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  1. Well here's mine: 1)Nemisis which I'm going to ride sometime between now and the 2012 olympics (most likely next year) 2) Alpengiest which I missed out on when I was at Busch Gardens. 3) Any SLC, I just have to see how bad they are! 4) Expedition GeFoce, I just want to ride this awsome roller coaster! 5) Excalibur, if its really as good as the hype, then I want to ride this ride! (too be ridden this summer).
  2. Same here! The only exception is that I was born in America, but I'm still proud to be Irish and I'm proud to hate America. Cool!! Another Irish guy. Although the difference is I want to live in America. And I want to live in Ireland . If only Ireland had a good theme park, then it would be complete!
  3. Same here! The only exception is that I was born in America, but I'm still proud to be Irish and I'm proud to hate America.
  4. Why should SFMMs two best roller coasters die? I mean, Flashback and Psyclone are top notch rides that evenybody loves! SBNO roller coasters are the bomb and Psyclone is better than Balder! Why should they die! I'm glad that Flashback and Psyclone are getting demolished. Psyclone is as rough as hell (according to most people) and Flashback is just an eyesore, so this is no big loss. RIP (rest in pieces), Psyclone and Flashback, hell is where you two belong....
  5. I love the drop! I now want to go and ride it! The only real problem is that the ride might get rough in a few years, but other than that, I just have to ride that! "Wicked Cool Fun"
  6. Robb, I'm trying to post in 100% English and I'm trying not to be annoying, so I'm sory if my posts are horrible and need to be changed. I hope that my posts lately are legible and are important to the site. Also, new members to the site should not use the fact that they are new or should not use the fact that they are new and/or the fact that they are younger members to spell incorrectly and post in unimportant topics. Robb, Elissa, and all of the Mods work hard every just to keep this Forum up and running everyday and people who f*** up the boards should not get in their way. Everybody should just try to help out the website by posting wisely and giving Robb, Elissa, and the Mods less work every day! Even though I'm not a mod, but please just read this post anyways and think about your posts before posting on the Forum. -Stephen
  7. Happy birthday Robb! I hope you have an awsome day today and I hope you play a lot of Wii and get 40 pounds fatter!
  8. Last night I had a dream that I went to Funtown/Splashtown USA with TPR forum member spaminacan11, but it was way diffrent. Galaxi didn't excist and the whole place was missing a lot of rides (but Excalibur, The two new water slides and Dragons Decent were still there). Also, the whole place had Cedar Fair like trash cans and the place had concret everywhere!
  9. LOL! Number 13 was so funny! Number 19 was so funny because he was arrested for public urination! Then Number 29 looks like a close relative of Michael Jackson! Also number 46 was SMILING! I find that funny he looks so happy to be going to jail! Well at my school(s), no teachers have been arrested but there is a math teacher at my school named Mr. Middleton who is insane! He goes around town in a colonial style suit and he threatens his students so lould that anybody in the school can here it! I just hope he's a criminal who get arrested before the school year ends! -Stephen "I love it when the police release information on people getting arrested" M
  10. My lastest ride was the Speed Loop at Funderland Dublin (Pinfari ZL42). Speed Loop was actually pretty damn good! It was definetly a surprising ride!
  11. My main goal is to have at least 26 coasters under my belt by the end of '07. That will happen since I"m most likely going to Hershey next year (Sorry Austin and David, my dumb parents cancelled the trip because they hate airplanes) and I know I will get to Funtown and get my Dragon credit at Canobie! I also have a goal of getting to Lake Compounce, but that might not happen.
  12. El Nino or Thunder Cloud for the Roller Soaker? Anyways, Great work as always John! Monstruo looks great with its new layout, the theming is great, and the waterpark is simply amazing! Keep up the good work!
  13. That RCT1 theme park looks fantastic! Better than any of my RCT1 parks! maybe I should post my parks on TPR once I'm back in America, but they arn't as good as your park!
  14. CalP 15 WOF+11 CP 21 SFOT -2 SFOG 27 BGT 19 Stephen 'I can't believe I went to Ireland only to find out that my game came from the dead'
  15. Update: Here are some photo's of me on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I know I'm late, but my computer sucks. This could quite possibly be my final post until the 27th. Here I am in the North End Boston on Thanksgiving day. I took a photo of myself, tooken at my house. Me and Fanual Hall in the backround, I was only 5 people there.
