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  1. Lol, that list has changed as of today, and I just realized I forgot the Galaxi at Palace Playland on that list: 1. Excalibur at Funtown Splashtown Maine 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Apollo's Chariot 4. LNM 5. Speed Loop 5 (Tied). Tunderbolt at SFNE 7. Big Bad Wolf 8. Galaxi at Funtown 9. Galaxi at Playland 10. Wild Mouse at Funderland Fair My list now looks more established than ever before!
  2. My lastest ride on a coaster was Excalibur at Funtown/Splashtown Maine about 2 hours ago. Move out of the way Yankee Cannonball, I have a new love!
  3. SO yeah, tomarrow was the day I was going to La Ronde so since I never made it to Canada, I'm not going. However, I am going to a park tomarrow.....
  4. ^Then go to Boobejaanland (I spelled it wrong on purpose)
  5. Lol, that mud puddle right next to the Star Tropper was there On Friday night. You should have seen it, it was praticly a pond... Well anyways, the rides at Enka seemed to be all spinning this year. Thank god you didn't ride 1001 Nights, it has no airtime. They wouldn't let me on Fly Surf because you had to be 14 years old to ride . The Zipper always has 30 minute waits, which is why I don't ride (I don't think it's worth it). The Round-Up is actually themed to puke (Which probably is the reason why I did something on it on Friday....). The Orbitor, Star Ship and Star Trooper were kick-ass, and that's just a basic summary of the rides. Coastakid- Yes, the Star Trooper is a new ride for 2007, along with the Flysurf/Maximum and Star Ship. And yeah, while it was pretty wet, it was still a decent fair. And W00t! James actually posted his pictures, now I won't have to post my sh*t pictures.
  6. I heard a rumor that all of the rumors in this thread are false, can anyone conferm this? Also, I've heard a rumor that someone puked on Enka's Round Up with his girlfriend right next to him, can anyone conferm this as well?
  7. That list has increased. Speed Loop-Funderland Fair. On CoasterForce, Emby complaned about it being rough and Coaster Maniac complained about it being boring. Other than the boring hill at the end with no airtime, I couldn't find a problem with it. I found it to be a smooth, forceful ride with some airtime on the first drop and a pretty weird loop (went from being forceful to insane hangtime and back to being forceful). A good 8.5 in my book.
  8. ^The Fair ended yesterday . Ah well, maybe next year James. When were you there yesterday? Because I didn't see you. ^^They got cancelled because they went over a parking lot to.
  9. ^^ Don't you dare say the thing I did last night was! ^Yeah, that's why they cancelled the proposed rocket coaster, because it went over a parking lot.
  10. General Information: Park/fair: Enka Fair (Winchester town fair) Location: Skillings Field (Winchester, MA) People: Me (Irish Coaster or Stephen) And R Weater: Drizzle and overcast Three Words to describ the trip: Thrilling, Muddy and wet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two days ago, I asked R, who lives in the town next door if he wanted to come to My Town fair, and he accepted my offer. My mom and his mother drop us off and we brought our ticket sheets. R was scared of rides so I said to him "Let's go on the Round Up! (Points it out) It only spins you around!" He fell for it! We paid and got on. It started spinning and then I said to him "Did menton that the ride goes up as well?". The result was hillarious. He said ":Censored:, I hate you Stephen!" After that, the ride started goin up, and he started screaming. It was forceful and fun as always, I love Round Ups! Once we got off, R had a smile on his face and Told me "That ride was awesome!". It was 1001 Nights time after that! We walked over to it and I said to him "This is actually one of the least intense rides here" and he didn't trust me, but went on anyways. We paid and got on, once he sat down, he didn't want to ride anymore! I asked him "Are you afraid of heights", he repled "No", and I asked "Theh why are you afraid of this ride?". He gave no response. Anyways, this ride is lame. Think of a rainbow ride with no airtime and OTSRs. Yeah, really exciting . My friend (Who I'll now use "R" because he doesn't want to reveal his name online) thought it was fun, but