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  1. ^Yeah, actually, I was expressing my opinion. New England is pretty big, but the White Mountains just doesn't seem to be the right place to have a water park. Even though it has two already (Whale's Tail and Fort Splash), the White Mountains region is a pretty cold region of New England (Heck, the coastline of Maine near the boarder is warmer) and while Whale's Tail is a pretty decnet sized water park for the area (I hhaven'tbeen there, but I have drove pass it on the way to Cannon Mountain, you can see it from I-93). The White Mountains just isn't the place for a water park. I don't want to start a fight, I'm just expressing my opinion. But yeah, I agree with you on the water park and familys. Story Land is probably the best family park in all of New England, with theming and a fairy tale charm. I was saying that the water park would be a good idea for familys, it just has to have that same charm that the dry park does IMO to attract family there.
  2. ^ !Ellas son mucha fea! But yeah, the ones with the handcuffs are horrible, I would die if I had to wear one of those.
  3. The only problem is with a water park is.... well, they are a lot of problems with a water park. First off, the last time I checked, they are about 4 waters parks in New Hampshire (including Castaway Island), 6 in Northern New England, and 11 overall in New England (including the new one in Danvers, MA). They're too many water parks in New England so Story Land would have to keep on adding every year to keep up with the demand. Second, You guys realize that Story Land is in the White Mountains area of New Hampshire? If they got a water park, it would not have a long operating schedule as The White Mountains get cold very quickly after the summer ends. Third, unless it was well themed, who would go? Story Land is a lovely, well themed kiddie park with several water rides and unless if the water park cane have the same feeling as Story Land, I doubt a water park will happen. As for ideas, I can see Kennycorp adding a few new flats and maybe a coaster. A nice little family coaster that fits in with the park well like Polar Coaster would be nice for the park. This park is expanding rapidly and in a few years, it might just become the Disneyland of the North.
  4. I'm actually not that surprised by this. The reason, the owner of Story Land died so the company might have wanted to sell it. Alexander, I agree with you there. While I havn't been to Story Land in seven year (I've been there twice), I remember it being very well themed and a nice place to spend the day. I need to get back someday, I liked the park when I was little and its hopefully just as good as it was in the year 2000.
  5. My most memorable ride was my first ride on Apollo's Chariot. It was Easter Sunday 2006 and I was waiting in line nervously. I told a guy (he just has to be an enthusiast, everything about him made him look like an enthusiast, he even was fat!) that I was nervous and I've never been on a big roller coaster before. He just told me that I'd be fine and I'll enjoy it. We boarded on the 4th or 5th row and I was sitting on the outside left. I just couldn't look up, every time a looked up, I just looked back down. He just told me that I could always close my eyes. By then, the ride was cresting the hill and it was time to face my fear. After the trim at the top of the ride, the ride shot down the hill, giving me my first taste of airtime since August and then I blacked out. Once I regained my eye sight, we were shooting up the second hill and over the crest, more airtime be found! The headchopper was a nice surprise and while the third hill had a trim, I still had a blast! My hands let go of the clamshells and flung up into the air by the Helix, and the lovely apollo lumps were fun! When the train hit the breaks, I clapped my hands and the guy next to me said "Hey, I thought you were scared of the ride". Definetly an unforgetable expreance! Second is my third ride on the Yankee Cannonball, I made so many memorys, including pushing my friends head into the lapbar!
  6. ^You just had to bump this topic, didn't you ! And theres no way you're going to make me eat meat, never
  7. ^They are repainting the Yankee Cannonball orange. This IMO is a good thing because they are too many woodies with an american theme. Mike, I'm glad you had a good time at Canobie! I was going to go, but too much was going on, and I got sick. The Frisbee is looking pretty good and the entrance looks awesome! Even though like everyone else said, the popcorn stall came from RCT but other than that, Canobie looks as good as ever!
  8. Ugh, I hate being sick. Oh well, at least I don't have to go to school....
  9. Ok, so here is my list: 1) Busch Gardens Europe 2) Canobie Lake Park 3) Water Country (water park in New Hampshire) 4) Luxemburg Gardens- Paris(I mean, they do have rides, does that count?) 4 (tied, if Luxemburg doesn't count) Story Land- Glen, NH -------------------------------Dividing line from parks I liked from Meh parks 6) SFNE 7) Palace Playland 8 ) York's Wild Kingdom Wow, that's it? I need to get to more parks!
  10. Update: I was SUPPOSED to go to Canobie today, but I couldn't, too much going on. *Well it looks like my first trip is going to be the Enka Fair on the two days that its open (May 18th=-19th). *My first real park trip is going to be La Ronde on May 27th along with a few TPR members, should be a fun, credit whoring day. *Two weeks after that, I'm going to Canobie, Late May-Early June is the time when I get my real Theme Park fix. *In August, I'm going to Funtown/Splashtown to get the rest of my Maine credits so I never have to go to Maine again to ride coasters. *During the summer, I might go to Canobie again with a few other people, but I have very little time this summer. *In October, I'm probably going on a credit trip across New Hampshire to get credits, but if that doesn't happen, I'll go to Canobie. Yeah, so if I get all of the credits I want, my count will increase by 15 bringing my count up to 31, but I highly doubt that.
  11. Britney Spears Any Redneck (Famous or not) The Yankees George W Bush DICK Chaney ACErs (I mean, they are famous, right?) Anna Nicole Smith (When she was alive) Anorld Swarzinager (Spelling? Yeah, I hate all celebs but those are the worse in my opinion.
