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  1. Thanks for the great TR CoasterKid. Can't get enough of these things! Have fun and stay safe, we'll see you all Sunday at KI.
  2. When we were ar SFGAm last month they did in fact sell out the second day we were there.
  3. Sunday @ KI/SG will be my first time meeting up with TPR in person. Where can folks who are not on the official tour meet up with the group? Will we be able to see you at the gate, or do we just look around for the group in the park? Looking forward to Sunday!
  4. When we went to see the Simpsons Movie last week they played the trailer for it...and my wife and I both turned to each other and said "Elissa!".
  5. I am all about hockey, it's the sport that flows through my veins, and my team is the Anaheim Ducks! As far as other sports... NFL - Buffalo Bills College - Ohio State Arena Football - Cincinnati Jungle Kats (AF2) Philadelphia Soul (AFL), (but I was also very proud of the Columbus Destroyers for going all the way to the finals before losing!).
  6. I didn't know much about him myself until the WWE Hall Of Fame night back in April. On that night he joined his brother Dustin Runnels/Rhodes, (Best known as Goldust), to dedicate their dad to the hall. Checking around a bit Cody has been paying his dues for a couple of years now in the independents, mainly Ohio Valley Wrestling out of Louisville, KY. It's the main training ground for the WWE, basically it's AAA league. Some of their biggest, young talent comes out of their from John Cena and Batista to Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy. I hope they give him a good push, he seems pretty talented.
  7. Best - Holiday World, (the Holiblog makes it well worth my time) Kennywood Knoebel's Worst - All the Cedar Fair/Paramount sites, and the revamped SF sites aren't impressive either.
  8. I kept wondering if I should've packed some trunks when I was there last week. Everybody looked to be having a blast on Deluge, but stupid me didn't pack any trunks...so maybe next trip! Chang is still the only stand-up I've rode that I still love to ride, and Greezed Lightnin'...worth the trip each time.
  9. It's awesome to see you guys having so much fun! What sucks is that I've been to Coney, SFKK, and the Dells all in the past month. It would be so much more fun to do these parks with you all. We'll be planning on seeing you guys on the last day at King's Island and Stricker's Grove. Be safe and continue having a blast!
  10. Seems like everybody pretty much opts for the back, then the front, with a couple who say the middle. Since all of my previous rides have been in the front or back I'll try to get a ride or two in the middle this time. As far as Raven is concerned...it's always the first and last coaster I ride each visit. Bad part this time is that I'll be leaving mid-to-late afternoon this time, so no nightime ride this trip. Thanks for all your help, I'll see some of you on the midwest trip...can't wait.
  11. I've rode Voyage before, but it's always been in the front seat, and a couple of rides in the back car. Is there a better seat for airtime, or just the overall experience? I may be alone this time, so I'll have more freedom to move around and try different seats. But while I'm here...anybody planning to go to the park this Saturday?
  12. I'm thinking about driving on down to SFKK, but I'm not 100% on that one yet. As long as I get the day approved on Friday 8/10 I'll be seeing you all at CP too. But myself, the wife and kids will be going to King's Island and Stricker's on the last day to see you all. I'm assuming Kristen will be along, at least I hope so, my wife and daughter are going totally goo-goo over her.
  13. The second Sunday of August each year is one of the two days Stricker's is open to the general public during the year. It's considered one of their "Family Days". We'll have to ask Robb and Elissa for sure, but unless things have changed that always has been the situation on this day at SG.
  14. My most recent concert was also my favorite of all. Weird Al Yankovic! As the whole concert experience goes he was just a blast to see live. He is tremendously talented. I knew he could write great, funny lyrics, but he can actually sing much better than I ever thought, and leads his band very well. They are also very talented men, as well. The character changes...integrating of the video segments was done so well you barely knew he was off stage changing. He really connects with his audience very well. I laughed until I had tears running down my face! We'll be seeing him again next month at King's Island because we enjoyed the concert so much.
  15. During my life I've been to most every state in the US, (exceptions would be the upper Northeast, New Mex., Arizona, and Nevada). As far as amusement parks: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida. I think that's it!
  16. April - Dollywood King's Island (Homepark) May - Holiday World Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Cedar Point June - King's Island July - Six Flags Great America Little A-Merrick-A Timber Falls Adventure Park Mount Olympus Theme Park Knuckleheads, (whoring it up on the kiddie coaster!) Indiana Beach Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom September - Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom October - Cedar Point for Halloweekends
  17. Give me a Disko' or a giant swing to myself and I'll be happy for hours!
  18. Mr. Morgan's poem! Just one more reason why I have to get on one of these trips soon. I can't imagine the fun I'm missing!
  19. After having spent the past week going to SFGAm, Little A-Merrick-A, Mt. Olympus, Timber Falls, and Indiana Beach...it seems weird to me to say I'll be at CP on the 27th & 28th!
  20. Sign me up if it ever comes to be. A coaster magazine written by people who love coasters, and have a sense of humor about the whole community...too much for my heart to take!
  21. Boy, would I love to see that day come! It sure would be much easier than oredering online. Unfortunately, I think our love of coasters is a little bit too "niche" for most stores to even think about carrying. I think were pretty condemned to buying our mags online though. Another thing is that I'm not so sure even if enthusiasts knew they could get these mags at the store down the street...that they would take the time to buy 'em. I have a couple of enthusiast friends who think I'm fringe because I read "InPark" magazine.
  22. Like others, I can't make the Midwest trip, but would like to meet up with you guys at maybe at KI, HW, or CP. Am I looking in the right place, or has a schedule been released yet? Hope to see ya!
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