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  1. It just has to be Yankee Cannonball, I didn't expect the amount of airtime on it! I looked at it and my friend who has rode it twice said its has great airtime. Since he only rode 7 coasters before, I didn't believe him. Once the ride was over, I was shocked by the airtime and how some of the hills were ejector!
  2. Umm, they removed it because they were having technicle difficultys. They are replacing it with a Huss Frisbee so everythings good.
  3. Anything from Freedom Call. Its just so WTF! Its like Medevil rock or some little kid songs! I hate them!
  4. Actually, my year is not over yet. On the day after Christmas when I'm in Dublin, I'm going to Irelands biggest fair! It will cantain at least 3 credits and it has many flats including a Star Flyer and a Frisbee! Well here are my other stats as of now: Parks visited(Including a fair): 4 Park visits (including fair): 8 Park visits per park: Busch Gardens (3), Canobie Lake (2), a fair (2), and Palace Playland (1) Coasters ridden: 8 (all are costers I havn't ridden before) inversion count: 4 Highlights: Apollo's Chariot as my enthusiast starter! Loch Ness Monster as my first looper, Yankee Cannonball being now my favorite coaster!
  5. WTF? zero. How many devils have you seen in your life?
  6. ^^ LMAO! ^LMAO as well! too bad I don't have any other storys with prank calling or anything else funny .
  7. Lol, I'm going to ride that the day after Christmas, at what is supossed to be that very same fair in Dublin.
  8. I like thunder and lightning, unless if it gets within 1' of me!
  9. ^LOL! Here's my story: I was at my town libray and my friend and I decided to do some prank calling. I started by dialling 411. Even though the phone was a pay phone, if you dial 411, its free and will bring you to an operator. I started. The operator said " State your city and state please" and I said "Boston". She asked what did I want but then I hung up because i didn't know what to say, so I hung up. My friend then dialed and when the operator asked where he was, he said "Liverpool England". Then came on the beeping. He said "I'm not doing it again" but I bribed him to do it again. My freind then dialed. WHen the phone guy asked for location, he said "Manchester Engalnd" then the oprator said "prank caller and he sail "WTF, I'm going to kill you!" Then He dials once more and the operator says "The police are coming". he said "No they arn't" and then came on the beeping. When I asked about it, he said " He said the cops were coming". I then laughed but then at that very second, we heard sirens and I shouted "OMFG!" We then went upstairs and pretended to do homework, but that's when my mom came to pick me up, close call. Right when my mom turned out of the parking lot, the cops come right in, VERY close call!
  10. This just has to be the best update. Now I figured it out! The coaster goes into the courthouse and they die!
  11. about 50. How many random TPR members have you met?
  12. Nice Photos! I wish I could have made it *sigh*. Maybe next year at Canobie Lake, Funtown, and maybe SFNE would be cool next year, but not this year.
  13. Being on a Galaxi myself before, It looks very accuarate for a recreation! I like the park a lot!
  14. Ahh, good memories of ridiong Apollo's Chariot, LNM, and BBW. Maybe not BBW but nice PTR anyways!
  15. LOL, Deep Vally on Screamscape. Well I can't wait until tomarrow but i didn't like the Plane Crash for some reason.
  16. My oldest is now Yankee Cannonball, and its at the top of my list !
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