  12. ^^Paul, he might have meant with pronouncing English. ^That was pointless, but good point! I added this as a calender event and as I said before, anyone that can make it is encouraged to come! The more, the merrier!
  13. ^I added you to the list. As long as you can speak a little english and can make it on the day, you're cool!
  14. ^^^^ Ok, I'll walk. ^^^ and ^^ Thanks for the information! I'll make sure I ride Manitou and I'll ride the Cobra in the front to get as little of a rape as possible! ^ I'll meet up with you, if you are not a molestor . Also, I've already heard Spongebob in French when I was in France, so I shouldn't be missing out on anything! Once I get on a better computer (the computer I'm using is crap), my responses will be more detaileda and meaningful. I'll make a list on the first page of the meet up as well to see who will be there! I'll go on Sunday, unless if it rains on saturday and doesn't on Sunday.
  15. Ok, thanks for telling me that, I looked it up on a translater site and it said the round one. Ok, I'll be praying for a light rain day! Also, is the subway station for all of St. Helene island or just for La Ronde? And will the flashpass last all day or just for part of the day? La Ronde is not that small according to google earth and all of the rides they have! Well thanks for the information on telling me that I can ride everything! Thanks for the advice! I'll be sure to keep that in mind when I'm at La Ronde! And I won't forget the fried dough, I'll try it when I'm there! That question was a question that shouldn't have been answered but I'll ride in the front anyways to avoid a rape. One last question: Does anyone that lives in Montreal or can make it to La Ronde on memorial day weekend want to meet uo? My La Ronde trip HAS been confermed and I would like to meet up with some members! Please reply if you are interested in coming.
  16. Yeah its me, on a horse: I needed help, the horse scared the crap out of me! THis amazing photo was taken on Christmas Eve, 2006 in Ovens Ireland.
  17. UIROS= Unless it rains on saturday (and none on Sunday) Hey all! This May, I'm going to La Ronde (The Round one, I find this name hillarious)! This will be part of a three day Memorial Day weekend trip to Montreal! I just have a few questions for those who have been or live in Montreal: Ok, there will be a meet up of several TPR members at La Ronde on the date! Everyone should try to arrive before 10:30 as we will go through the gates at opening. I guess it will go on until closing but expect me to leave anytime after 3:00. Now on to the list: People who want to meet up with me at La Ronde on Memorial Day weekend Me (of course) (Stephen) Leeping La Ronde Boobis (Ben) Rcoasters (whatever his name is!)
  18. ^I am actually serious about going in 2010, I might visit before then but my high school takes the 10th graders to SFNE (I'm going to be in the 10th grade in 2010) so I'm going then, but if a friend invites me to go, I will go there. Well I still believe that I went to SFNE on an off day. For the first thing, the operators look like they came from hell! I didn't see one smile from any staff member. Also, you can find the food there at every fast food resteraunt in the USA, truely disgusting fattening food! The park was kind of dirty, it had a meh felling, most of the rides were down or had 1 train operration on a busy day, yeah, talk about lazyness. Well different people have diffrent opinions but that is my opinion, and if SFNE is one of the better Six Flags parks, they I do not want to know of the horror at the other parks (SFMM and SFGadv are obviously horrid).
  19. I'm a huge supporter of the quality over quandity thing, but the park doesn't look that good nowadays. The chairswing looks very nice with the theming, but Wiggles World, uggh! I remember Timber Town being a very nice section of SFNE, but now, an ugly section takes away the fun! Also, the park was insane, in a bad way, when I went to SFNE when I was gp. Superman looks like its one of the top coasters in the world and B:TDK look awesome, but the dirtyness, lazyness, and bad staffing of the park makes me want to forget about the park, let alone, most Six Flags parks.
  20. Wow, I'm soo not going back to SFNE anytime soon. Oh well, nice PTR of a crappy park, I can't wait until I go back in 2010!
  21. My list has been updated since I went to Funderland Dublin last December (I was in Ireland for family reasons, and my photos were too big for this website): 1. Yankee Cannonball 2. APollo's Chaariot 3. Loch Ness Monster 4. Speed Loop- Funderland Dublin 5. Thunderbolt-SFNE 6. Big Bad Wolf 7. Wild Mouse- Funderland Fair 8. Polar Coaster (Hey, I havn't been on thar many coasters. 9. Gold Mine- Funderland Fair (I included this because I took my camera on it!) 10. Canobie CorkSCREW.
  22. Hey Matthew: I want to say that this is one of the best RCT3 parks I've ever seen (even though I"m an anti RCT3 person). The reason why I like the park so much is that the ride designs are inteligant looking and your doing a great job with the scenery! Keep up the good work! As for a name, I was thinking of Ferocity. Ferocity means "Ferocessness" or "Wild and turbulent". Just a suggeston for a name. Thanks Matthew for making a great park, ~Stephen
  23. ^You wrote this: Seriously, unless you have meaningful comments on the boards, don't post at all! That's one of the reasons why I don't post that much on TPR, because it'll be annoying for other members to read my stupid comments! You should learn from this, young one (hey, even though I'm 13, does that mean I can't make smart comments?).Please don't answer this.
  24. The obvious reason why he doesn't like it: Its not a super amazing B&M/Intanim with disney theming, a high pricetag, not at a well known park, and doesn't have an airtime filled layout with a lot of inversions and turns. Simple as that . ^Seriously, I agree with you, he lives in Stockhom and he might not have liked it, or the reason I had above. Personally, I think this ride will be great! If R&E liked it, it has to be good. The ride has one of those amazing looking diving turns and the first part seems spreadout and fun! That's my opinion but diffrent people have diffrent opinions (But Tobias' sucks).
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