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  1. LOL, I actually thought that was going to happen to me first!
  2. I got busted 5 days after I joined this website! Luckily, I didn't get thrown in jail and my parents never found out! I didn't go to the police station, so that explains it.. Also, I'm in love with Wonderland Sydney, RIP.
  3. Eww no! Is SFFTs new roller coaster a spinner?
  4. I'M IN LOVE WITH A DEAD PARK! RIP Wonderland Sydney, I never got to visit you, but I will always remember you .
  5. Make Canobie Corkscrew smoother. Have VFB not like Vekomas, oh he's not a ride. Well make Vekomas smoother. Make Galaxi at Palace Playland not ghetto.
  6. Ok, COOL! I get to stay up late! Dallas, you are the best!
  7. Well this was on Wednesday, but I did 45 situps in gym class in one minute! Not impressive, but keep in mind that I suck at sports. Also, I got 8:25 on my mile and my friend (Timo) got 9:11 on his time My report card grades: English: B+ Geography: A! Math: B- Science: B Spanish: C+ (I suck at spanish) Art: A- PE: A Music: b
  8. Happy birthday Allen! I hope you have a great birthday because you're a great guy!
  9. When is it! I have never seen a meteor shower in my life, so what time is it on the east coast?
  10. I don't think it will be themed, but will be a great ride still! Knowing CF, it won't be themed. I like the concept, but it might not be that good. Heck, I think it will be named Trash Can: The Ride if it will be themed!
  11. Nice opening day photos of DLP. Its always cool to see retro photos and photos oif what looked like a wet but wonderful day at DLP. THe park looked good on its opening day! I think that's very rare!
  12. Apple Tina Anna Tara Heide (definetly ) Sarah
  13. This ride is looking pretty good, but I don't think its going to be great. I think it will lack airtime, but still be very fun!
  14. That is going up faster than what I can type! I hope this turns out to be good!
  15. Here are my confermed data: 1. At least 2 major parks: one of them must be out of area (father than New York City). 2. Four trips to Canobie. 3. 1 trip to Funtown Maine. 4. Two fairs 5. At least 1 TPR meet up in the area (if possible).
  16. ^No mean to argue, but it the rules. The rules say that the person who gets it correct goes next not a random "out of the blue" person. I actualy think that those people who randomly post are "spaming" but most would disagree. if easytoremember doesn't post tomarrow, someone can go.
  17. ^IT WASN'T YOUR TURN! It was easytoremember's turn! If he hasn't done one for a few day, you can post!
  18. This just has to be the biggest rip-off ever! If anything, why a circus? I'd rather have a spinner than this. -Stephen "Six Flags, Snyder and Sharpio all suck"
  19. I WANT TO BE A ROLLER COASTER! Really though, I want to be a tour guide, a photographer, or a theme park owner! I want to build Irelands first theme park! As long as its not ghetto (all of the Ireland parks are except for Funtasia), it would be perfect! Oh yeah, make sure it has one good coaster (even an SLC would do).
  20. Isn't Hansa Park near Heide Park? If so, then you might be able to go there! Hansa Park looks fun, especially the people eating coaster!
  21. Hooray for haunted Geboldi parks! Gotta love that amazingly safe Dive Machine!
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