening[: -comments or criticism?-
  14. ^thanks[: ahaha maybe so but theres only 3 for the opening. 4 or 5 in year 2. but thanks for the comment[: if anyone would please make a logo for the park. i know a park almost near opening day but no logo. so yea so would please[: probably a Colorado mountain in the background or something[:
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