I thought that the ride was insane 2 years ago, when it had airitme. After that, it was Star Tropper's turn. Star tropper is truely a "What The" ride. Its kind of like a Paratropper, but it also has cars which had seats on both sides (forwards and backwards), went changed direction at one point and went FASTER than a normal one. R and I loved the ride because of the footchoppers, intenseness and how I said "hey loser" on the ride (people actually turned around when I said that ). It's also a ride that is one of my top flat rides, just amazing! It's now time for Gravitron goodness! After that, R felt brave, so we went on the Star Ship. It is one :consored: of a ride! I love it and R did to! It's definetly one of, if not the best flat ride I have ever been on! Intense forces with the wall sliding up, that is definetly great! We went on it one more time, just because it's soo good! Then, I tricked R on the Orbitor! He thought it was one of the three rides that looked two scary for him to ride. Then, a person who was had mental problems decided to go on so R felt brave enough to ride. I absolutly love this ride! Yet another ride that's in my top 10 favorite flats! Intense with a ton of Gs and it goes fast (No, faster is not better, but speed for this ride is good!). R didn't like it but I loved it, even though I got off felling neausous due to riding too many spinning rides in a row. Just after that, R wanted to check out the Wild Wind, the Temprest. I wasn't up to it because I was neausous so he went on it. R loved it! He said it was intense and didn't belong in the kiddie section! It must had been running amazing this year, as they didn't being it last year. We then walk through the funhouses and then The Tornado. I finally gave in and decided to ride that spinning ride. While I didn't feel that neausous after that ride, I figured I was done with spinning rides. Now, time for the most intense ride ever. My Number 1 coaster with extreme forces and ejector airtime! THE DRAGON WAGON! Ok, so it actually isn't that great, but I still like it for what it is (I mean, it's not a Canobie Corkscrew). It was R's first coaster and was a great way to start his coaster carrer! Then we rode the Ferris Wheel and the Bumper Cars before our mothers picked us up. The Ferris Wheel gave great views and The Bumper Cars bumped enough said. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sumary: Rides: Round Up (9/10) 1001 Nights (5/10) Star Tropper(10/10 Star Ship (x2)(10/10 Orbitor (10/10) The Funhouses(4/10) Tornado(4/10) Dragon Wagon (6/10) Ferris Wheel(7/10) Bumper Cars (7/10) Notes: The Zipper was closed, in order to ride the iverted Frisbee, you had to be 14 years old, I already had the Dragon Wagon in my count but I rode it anyways, It was VERY muddy and wet! A lake praticly formed in the middle of it! Overall: 7/10, I love it when the fair comes around! Cell phone photos from Thursday will come soon.
  11. Enka's Dragon Wagon a few hours ago (yes, I rode it again )
  12. Oh Dang it! You were riding rides when I was riding rides last night! That sucks. Well that was a great PTR anyways! Pleanty of Signature shots, Phantom's Revenge and leaves to go around! Stephen "Kennywood is on my top 20 list of parks I must visit before I die" M
  13. I rode Enka's Dragon Wagon last night, but I already had the credit
  14. The only two things you need to know about Enka this year: The ride rules suck and its placed in a field, above an underground river (Which got flooded last year )
  15. I had the weirdest nightmasre last year! I was living in Boston, in an apartment building, but around it was a put for dead bodys! I looked down one day and saw some bones with a t-shirt saying "I love everyone". I was shocked by that and started to cry. Next thing I know I, I was pushed into the pit and then, I saw something rising from the dead. I had a gun and was screaming! I started to run for the edge when he said "I'm Jesse James! You must die!". I climbed the pit wall as fast as I could barely making it to the top, but Jesse gained on me! I then ran onto the street and got hit by a car! Then, I started to rise up, but my bloody body was left behind. After that, i woke up feeling sick, that must have been a sign. The best one that was on the thread was swampfoxes though. Lmao at ET spanking butts!
