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  1. I know that the ride they removed was White Water Landing, a log flume. We all know by now that it will be a coaster so it will not have the same loading platform and it will not have the same queue building.
  2. That's good news ! After the grim news about 7 Picos being scrapped and Williams Grove closing, a Wildcat was saved from the worst and was brought by another park. Thanks Adventure Park USA for saving a coaster thats numbers are dwindling !
  3. Its never the design of the track or supports that make the coaster ugly. Its the paint. I've never seen an ugly coastr in real life, but the Lincoln Park Comet looks ugly because its rotting. I WISH THAT ALL PARK WERE KEPT ALIVE!
  4. If only I lived in Utah with my friend who moved their last summer. I just hope that it is a good coaster, whatever Lagoon is getting for 2007.
  5. I think that Gravity Group will make a overbanked turn on a woodie by 2010!
  6. Last coaster: Loch Ness Monster on April, 17. Last credit: Big Bad Wolf on April, 17. Both in BGE. ARROW RULES!
  7. Son of Beast's loop looks weird, cool but weird.
  8. Hi. I am apollo210. I have only ridden 5 coaster, so most would say i am not an coaster freak. My favorite coasters are Apollo's Chariot and Loch Ness monster. The other coasters I rode are Thunderbolt at SFNE, Polar Coaster at Story Land, and Big Bad Wolf. I havn'tdecided a homepark yet, but i am a proud coaster freak!
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