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  1. I"m pretty sure I saw on the RCDB that Siam is getting a Boomerang and a custom SLC, but I cannot find the link.
  2. Ok, here's my list of underrated rides: Yankee Cannonball: I've heard many complants about it, but my whole town agree that the Cannonball is awsome! Great airtime with only the smooth parts not having airtime! Also with a great feeling of speed with comfy PTC trains makes this ride my favorite. LNM: Many people think its boring, but I don't! My first looper was definetly a great one! An intense first drop, hangtime in the loops and a inclosed helix make this a great ride! Only one bang thoughout all of my 6 times riding even though its almost 30 years old! My only complant is that it is overtrimed.
  3. Come on, can it snow in New England already? Heck, I bet theres a better chance of getting a white Christmas in Ireland, and they get 1 inch of snow each year. Anyways, nice PTR, I can't wait for it to snow! It looks like you had qabout 5-6 inches where you live. hopefully, it will snow by Sunday, but because of the 65 degrees here, I highly doubt it.
  4. You are just like IMO, your town. You can't just give up so quickly, you should keep on trying until when you get an awsome park.
  5. Great story line! Its sad to here that the American (if not the world) park industrys closed and only the smaller parks are left. Well, its all part of the story line, and I hope this comes out to be a dangerous park!
  6. Nope, wow! This was actually harder for people than I thought!
  7. umm, NONE! (unless if you count ONE coaster 2 months and 1 week ago ) How many roller coasters have you seen within the past two months?
  8. Well a must see attraction is also the Statue of Liberty. It might not be open, but its still worth a shot. Oh yeah, maybe you can go to Ellis Island as well! One last thing is you should go ice skating on Central Park. THose are just my must visit attractions with myself going to New York this April with my school.
  9. WIcked looks like a great coaster! even though the LSMs might not work properly, this is a great idea Lagoon has! I have a friend that lives in Utah and I might visit him soon! I hope I can visit him soon and be able to ride the coaster! Anyways, the layout is original and great looking! With tight turns, a zero G roll, and airtime hills proves that Zierer can build a huge coaster! I hope this ride becomes popular with small parks thoughout the world!
  10. ^OMG! Its your birthday! Happy birthday Masked Maverick (or whatever your real name is)!
  11. I learned that my Ass. Principal rocks! he appeled my last detension because the geek got suspended
  12. I"ve never been to a Christmas event at anypark, but I'm going to a Christmas fair 2 days after Christmas with Speed Loop (hey Zack and other people on the chat) so doies that count?
  13. apollo210


    ^ Because ACErs are very fat. YOu need to eat 50 pounds of food each buffet, you pay $50 to get fat, and you need to say how awsome Mellenium Force, Beast, and Raven are :rolleyes:.
  14. Winchester Sucks (because its boring), Woburn Sucks, Medford is ok, Stoneham is ok, Lexington rocks, Burlington rocks, Arlington is ok, Evertt sucks, Melrose ummm, SUCKS .
  15. Woman gym teachers are gay, retards go out with hot chicks, and the same people get detension in English every day.
  16. Ok, here's a diffrent one: Wood 27 Meters tall Opened at the same day the park did. Its kind of hard I guess. EDIT: Oops, Wes beat me by a little bit! Wes, You can go if you want to, I didn't see your post.
  17. ^Yes it was your turn, ArrowHater posted 30 minutes after Hectordelbano posted. So we will stick with Matthews submission. Wildfire at SDC?
  18. ^Get prepared for a whipping from the mods for many spelling errors.
  19. I don't like the Idea of a launched singled car 4D. I've already heard of too many complants of roughness and the already look extreme. The rest of the park is splended and I hope this park will turn out to be a sucess!
  20. Actually, I knew that, I just made a joke. I got what you meant, just made a joke. CF actually made the park the way it is today, a nice indoor park, and Knott's actually took good care of the park as well, not so stupid Knott's .
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