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  1. I also like that game show, its actually intense! Good luck Matthew on getting chosen! I hope you get chosen and win the $1,000,000!
  2. Hooray for more B&Ms! So this means that every year since 1992, B&M has added a new invert if Paethon ius ready by 2007 !
  3. 1000th post! Hooray! I must be posting too much! PS: I'm sick .
  4. ^^^^Hooray, I'm going to travel to a SFFT just to wait 2 hours for a new clone I can ride in my homestate, yay :rolleyes:! The funny thing is that I was supossed to ride MSP, but it broke down, and I went in 2005, its opening year. All I can say is that Sharpio sucks.
  5. ^ Say "if you don't get on the coaster, I'll beat you up!" That always works .
  6. I only snowed one inch yesterday yet some of it is still on the ground. Also, that storm is due to hit Boston on Thursday if that is the same storm that hit Cleveland, so hooray, more snow! But sadly, I was in one of Ireland 2 white Christmas' in the past 10 years when I was 7, so I might not have a white Christmas this year becuas of my Ireland trip: cry: .
  7. My guess is a Vekoma Multilooper similar to Millennium Coaster at Fantasy Island. Can't wait to see how this thing works out!
  8. Lol, no. Kanoen is not on the fair circut. Also, People hated me because of this coaster (Hey Zack)
  9. Looks like you were right Juan, it just didn't sound right when I first heard it. Well Vertigo Force might be a SD2K clone because of Kanas (CHance-Morgan is based there I think), height, and length. I now am looking forward to this park and I'm sorry for jumping on the BS wagon.
  10. Galaxi at Palace Playland, its not great but its very fun! After my first time riding it.
  11. Seriously, do you think that a launch coaster thats 300ft tall and going for the worlds longest coaster realistic? That is BS. Heck, it would cost as much as the park if that is true. Also, there is no RCDB page on it. Fianlly, can we see the news paper artical please? I'm not saying that its 100% not going to happen, but I highly doubt it will come to be.
  12. I call BS on that. Heck, only disney can do all of that. definetly just a rumor.
  13. Lol, people still call me apollo. Here are new facts: Travels on a fair circut in Scandinavia and Ireland Has a loop Has an ugly pool in the center of it.
  14. Wow! That place is more ghetto than Yorks ! I don't get the point of abandoned parks as well, they have just no point to them. Now that the park is abandoned, we can say good bye to the Mouse and it looks horrible as well. Finally, whats the point of those cars, are they abandoned as well ?!?
  15. Gosh! Thats SIam park in Thailand And there both from a park in brunei by the way. Isn't that cool? LOL! You Aussie @$$hole . I'm such a Dumbass. Oh well, glad to see you back on the forums Lincow. I hope the slides are done so that we can see the layouts of the non completed slides.
  16. Its going to snow tomarrow, thanks Cameron.
  17. The Bush Beast is correct, too bad it golt demolished, even if it was crap. LOVE SFKKs turn
  18. NOPE! Here's the hint: It closed forever the same day the park closed forever.
  19. ^You already guessed that. Still no one has answered the coaster that I'm thinking of. I'm about 2 guesses away from giving another clue.
  20. "I know that Barry is going to post this in the caption game, so I made this retarted reaction from winning an arcade game!"
  21. They shoud rename it "Hellywood Death: The Ride" . They should make a tunnel of else we will die a dreaming death (hey Austin, do you think you'll like this ride?)! They should really build a tunnel or else we will crash into the building and go to hell.
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