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  1. Zipper = Death Trap Most fairs/carnivals that i've been to that had a Zipper looked old, rusty, and dangerous. That's one credit I won't be getting, EVAAR!
  2. My fiance and I went to US/IOA during Spring Break '05 then we went to Cedar Point in August '05.... We're going back to Cedar Point in less than a month. If you like coasters, then you'll have a lot more fun at Cedar Point. It all depends on your tastes, but I could care less about theming, as theming doesn't make the ride. You can have all the theming in the world and the ride ends up being awful. Dr. Dooms Fear Fall comes to mind. Power Tower is a much better ride, with pretty much no theming at all. Dueling Dragons was nice, we loved Spiderman, and the Hulk was a great ride, but in Ohio, you can hit up Geauga Lake as well as Cedar Point, as they are in close driving distance of each other for the ultimate coaster experience. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying IOA isn't worth the trip, I just think that Cedar Point is more bang for the buck. Those tickets aren't cheap in Florida. We paid $150ish for tickets for 2 1 day park hoppers, which Cedar Point tickets at the time were $45 each. Oh yea, and Cedar Point's food was better, BY FAR IMO.
  3. I was at SFOG 2 weeks ago. There was a really bad thundstorm in the area so we sat in the car for 2 hours. Then the rain stopped, and the park was dead. I got all credits, except Deja Vu Goliath was grrrrreat. It's my first B&M hyper and it was a great experience. Although it's too quiet. It doesn't have that B&M roar.
  4. As it stands, i'm going on the 8th. I'll be leaving South Carolina at about 2AM and plan on arriving at about 12PM that day. If anything changes, i'll let you guys know. Last year I missed Mean Streak, Blue Streak, Iron Dragon, Corkscrew, & Avalanche Run. I got all the others (TTD, MF, Raptor, etc.) Hopefully, this time I can get them all.
  5. CedarPoint.com says to visit on either sunday, tuesday, wednesday, or thursday. Last year, we visited on August 8, which was a thursday, and it was very crowded, so I missed a few credits. August 7 is a Monday, so does anyone know whether it's usually crowded on Mondays? Another question - is anyone planning on going on any of these days, if so, please post because it'd be nice to have someone to ride with occasionally, as my fiance doesn't plan on getting on anything
  6. The B&M roar is as nice as a American V8. Pure classic sound that never gets old.
  7. I hit Cedar Point last year on a Thursday in early August, and the most I waited for a ride was 1 hour for Mill Force & Dragster. Dragster would have been quicker if it weren't closed for half the day. This year, I may go on a Sunday because i've heard that the crowds can be considerably lower. It's trial and error when you're not a local resident. They usually know for sure what days to go and when not to go.
  8. I'm ol' skool, so here's my favorite: I'd love to see one of these in a permanent amusement park. A Starship with a throwback look, but 21st Century feel. Maybe Intamin can build us one
  9. If I were Cedar Fair, the first Paramount Park i'd take a serious look at is Carowinds in Charlotte, NC. This park has an aging coaster collection that needs serious refurbishing/replacement. Cyclone isn't exciting and is aging horribly and the 13 year old Hurler is a headbanging nightmare, and it's been that way for quite a while. The park itself is getting to be very boring. Get there, ride Top Gun, ride the Borg, Thunder road, then leave. I'm not saying build a 300ft Gigacoaster, but some nice flats would be nice and maybe a coaster down the road providing that the park is turning a profit.
  10. My vote goes to Volcano, which isn't listed. No one said it had to be a hydralic launch coaster I took a ride on dragster in August '05, and although it was fast, it was over and done in less than 20 seconds. I prefer a layout over a 20 second thrill any day of the week.
  11. I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in years (Since the Corkscrew was in place), but I gotta disagree about the Hurler, that thing "HURTS". It wasn't as bad back in the mid 90's when it was built, but i've been to PC for the past few seasons, and everytime i've ridden it, i've had a headache for at least an hour. I don't think i'm going back to Carowinds for a while. They need a new coaster, preferably a hyper. Maybe Arrow can cook them up a Magnum type coaster for under $10 million.
