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  1. Yeah, my wife refreshed my memory about that morning when we first rode Maverick. My first couple of rides...hands up...by the third ride...hands down. Plus, we moved to the front seats which made a huge difference too. Okay, the truth....I'm a wuss!
  2. The coaster itself, pretty standard B&M, but the trains and the theming of the station...really sweet! Me likey!
  3. I voted for Maverick, but only because it's a "true" coaster. TTD is much more thrilling to me. And I know I'm probably a rarity, but I found Maverick pretty painful, and not very enjoyable, (especially through the canyons and other areas with sharp turns). Will I ride Maverick again? Heck yeah, I'm not smart enough to stop just because of pain! But I have to agree with Scappari too, and say, MF beats 'em both!
  4. Ginzo pretty much hit the nail on the head! Avoid the weekends for sure, if at all possible. There was actually a weekend last year where we made the 30 min. ride to the park, saw people parked in the grass along the edge of the parking lot...turned around and went to Cincy for the day. I remember when April weekends used to be the locals dirty little secret...the park used to be dead in the pre-season! Now it's packed nearly all season anymore. Yet, like mentioned above we have no problem at any time of the season at CP. Don't know if it the layouts of the parks, ride operations, or
  5. OMG, we were at a local mexican place the other night and the Masters were on and I saw his name come up in the standings! So he did end up winning?! Here's a couple more personal ones for me... - When you tell family, friends, and co-workers your vacation plans they automatically ask you what parks and coasters are around the destination. - Or when their planning a trip they come to you to find out where the parks are at, or if the coasters/rides are any good at their destination.
  6. I don't know, Jeff Johnson may have something to say about that claim. By the way, Adventureland looks like a pretty sweet little park. Is there ever gonna be a park that puts in one of those jet ski-type rides closer to the midwest?? C'mon KI, HW, or CP!
  7. Yeah, I can't remember the name of it, but Jeff Siebert was really pushing that old 30-40 minute float ride on last years new show. They were really pushing the older side of the park too, which I personally always find more interesting since it isn't like your typical waterpark. The river water just makes it seem more special to me.
  8. I have to agree with the above people in that these videos are good, but they're also pretty standard fare for coaster videos. Nothing really jumped out on any of them, but a couple were a bit more entertaining than the rest. Anyway, here's my picks: 1) Justin Saxe - Dollywood/Six Flags Over Georgia 2) Jimmy Bo - Port Aventura Honorable Mention - Ryan Vesely - Disneyland
  9. The Dragon Blaster water coaster at Schlitterbahn has gotten an overhaul/re-theme, and it looks very cool...or hot as the case may be. http://www.schlitterbahn.com/dragonsrevenge/press.htm Truly one of the better ride animations I've ever seen too. I already wanted to go down there, now this gives me another reason. Anybody frequent the park here at TPR? Let us know what you think when it opens. Also I got this explanation from the fact sheet, and this makes it all the more enticing for me. "Special Effects: Spinning tunnels, theatrical lighting, fiber optics, riveting original
  10. With the total refurb the Columbus Zoo, (Columbus, OH) is doing with the zoo itself, as well as, adding Zoombezi Bay waterpark, I hope they'll take a close look at Jungala. Columbus is already an incredible zoo, and it would be even moreso if they'd add some experiences like Busch has done. The theming for Jungala is superb, but then again, it's Busch, what do I expect. By the way, did you feel like royalty while you were there? The experience itself, breakfast buffet & and the loaded goodie bag! Not too shabby at all.
  11. Depending on the time of the month...that can be very true!
  12. When your wife buys you coaster-themed cakes! My examples from last year... Birthday - A Mickey Mouse figurine riding an actual coaster atop the cake. Sweetest Day - A cake with an edible photo of me riding The Voyage. Double Chocolate cake & coasters...what can I say, that woman knows me!! And she's apparently fond of me too.
  13. I see what the dress code says, but when I visited friends who were counselors for a youth camp at the University a few years ago, (who were also students at the school), we were asked to wear pants/jeans to Chapel time only. We wore shorts the rest of time we were at LU. Would it hurt you to keep some of your comments personal, you may not agree with how LU runs the university, but it almost sounds like it's a personal vendetta with some of these posts. Just asking. By the way, I agree with the earlier comments that this coaster-deal was probably a product of some brainstorming se
  14. I agree, their park map I saw a few weeks ago at their site doesn't do this park justice. It honestly looked pretty boring in the map, but Mike, your pics brought it to life! You are one of my new heroes!!
  15. Thanks for posting that TR, I hadn't seen the finished product on the expansion yet...very nice! The last pics I got were during construction at Halloweekends last October.
  16. All the entries were well done, but one stood out for me, and that was Dave's video. Good track, nice footage, and the Barry commercial was funny and creative. But what really sold me on that one was Derek. Derek = Comedy!!
  17. Great TR Mike! Will be heading down there in July, and I can't wait. DW is one great park, that's doing a lot as of late to keep the people pouring in. All four coasters, (not including that Veggietales death machine ), rank from really good to outstanding in my opinion. And they are getting quite a good line-up of flats too. But the hospitality and food don't hurt either!
  18. That Minor Mike coaster at Knuckleheads was one of the most painful and terrifying credit whore moments of my life! I thought for sure I would end up in traction, but the kids like it.
  19. While I'm excited about this next new coaster, (I've always considered Kraken & J2A two of my favorite ride experiences), I keep thinking that were gonna be doing a dive somewhere during the ride that's gonna involve us passing by a tank full of dolphins. I don't know where I got that idea? At the very least, the lines will probably have large aquarium areas full of sealife to pass the time while you wait. Still though, love the coaster!
  20. Yeah, the weather was absolutely horrid here in Southwest Ohio, and more times than not it headed straight for you guys up North. It was bad down here, so I can't imagine what it was like once you threw Lake Erie into the mix too. As far as the tarps over the bridge, don't sweat it just enjoy the ride, it looks like it'll be a really wild one. I'm still amazed that this coaster is finally here, we've been waiting for it for what...10-12 years?
  21. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? The new news items you most, as well as, photo & video TR's, and announcements/info. about the upcoming trips. 2. What do you find least useful about the front page? The link to the links page. It's seems to need added to/updated. Maybe see about moving the archived stories to another page of their own. 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? Nothing I can think of off hand. 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? All the way baby! 5. How often do you look at the f
  22. Would the real reason you "love it" and find it "very cute" have anything to do with all of the rodent action on the ride??
  23. There was one of those for years in the Niagara Falls tourist area though. Anyone else remember "Ride Niagara"? I never rode it, but I remember it. But if it were a 4-D type experience, it'd get my attention. I just can't see them doing anything that would deface, damage, or take away from the falls themselves.
  24. I actually remember the scenes you were describing. The wife and I were just watching that volume over the weekend. I still crack up at Robb running from the talking trash can!
  25. Thanks for the update Robb! I'm definetly not the "engineering" type, and with that report I can understand it a bit more now.
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