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  1. Sorry to bother you earlier. I checked my Paypal account and it showed that the transaction went through too. Thanks!
  2. This may be a totally silly question with an obvious answer, but how will we know when you have received our initial $100 payment and know if there was space for us on the trip? Will there be an e-mail?...
  3. I've been on quite a few, but I have to go back to my region for my best/most fun. Dropzone @ KI is the best all-around drop for me, but Liberty Launch @ HW is definitely the most fun.
  4. Best pics I've seen yet for the construction. Looks like Park @ MOA is taking a page out of IB's playbook and stacking and cramming the rides in there. Imagine some of the views you'll have from some of these rides as they fly by each other! We are definitely leaning toward SFGAm, MOA, and Valleyfair this summer.
  5. Saw it, almost vomited at all of the roller coaster references being tossed around before the guy even "attempted" to sing. Almost died laughing when he gave himself "two thumbs up!" . Thankfully there was the guy who had saved all of his pulled fingernails in a ziploc bag, if it hadn't been for him... Didn't get to see day two of the auditions yet.
  6. Here I am for years now complaining about the limited theming they have on Top Gun @ KI since they tore out the "Aircraft Carrier" section below the staion years back. So here's what I get for complaining...Flight Deck!
  7. That would be pretty cool to be riding up the lifthill as the foreworks are set off...I'd never have that good a timing.
  8. Oh yeah! I'd forgotten all about "Cop Car Chase". That is pretty much one of top three worst name changes ever. Plus, I guess for CF, it would require them dumping little money into the changeover. But if TR:TR does become "The Crypt"...that would great!
  9. With Paramount now pretty much gone from all of the CF parks, the re-naming of attractions needs to be looked at in some spots. We've been hearing things such as Italian Job being re-christened "Backlot Stunt Coaster" That's the best they can do?! On the other hand, I've heard that rides like Tomb Raider: The Ride may become "The Crypt", which sounds great. By the way, we were at Great Wolf Lodge @ KI last week and noticed the old Paramount marquee is gone. Don't know how long that's been the case, but I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing a new sign soon.
  10. We always had an unofficial day at our high school for seniors we always referred to as "Senior Skip Day". It always took place at King's Island, and we always had a blast. I think the worst that ever happened was one kid being kicked out for linejumping. This whole incident was just plain stupidity. What about this whole situation could these kids not see was a disaster waiting to happen. Were talking fiberglass/plastic slide pieces being held up by wooden beams, (which under that sort've weight may as well had been toothpicks). I'm usually the type of person who is very compassio
  11. I think all the CF parks can really use more trash cans!
  12. Awesome TR you two. I am so jealous, we were supposed to be down there just after Christmas...had to cancel out! Making that decison was one of the harder things I've had to do. I absolutely love Dollywood and the Smokies. Congrats on your marriage too!
  13. 23/25...I read too much coaster news and listen too many podcasts.
  14. Italian Job : Stunt Track - All of 'em...shame too, I actually like the flick. But as a coaster theme? Fairly Odd Coaster - Totally shameless advertising on this one. Tig'rr - I know it's already been mentioned...just agreeing! Thunder Eagle - It's been relocated 1-2 times now, but this was it's name at the go-kart track in Pigeon Forge. It always seemed like it would be a nice woodie, but the name was senseless. Just seemed like they took two words and threw 'em together. OPA - I know it comes from greek mythology, but it just looked so odd flashing above the coaster.
  15. I know it doesn't open until next season, and I know it's a GCI, but SFSL's new '08 coaster...Evel Knievel. For me, stupidest decision ever for a coaster that isn't a booster bike!
  16. My incident ranks up there as one of the most embarrasing moments of my life. Last winter at Kalahari in Sandusky I was on the Flowrider. If you know me, you know that's quite a feat for me already. The employee is coaching me from the drain they stand on at the bottom, and I'm doing fairly good IMO. Then she tells me to attempt a rollover, so I do. Well, I get all the way over and then...I lose my board...but that's not the embarrasing part. The embarrasing part was that I got turned around 180 degrees so the water jets were forcing my trunks off of me. I was able to get a grip
  17. No offense to anybody else who posts TR's here, but Chuck, yours absolutely rocked! Very funny, and complimented Japan's wacky sense of humor in their parks at the same time.
  18. Yeah, we put them in the penny collecting books you buy at the parks. We don't have the dates of when we got each one, but we do have them in order by park. A couple of our favorites are the Six Flags & Universal books that come with a signature penny already embedded in the front cover. And we also really like our three smashed quarters, (2 from the Newport Aquarium, and 1 of Son Of Beast), because their pretty rare.
  19. While the kids are still small enough to keep riding the kiddie coasters, I ride with them, and count the credit. But as soon as my son hits the 48" mark it'll probably end for the most part...though I'm making no promises.
  20. My daughter and I have been collecting the smashed pennies at every single amusement/theme park we've been to since she was a year-and-a-half old. We just started our fifth book a few weeks ago. We also are gaining quite a collection of refrigerator magnets from parks and coasters. And I tend to grab an extra park map at parks we go to whenever I remember anyway. But the pennies are our main thing. We have a lot of time and spare change wrapped up in that hobby.
  21. If you had the decision of deciding where GL's remaining rides, (not just coasters) were to end up in the CF chain...where would they end up?? Where do you think they would fit in the best, and get good ridership? Dominator - King's Dominion Thunderhawk - Michigan's Adventure Villain - Carowinds Beaver Land Mine Ride - Gilroy Gardens Texas Twister (Top Spin) - Cedar Point Americana Ferris Wheel - King's Island (I think KI really needs one.) Starfish - King's Island (Patrick-themed stick it in Nik Universe.) Time Warp - Cedar Point
  22. That's really one of the best TR's I've seen on HP, and now I have to decide again what we'll be doing for our family trip in '08. Seriously though, HP looks like an awesome! Seems so clean and colorful. Thanks for the new waterpark shots too, a good decision on their part.
  23. What a sad announcement! Unfortunately though, not a complete surprise either. I really don't think CP ever felt threatened by GL's prescence. But, then again, CF had said in past releases and such that two of their biggest markets had always been Detroit and Cleveland, and that over the past several years attendance from those areas had been dropping pretty radically. So there could be something there, but I personally think the park was going to become a money pit for CF, and they needed to get rid of it ASAP. Honestly though, there is a part of me that says, in my gut, that wha
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