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  1. 12/20...seeing as how at least half of mine were guesses, it's safe to say characters aren't my strength. If were about Nick Universe!...heck, I have nightmares about the characters in that place.
  2. I think the Beast really could use some great theming pre-ride and within the tunnels. I remember a few years ago when they added some sound effects and swinging lights in the station, but to my knowledge they haven't used them in a while now, and they were pretty cheesy. I'm talking tastefully done too. I know either way I'll gain the wrath of Beast purist, but here's what I'd like to see. - Put a flat screen tv above the track in the station to play a trailer of what guests were about to experience, (optional). - Enclose the station, and ques so they are dark. - Creaking board
  3. Sex & Rock-n-Roll, they go together like Peanut Butter & Chocolate! This TR has actually got me wanting to check this park out again. For a while, I guess I was just getting burnt out on the place before it even opened it's gates.
  4. Don't get me wrong about your videos, I've always liked your videos, (proud owner of the Jiggidy Johnson's Vol. 1). The relaxed music for your Dollywood video was very fitting...it really fits the mood of the park. It's just Dolly's voice, I'm sorry but she just has that nails on the chalkboard effect on me.
  5. Thanks for a great TR, there have been a lot of good ones lately. Sunway Lagoon looks so scenic. That waterpark looks beautiful too. The wave pool looks huge, and those waterfalls...just awesome!
  6. Great TR guys! I wanna leave tomorrow, but we'll have to postpone that for another year and a half. I can tell already that I'll take the Simpson's ride over Toy Story. But that's also probably due to me being a much bigger fan of the Simpson's. Both rides look fun in their own ways. The Simpson's ques look like they'll keep you totally entertained!
  7. OMG...I'm not the only one! Other than that Erik, your videos are always so good. I have to agree on Hoodie too. About halfway through the Castles & Coasters footage it loses it touch. It may be partly my fault to though, I've only watched that video about a hundred times in the past year. Here's how I ranked this last round, (and it was the hardest round of them all!). 1) Tom Mueller - Your videos are always so much fun, they make me want to jump on a plane, and join you guys on a trip. 10/10 2) Jeremy Kohrs - As already mentioned...easily the most original of the b
  8. Besides the obvious reasons in most of these posts, (linejumping & alcohol), there's one other reason I can think of that I've witnessed more fights and arguments from over the years...and that's halloween events. No matter what park I go to at halloween time, (usually KI or CP though), I'm bound to witness some idiot who thinks it's his job to nag at the monsters all night long, then undoubtedly they scare him back or embarrass him and he gets all ticked off. This past year at CP in Carnevil, one kid was doing what I mentioned above, and was cracking up about it. The clowns gange
  9. I haven't been down there since '03 when they opened Hubba Hubba Highway, (which I still love more than any other lazy river!), and had wondered what had been going on down there recently. Now I know, thanks Chuck...awesome video!
  10. Andy Korb A really fun video with good coverage of the parks attractions, not just the coasters. Always love that song, and the video moved along really well. 9/10 Will Montu I liked the idea of just using water rides, andyou had a good choice of music, (It was making me feel nostalgic !). It was humorous and entertaining. Only problem I had was that the music kept skipping at points. Don't know if it was my computer, or the video, but it's not a strike against the video though. 9/10 Matthew Hicks Great track...though the footage, not so much. The video seemed
  11. Isn't Monster Plantation part of their Q-bot/Flash Pass system down there? If it still is, why would they need to update the theming on it. If it's still on FP that would make it a pretty popular attraction still. I totally agree with your Frightfest suggestions though, It always seems like SFOG would have the best haunted event if they'd jump on their history. I remember listening to an episode of Coasterradio.com where the PR girl talked about the "real" ghost sitings over the years at the park. They also talked about how they brought in ghost hunters, and how they got readings fro
  12. Ok, the human slingshot looks totally stupid and insane...yet at the same time looks like a blast! Of course, I weigh just a bit more than 100 lbs., (actually 225 lbs.), and I have to believe I'd probably break that bungy cord and they'd be picking pieces of me out of the trees for days!
  13. King's Island: Actually, in reality they're heading the direction I've been wanting them to for a long time now. They're returning to the classic KI feel to the park. But here are a few things. Boomerang Bay: - Basically, bring them more up to date w/ their rides. They still seem, for whatever reason to be lacking rides to me. Too many leftover Waterworks attractions. - Still too much concrete, and too little sand in this waterpark! - Another larger locker room would be nice too. Coasters: - Change the lame names on those renamed coasters, and get them some badly needed
  14. Not only am I all hot and bothered...now I'm jealous too!
  15. Kraken is where I became a floorless fan! I've never totally forgotten that experience. Problem is...there's so few out there! Mainly, because as already mentioned they don't offer anything innovative beyond the front seat. But I pretty much always ride front seat anyway, so it doesn't bother me so much. Here's the RCDB list of floorless coasters just for the heck of it: http://rcdb.com/ir.htm?cls=277&type=1&status=9&design=6&category=111
  16. 1) Kevin (Florida parks vid) - Awesome footage, best of the bunch so far. Incredible footage...good pacing w/ the video...felt like I was watching a blockbuster! Voiceover was absolutely great! 2) Dave (Midwest Trip) - Good balance of footage from all parks. Country music??...it worked for you though! Looney Tunes!...yes! Cartoon at the end was a great touch, and it all really flowed well. Honorable Mention: Bruno (Expedition GeForce) - Cool music, vid flows nicely, great footage, graphics were easy to read. Very artistic! This may be nitpicky...but the abrupt ending di
  17. If I could get to it I'd say El Toro. If I were terminally ill I'd request Iron Wolf (SFGAm) or Toboggan (Little Americka), maybe they'd finish me off.
  18. I'm not a big fan of the 3-D simulators, so I'm sure I was thinking something along the lines of, "There's 15 minutes I'll never get back!". I just remember riding it on my honeymoon and not being impressed at all.
  19. I love this one! Warning: There will be blood!
  20. I'll cut right to the chase... #1 Matt Jacob's Indiana Beach #2 Jan Andreen's Europa Park Honorable Mention: Adam Roth
  21. Man, now I'm even more hungry! Someday I will get up there again, it's a blast when it's freezing outside. Plus, they usually have pretty good food, (to me anyway), and have good family entertainment, (characters & concerts).
  22. Love the potted plant on the footer! For whatever reason, Flight Deck looks nicer back buy the ques than I remember in years. Also like the play on words with the Outer "Hanks" Shrimp Shack. Did you get on the Crypt yesterday?...or was it closed like usual? Just wondering about the theming. I know they used the Land Rover during halloween last fall, and they totally had it stripped of any TR memorabilia. But just wondering about all the inside theming...such as the monkey warriors, ect.
  23. Awesome TR, thanks for that, I've always wanted to see more of that park. Seems like an already beautiful place, getting even more beautiful. Some day I'll get there, along with about a hundred other parks I want to visit.
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