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  1. ^Agreed. It doesn't look to bad, but it still looks bad, except for the airtime hill before the Zero G Roll! I updated the description so that more people will discover how crappy this coaster looks.
  2. Ok, I got a new one: "What would a new ride a Walibi Rhonde Alpes look like!' I know, thats pretty bad too, but its just a suggestion.
  3. Hmmm, I can think of a few: *What will KidTums look like when she's older? *How did Psyclone get torn down? *What did the TOGO engineers look like when they were in business? *What would happen if all of the crappy parks in the world joined forces? *If Fantazy Land actually opened a ride, what would happen? I know, some of those suck, but those are just some thoughts. -Stephen "I know, I'm 13, I suck"M
  4. ^ Is that because of what happened at the Medford fair 2 years ago?
  5. I decided not to go, my friend couldn't make it and I'm worried about gangs (since I know that they are a lot of gangs in Revere) so I hope that everyone had fun...
  6. Ok, there's a credit! Now all I need is a bus and I'm there! PS James, by any chance, are you going to be there tomarrow? I'm going with my friend if he can make it......... Also, is there an admission fee, because if there is, I'm definetly not going.
  7. My big question: Would it be worth going to the fair tomarrow or should I just forget about it?
  8. I just looked through the photos and saw I didn't post so I guess its time to post... 1) StarBlaster- S&S- Canobie Lake Park. Well since it is a tower, I will count it. I loved this ride! The launch was intense and the airtime was insane! By far, the best tower ride I have ridden even though it is a mere 80 ft! 2) Drop Zone- ARM Small Model?- Palace Playland. The only "true" drop tower I have ridden, I liked it alot. It was very small, only about 50ft tall, but it had a lot of sudden drops and pops of airtime! Another good tower ride! 3) Freefall- Huss (YES HUSS!)- Funderland Fair, Dublin. I was in Ireland and I asked my cousin to take me there. Sadly, we was a wimp so he didn't ride with me. Anyways, despite the name, it hardly freefalled. I love all tower rides and I loved this one as well, but it hardly did anything. It went up 140ft and gave a good view, but it had no airtime or forces. Like other Huss Towers (From Reviews), this one felt controlled and had a boring 5 minute cycle. 1. The Awesome StarBlaster!
  9. Boo, I cannot get any credits from this fair. Now there is no real point unless if I want to ride my first frisbee. Stephen "Now there is no point to go to the coast" M
  10. Personally, I do not like Dark Rides that much. Sure they have good theming, but I don't really "get" them. Well anyways, I've been on two Dark Rides: DarKastle- BGE Mine of Lost Souls- Canobie Lake Park I liked DarKastle better because of the effects but as I said before, I never really got the concept of Dark Rides.
  11. Just one photo of the Enka Fair can prove that Sarasota County fair is far better than Enka Sh!t: GHETTONESS!
  12. ^At least you don't have Irish cousins who laugh at you because of 1/31, Having to go to Enka, have an overrated Six Flags park and live right next to a city where everyone is in collage. *sigh* MASSachusetts and its MASSholes suck.
  13. Post of the month. Thank you for "bumping" the idea of the Enka Fair, the ghettoist fair in town! I just cannot wait until May when my ghetto town gets ghetto"er"! Thank goodness I got to go to some Irish Kick-ass fairgrounds. FUNDERLAND! Seriously, the rides were amazing. I'll explain later....
  14. As well, if you look at Jardin de Los Coasters on the website, they are opening a fequent Faller! Now I'm confused. I guess its confermed that they are getting an S&S Tower, but everything else is uncertin. As for the Orange Coaster, I guess its the Inverted or the Family Coaster. Juan, have you gotten to the park area lately, because I want to see more construction photos of this park!
  15. Ok, I'm bumping this topic (if two days counts as bumping). Thanks James for giving me nightmares until I forget about unHoly Land. The whole place looks creppy and all of this 'Jesus is with you" stuff is crepping me out! Well nice photos of Lake Compost, a park that is going to be closed if I decided to go to it this Octobor. -Stephen "Am I sure I want to meet up with you at Canobie's opening day"M PS: I'm pretty sure the Lake opens a Halloween event yet the website doesn't mention a thing about it. Well does it hold an Octobot event?
  16. Pretty self explanitory, more pictures later, once I resize them :/. The Rock of Cashel from the city of Cashel. The view from the Rock of Cashel, Ireland is just amazing! Please insert comment here. Flood picture!
  17. 1) LOL! Penguins > Hippos! 2) I have Polar Coaster 3) That was so funny! The pictures were great and hippo is in every one (yet he seems photoshoped into everyone). Also, Hippo has been to every park I've been to (but thankfully, not every fair ). Hooray for PTRs of randomness! 4) The coaster is either the Hippo Coaster or Jackrabbit at Kennywood. 5) Am I the only person that noticed the fat kid picking his nose in the Canobie picture?
  18. Wait, those are NOT credits? Thank you for droping my coaster count from 16 to 15 . Anyways, that does look crazy! A half powered looper with metal restrants and a guy that's trying to stop headbanging makes this ride an exciting, smooth ride ! Now all I have to say is what will PAX and the other obscure companys think of next?
  19. LOL, hooray from more dumb people from Massachusetts! And since I've heard bad reviews about Erik's van, can somebody post a picture of the cleanest van in the world?
  20. Its more of an indoor arcade, but us Bostonians have a place about 10 minutes from where I live called Good Times. They have Go-Carts, Bumper Cars, a Lazer Tag Game, a HUGE arcade, a bar, a bowling alley, some pool tables, a Basketball Hoop, Batting Cadges, and a Hymalaya! Also, you can get six Cedar Point credits there, I have two . Its very surprising how big Good Times is because of its lack of space and almost no parking room outside it, but its still HUGE!
  21. Happy birthday Jahan! Now you can go into Canada and drink all you want! Then, you can go as insane as a Candian American! -Stephen "OMG! The Arrowfan is having his birthday, and Arrow sucks!" M
  22. I'm definetly not amused by Formule-X. Ok, Lets look at G-Force at Drayton Manor. Sure it looks smooth but is it? NO! Sorry, I just think it will be a nut buster.
  23. He just got his 20,000th use in a single bathroom, a new record . Well anyways, Palace Playland didn't even have bathrooms, does that count? Well if you want know the worst bathroom, I would say York's, just plain disgusting
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