  16. Grr, my year was horrible park wise, but my year isn't over. Here's a summary of what happened this year: April: Three trips to BGE! Even though I didn't get to ride Alpengiest, I still loved all of the rides (I know, I think that BBW is "meh, overrated" but I still tried to enjoy it) and the atmosphere was great! By far, the best themed park I've been to! 9.5/10, I just hated the staff. May: Enka Fair (does that count?) and my very first trip to Canobie Lake Park. I remember "All of the shit I made of the fair (Don)" but still enjoy this dump! The orbitor was a great ride, but Enka was just another ghetto town fair! 5/10. Canobie Park was definetly a good park when I visited last May! Even though I got pared up with my worst enimys (AND THEY LIKED THE F***IN CORKSCREW), I enjoy the atmosphere of the park! The area around the Boston Tea Party was actually nicely themed and so was the Old Canobie Village so that was a definetly a positive. Infact, I enjoy all of the rides I rode except for the Corkscrew so I enjoy my "should have been a bad trip" to Canobie Lake! June: Nothing, please read on. July: Just did a Eurobungie, that was it. Please Read On August: A ghetto kiddie fair (That covered 1/100th of an acre) and Palace Playland (finally). Well Palace playland was fun, but it was ghetto. Sure it was my first PARK night visit, but four rides broke down (including the Powersurge) which pissed me off, but at least I got both credits including the easternmost coaster in the USA! 6/10 September: Canobie Lake Park: I rode most of the ride and enjoyed all of them even though Boston Tea Party was painful. The park was very nice and my friend and I had a good time together! Oh yeah, The Yankee Cannonball was an airtime beast. I don't know if its because I rode it when it was wet or not, but this thing has ejector airtime! 9.5/10! Fall: None! December: In the future I'm getting three credits in Ireland! I have nothing to say at the moment though, so stay tuned! Pictures: Bad quality Picture, but a great ride! Boo, Canobie Corkscrew Ghettos Galore! Hooray for ghetto fairs! Stupid Alpengiest.
  17. ^It was the 1920s when the Golden age occured, parks were openig everywhere you looked! It was the depression when all of the parks except for the lucky ones closed down.
  18. And how many of them are GOOD parks....hmm....let's see? Out of the entire list, I'd say the park of the bunch was probably Kobe Portopialand! And even their coasters, IMO were FAR overrated (assuming it was because some people who went out there thought they were closing forever and no one else would get to ride them to say they were full of sh1t) Bummer about Aska, too, but man...Nara was a DUMP! At least there is a clone of that ride at Six Flags Great America. Jazzland was also a nice park (SFNO), but I don't think you can really blame it's closure for the same reasons as the other. And Astroworld, whlie it was an "ok" Six Flags park, IMO, it was lower on the list of ones I would visit, and really the only reason I'd ever go there is because I was in Texas visiting the other, much nicer Six Flags parks. So yeah....when I look at that list, I honestly say "Meh....no real loss...." --Robb Now that I think of it, the only real losses quality wise were the Pavillion, SFNO, maybe Wonderland (I've heard many good things about this park other than the crappy coasters), and Kobe Protopialand and those are nothing really compared to other, exsisting parks! Also, it seems like the only "OMG! THAT's SUCH A HUGE LOSS!" park in the pass 10 years was Opryland USA! So yeah, the parks that are closing/have closed are mostly crap parks that should go to hell! -Stephen "Thank God China and India are building world class theme parks at this second" Seriously, are you joking? You cannot say "I'm building this huge park and it will be ready by 2026, we have all of the money but we have a problem, we don't have any land!" You got to buy land, get planing permission, and not have 3 inverts by opening. Also, how can any water ride be 87 degrees? PP at KBF is only 75 degrees, and people have died on it! are you sure about that ride becoming a reality? Also, can you get the rights from Eragon? Because if you don't, you'll get a multi year time out inside a cold and dark place! -Stephen "Your a lier"
  19. ^He was being Sarcastic. Anyways, hooray, SFMM doesn't have the most coasters in a anymore! Now, we can pave the mountain and no one would care!
  20. Ok, even with all of the parks opening and closing, a lot of parks (some of them really good) are closing. Here are all of the parks I can think of that closed within the past three years: Australia's Wonderland (1985-2004) Pirate's Fun Park (1920s-2004) Six Flags New Orleans (2000-2005, the biggest failure ever) LibertyLand (1971?-2006) Six Flags Astroworld (1968-2005) HIpe Hopes Orchard (?-2005) Kobe Protopialand (1981-2006) Nara Dreamland (1961-2006) Erieview (?-2006) Myrtle Beach Grand Prix (1976-2006) Myrtle Beach Pavillion (1948-2006) Southport's Pleasureland (1912-2006) American Adventure (1987?-2006) York's Wild Kingdom (1950s-2006) So as I can think of, more modern Parks are closing than Traditional Parks. But still, a lot of parks are opening every year so we shouldn't really worry unless if a sucessful park closes (even though Myrtle Beach Pavillion is an example of that happening already)
  21. I think the only one that makes sense at the moment is Enchanted Village. Enchanted Village needs a new crowd drawer and B:TR would be a good choice for the park! Also, the Seattle/Vancover area lacks an inverted roller coaster, so I say Enchanted Village!
  22. Are people forgetting something? I think that once people hit the link, they will know what's happening with SFNOs B:TR .
  23. When you write TPR 2006 everywhere you go! Also when you draw roller coasters on your homework!
  24. That's an insane ride layout! With a tight design and turns going everywhere, I have hihg hopes for this ride! This is also good for people that live in Houston because now they can ride a major roller coaster without traveling a far distance.
  25. Thanks for posting that Robb, I'll try to only post in important topics now and make sure my spelling and grammar are perfect.
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