  16. As for flats, you have typical amusement park flat rides, but with theming! They have a tame Orbitor, a flying carpet, a swinging ship, some bumper cars, a scrambler, a swinging chairs type ride (needs to go back to flat ride schools) and a few kiddie flats. Busch Gardens is not really a big flat ride park, but you should still have fun, as the park is definetly world class!
  17. #2: Get to the park 30 minutes before opening. by then, the England section will be open and just walk through the section. They will have a rope cut once the park opens and just run to the LNM. I rode if after it broke down on Easter 2006 and I got on the third train after it broke down. As it turns out, once I got off, the queue overflowed, so you should try and do that first. Either that, or BBW because the operators on BBW need to go to hell. After that, explore the park on your own, its better to do it that way since BGE is a circular shaped park. #3: As I know of, if somebody puked on a ride, they will shut it down or stack the trains because they want to clean the puke up. I was waiting in line for BBW on the day after Easter 2006 and somebody puked. This resulted in a cleanup process that took 5 minutes, including the other train being stacked. Also, my friend went to BGE last April (2007) and he said that they closed down Apollo's Chariot because someone puked. Other than puking, you should be fine with the rides. #4: Basically, the bridges and The Skyride. The Skyride has plenty of LNM, Griffon (judging by photos), and Alpengiest photo opportunities, as well as the landscaping around BGE. The bridge on Alpengiest gives you many photo opportunities as the track is mainly near the bridge. Also, that bridge connecting Germany and Italy give great photo opportunities of BBW and LNM. I hope what I said helps! -Stephen "Busch Gardens Europe is my favorite" M
  18. There's so much news about La Ronde this year, I'm glad that I'm going. Well thanks for the information about the carousel! I'm definetly riding this when I go. I'm so glad people are preserving the world's history, we should remember what has happened before us and respect what is leftover from our ancestors. Le Galopant is looking great now and while its a small carousel, if definetly is a great one. Does anyone know if it will be open on the 27th? I'm going with a friend, and maybe a few TPR members, so I'll be glad to have information ASAP on the Carousel. -Stephen "I never knew that La Ronde's carousel was the oldest"M
  19. ^The park is re-opening soon, its just the park didn't pass a safety inspection so they had to make repairs to some of the rides. It should re-open this month. Anyways, Siam City Park looks like one weird park, it look nice, but it is in Thailand. Also, that Log Flume looks abandoned and creepy. The flume is very rusted-looking itsself and that hill looks like it came from hell. I guess if this park was located in somewhere like the USA, it would be a very ghetto place not worth going to.
  20. Hooray! Now the world can actually be happy for 45 days!
  21. Being in Ireland a lot, I say that the only amusements that are worth going to are The Funderland Fair. It depends what time of year you go though. In December-January, there's the Funderland Fair in Dublin, which is there star attraction. In April, you can find the Funderland Fair in Cork, which I believe is just outside the city. Sometime in the Early summer, the fair will be in Limerick, and in September, the fair hits Belfast. Also, what time of year are you going anyways and where in Ireland are you going? I'm usually in Cork, but sometimes I go up to Wicklow and Dublin because I have family there. Hope you have fun there! Ireland is a beautiful country with a lot of things to do and even without amusements, you'll have a great time.
  22. They took out the Ovni? DAMN! That was one of the rides I was looking forward to in a few weeks! Well, thanks for telling us about the new Flashpass system, I might actually beable to afford it! $20 (Canadian Dollars)? That's very cheap!
  23. Now we all know what Nicole's, Elissa's, Lou's, and Melanie's boobs looked like on Stealth.
  24. Hey Zack, that was a great PTR! I'm glad you have fun with multiple TPR members and took those amazing shots of the Revenge! Also, Pittfall looks sexy with its new paint job! -Stephen "The best part was when the news reporter freaked out!" M
  25. Yes and I LOVED it! I don't get why everyone hates France so much, it was a beautiful country and Paris was a very clean city! Have you ridden a credit that Robb doesn't have?
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