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  1. I don't know if I said this but here's my list: Yankee Cannonball with heavy floater air with even some ejector! LNM: Great Ejector air on the first drop! Apollo's Chariot: Lots of floater air Canobie Corkscrew: good floater airtime on the first drop Thunderbolt: Double down airtime!
  2. ^ BTRs don't have roll overs. Is It a pinfari invert? Tsunami? Bat?
  3. Hell yes! Did you have a cheese pizza ever?
  4. NONE! How many times have you been kicked out of a park?
  5. My solution is going skiing, snowboarding, sleding, and finally, going to Ireland to get my coaster fix. Three new credits!
  6. Updated list: 1. Escape From Pompeii 2. Canobie's Log Flume 3. Blizzard River @ SFNE 4. Timbersplash 5. Boston Tea Party- was painful in September.
  7. Here is a new one! Defunct offically died on a pier Was once at Cedar Point (no cheating)
  8. Here is my trip list (not all are comfermed). April: Six FLags Fiesta Texas or Parque Warner. If I do SFFT, then I'll meet up with Austin (Beate's Freak) and David (cp101). If I do Parque Warner, It'll be my first international park (yes, yes, I'm going to a fair this deciember, but that doesn't count) but no meet ups (unless if I'm really lucky). Summer: Funtown/Splashtown for credits. Also, I might have a possible meet up with Dave. If I'm lucky, then I can go to an international Park when I'm in Ireland next summer (hopefully BPB). Fall: I'm hoping for a park that I never visited for my birthday, but that might now happen. Canobie Lake: Have to go there a least three times. Most likely Opening, closing, and random date in the summer.
  9. Looking good so far, but King Authors Royal Twister, WTF! What does king Author have to do with Pennsylvannia.
  10. ^Well, at least Bobbejaaland has some theming, and I hope they don't get rid of the theming
  11. That reminded me of Cop Car Chase. Glad you recreated the idea but RIP Cop Car Chase.
  12. Damn. PW looks way better that PdA and I have a planed trip (not confermed) trip to Madrid this upcoming spring and that company might ruin PW. The theming looks amazing and they might take it all away .
  13. When someone on a telephone asks for your location, you say "Yo moma's house" and listen to there reaction. I know not really a joke but still.
  14. Today when I woke up, I couldn't move anything in my body except my eyes. I couldn't even talk, lol. Then I went to sleep for another 3 hours.
  15. Rocky Falls is actually pretty big and looks fun! I like your park so far, keep up the good work.
  16. I learned that my science Teacher is mean and boring! making the best teacher ever! Also, I learned that Geography is the easiest thing on earth!
  17. Nice Park! Rodeo looks like what a wooden twister should be! Also, Rocky falls with a 130ft drop! Thats a record breaker!
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