  12. Top Gun @ Paramounts Carowinds: One of the best inverted coasters, ever. Magnum XL-200: I personally think it's underrated, but that's probably because it's not in its prime anymore. 15 years later, it's still one helluva ride. Volcano @ Paramount's King's Dominion: Like Top gun, one of the best inverted coasters. For some reason, Paramount Park Coasters don't get the respect they deserve. But that's probably b/c they don't build tall record breakers or speed demons like other chains.
  13. Magnum XL-200 got to me a bit when I visited CP this summer, and I had already rode MF earlier that morning. MF had me a bit scared. That's some hill at 300ft, and the elevator lift brings that train up that hill rather quickly.
  14. I think my roars sound more like Intamin. If it's Taco Bell, it may sound like Superman: The Escape
  15. ^ lol, there are none. I don't like drop towers. I haven't ridden one in over a year. I avoided Power Tower at Cedar Point, and I drove 9 hours to get there. Did everything else, except for Power Tower and Demon Drop. I was kinda scared to ride TTD, but once I got on, I wasn't scared anymore, as I was so excited to be launched to 120 MPH.
  16. 1: A flying coaster does not have to be built by B&M, I'd bet my cat that Intamin either have, or are working on a design for a flying coaster of sort's, maybe not like B&M's, but still a flyer. 2: Not true, a vertical lift could well be possible, and a modified cable lift could be used, MF get's to 310 feet in a space roughly two third's the space of a "normal" lift hill, so five hundred feet could be done, not impossible. 3: See above, vertical lift / cable lift = less space. 4: Again, not set in concrete, who say's the ride would have a single drop of 500 feet? It does'nt have to get all that way down in one go, it could drop in "sections", true, it would make the ride far less spectacular, but that's a possibility. The posisiton would also not affect thing's big time, infact, posistion affect's thing's a piddly amount compared to the track, tight corner's, drop's and twist's create high g forces, not lying down. Another thing you seem to be missing here is COST, that thing would cost million's of dollar's, I doubt the park would be able to pull enough punter's in to fund a ride of that proportion, it simply is'nt financially viable. Rubbish me say's! I assume you mean S&S Arrow? Ad themselve's no longer exist, they collapsed during the construction of X at SFMM over a legal battle with the firm, then S&S picked up the pieces ...... and those yummy 4D designs! You assume correctly. I'm "well" aware that S&S bought Arrow Dynamics after the high development costs of X and the law suit from SF.
  17. I'd like to see CP let Arrow Dynamics build them another coaster. Doesn't have to be a huge coaster, just something unique.
  18. Not to mention that it would cost more than $50 million dollars...
  19. I am also trying to pick a park to visit for next spring/summer '06. I visited CP this past summer and had a great time, and since I rode everything there (save Mean Streak), there's no need for me to visit again until a new coaster pops up. I'm thinking about SFGAdv and maybe hit up PKD while i'm on the way. I would go back to Florida, but I need my roller coaster fix.
  20. ^I agree 100% SpartanTS gave an unbiased opinion yet has a CP avatar hanging in the background I just find that funny Anways I'll take SFGADv over both of them, but since this topic is about CP vs. SFMM I'll take SFMM FYI, and not that anyone would know... I had that avatar "BEFORE" I visited Cedar Point. My first visit was this past August 11-12. Not that it matters, but I just had to put that out there. BTW, I DO NOT live close to either park now. I'm a 4 hour flight away from SFMM and 8 hour drive away from CP. I once lived near SFMM, and I can say that from visiting CP once, it is the better park. Clearly this is subjective, but if you visited CP and SFMM back to back, you can make your own decision.
  21. Exactly. Combine that with World Class rides, great food, great atmosphere, and you've got yourself a #1 park. Cedar Point is as close to a "state fair, if you will" as you're gonna get. It's the true meaning of an "AMUSEMENT PARK" - A permanemt state fair, complete with a ferris wheel And no SBNO rides
  22. A thread for fanboys Here's an honest, unbiased opinion. I've been to both parks: I used to live in California, and i've visited SFMM a couple of times. It's a great park, but if we're comparing overall which park is better, Cedar Point wins this one. It's not only about coasters/rides. Cedar Point has a better atmosphere overall. It's cleaner, it has great coasters/rides, and although this may be subjective, the food was a helluva lot better than SFMM. SFMM has a roller coaster SBNO, and honestly, that's not exactly something a #1 park would have.
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