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  1. Based on the video it looks bad for Pluto to me. The video doesn't show the kids punching Pluto. All it shows is Pluto chasing some little kid around the square, and the mother getting personally involved. By the way, I think Pluto took a dive...that push the mom gave didn't look hard enough to make him fall, even if he did trip off the curb in the process. I was totally loving how Pluto was trying to get support from bystanders! "Did you see what she did to me?!?!"
  2. As already mentioned, just stay away from the scarezones and houses if you don't feel comfortable. However, SF does seem to be pushing the envelope...even for me with some of their new promotions. If you go to www.Sixflags.com and choose "Very, very scary" when prompted you'll find out about the "Coffin Of Fear". Coffins? Worms? I'm out. But would you do it for possible free admission, and other prizes?
  3. ^^Very cool story...especially the part about giving your passes to the family. They probably still remember your kindness.
  4. Thanks Dave! Now I'm gonna be driving my wife even more nuts about going to Europe and Japan.
  5. It's very much official for our family now. - We'll be heading to CW next summer. Our plan for now is to hit Waldameer at the beginning or end of the trip to ride RF2 and their other offerings. - Head to Niagara Falls for a couple of days. - Then on up to Toronto. While there we'll spend a day or two at CW, as well as, go to the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Anybody ever spent any time at the beach in Toronto? Is it worth a stop? The wife and I went up there in '99 but didn't get around to the beach.
  6. That was great! I needed a good laugh! And Deluge was by far the best waterpark ride I've been on. Thank You Cameron! That really needed to be said. I love CP...but it's not the amusement park holy land for everybody.
  7. The GT awards are becoming very predictable, and any meaning they used to have is quickly falling to the wayside because of that predictability. Then they keep adding these obscure new awards every couple of years, which isn't helping the situation. Don't get me wrong! I like amusement/theme park awards presentations. I think they're fun, but the Golden Tickets have just gotten silly to me. But...I would be all in for something like the TPR Donkey awards. That would be a blast! Because they would be all about being "tongue-in-cheek" and silly by design. As silly as the GT's see
  8. Other than the Intamin rocket, have there been any other major changes to Space World since the last Japan trip? The park looks a lot nicer, cleaner, and more colorful than when you went last year. Me and my 7 yr. old are both sitting here saying, "I want to go to Japan!". Zaturn looks pretty sweet! Did Venus get new paint?
  9. Best: Already knowing your vacation plans for next summer, and getting things lined up. Worst: Having to wait until next summer! Non-Amusement Park Related Best: Being asked to coach your sons soccer team...and believing it's an honor! Worst: Discovering they only asked you because all the other parents said "No".
  10. The Roller Skater @ Kentucky Kingdom! Ahhhh! The joys of being a parent.
  11. I also wish I could put Avalanche in here but...oh well. I'll have to go with LoCoSuMo too, followed by Cyclops, and Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake.
  12. The waterpark at GL seems to be the real attraction for the park anyway. And if this all does come true, they'll essentially be back to the original GL set-up and still have a kiddie coaster and Villain to boot. Not too bad a situation, IMO. Personally, I'm surprised Dominator lasted as long as it did at the park. It seemed like far too superior a ride to be at GL. Plus, I've never seen that coaster get the ridership it deserves at GL. I cannot remember a visit to the park where I ever waited more than 5-10 minutes. Most times it was a walk-on to a half empty train. With the attenda
  13. For all of you who children of the 80's and early-90's! I was just over at NBC.com voting for Last Comic Standing, and saw an ad for AG on the site. NBC is re-inventing the show and bringing it back sometime in the near future. http://www.nbc.com/Casting/#gladiators
  14. Just rode it about two weeks ago, and honestly, I don't know why I keep putting myself through that torture!
  15. I tried waiting in line for Maverick back on it's opening weekend in May, but it kept on breaking down, and the rain was off and on...so I gave up! I still haven't rode it! But I need only be patient. I'll be going to an event in the fall with a friend that will give us an ERT on it, so as long as things work out there I'll get my ride soon.
  16. As coasters go, Vortex would have to get my vote too. That thing has always been torture for me, and many others I know. What would I like to see go? That outdated, waste-of-time FX Theatre is just sitting there taking up space. They've had half of the thing shut down consistently for the past 3-4 seasons. Big Bad Wolf totally kicks the crap out of any other suspended I've been on before. That dive down to the river is so fun and intense. Top Gun is good, but Iron Dragon, (or Draggin' Iron as I heard it called) is just sad.
  17. - Make Son Of Beasts double-helix, (The Rose Bowl) more bearable. Even after all the current modifications, and adding the new trains that double-helix is still the worst part of the ride. I mean, it's still going to be an uninspired layout, but at least it wouldn't hurt quite as bad. - Could a modification be the re-locating of a coaster? If so, I want Avalanche @ Timber Falls moved to Dayton, OH. I love that coaster!
  18. Is it still operating? When we were there in July it was closed down both days we went to the park, plus it was covered with dirt like it hadn't been used in a while. Some park maintenance guys came out with a truck and removed the water cannons while we were there too. By the way, my vote would also have to go to LoCoSuMo...totally crazy fun!
  19. I can see that many are looking at RF2 for it's criss-cross section over the highway, but this ride is going to be seriously twisted in sections. Especially in the second half of the ride it appears RF2 will be making some serious turnarounds. While it won't be an airtime monster, it looks like it will provide some nice pops of air . And according to the illustration I've been looking at this thing will be a minute and a half long, and hit 57mph. '08 will definently find me visiting Waldameer at some point!
  20. I am torn on this one too. I've been thinking about the Texas trip, but this coaster is really grabbing my attention. My wife and I went up near Erie before in '99 on our way to Niagara Falls and Toronto...we may have to think about re-visiting that trip again as a possible family vacation next year. Ravine Flyer II, CW's new coaster, plus all the credits I didn't get up there in '99.
  21. My top three would easily be... 1. Robin Williams 2. Jeff Dunham 3. Bob Nelson But others that have to be mentioned are... Carlos Mencia Tom Papa Tim Cavanagh Steven Wright Doug Benson The Amazing Johnathan Kevin Nealon Will Ferrell Louis Black ...and the list can go on and on!
  22. Let's just say that with repeated trips to KI about every other week, I've become rather jaded toward the place. That was until yesterday! It was great to see you all at the parks. Most fun I've had at KI in forvever. I got to meet so many of you guys, and catch some rides with you as well...and that made my week. Robb & Elissa, good to finally meet you in person. My wife (Kelly) had a blast meeting and talking with Elissa. By the way, Elissa thanks to you, Kelly really wants to go on one of the trips in '08 which really makes me happy. The only downside to the day was my son
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