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  1. The longest for me as of recently was from August 2005 (TTD) to April 2006 (Goliath at SFOG). That was a pretty long drought, but both rides were a great way to end and start a season for me.
  2. I wouldn't wait longer than 30 minutes for TTD personally. I rode it for the first time last year and it was one helluva rush, and worth the 1 hour wait. I rode it again this year and waited an hour, and wasn't too happy about the wait. So with that being said, for the first time, it's worth the wait. Otherwise, no.
  3. Volcano tops my list, followed by Raptor, then Dueling Dragons.
  4. Philly Tobbogan seats are the most comfortable seats out there hands down. Too bad they don't do big woodies anymore.
  5. I wish S&S would build an air powered impulse coaster. Suspended trains would give it some great swinging action up twisted vertical towers. Anyway, if S&S can build some 150ft loopers for under $10 million, they'll have some buyers. To put things in perspective, Goliath at SFOG cost $23 million, TTD & MF cost $25 million. I'm sure S&S can low ball a little ($13-15 million) and still make a decent profit.
  6. I love Magnum XL-200. There's just something about it. It just seemed like everytime I came off an airtime hill, it got really rough. The first drop was smooth as glass though.
  7. As usual, we took our annual trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, and it was business as usual. Great food, great atmosphere, clean and tidy, and of course the rides… First stop - Millennium Force: Millennium Force was as forceful as she was last year. That lift pulls you up faster than you can think about the 300ft drop, which was awesome. However, it seemed a bit rougher than last year. It’s not nearly as smooth as it once was, and it’s only 6 years old. I’ll come back to that, but moving on… Second stop - Top Thrill Dragster: Wait time was about an hour including the 20 second blast 420ft up and back down. The launch was FORCEFUL, as it was last year when I rode this beast. However, it seemed a bit rough also, and it’s 3 years old. And besides the launch and the height, there’s nothing special about this ride. It took me 2 times to ride this and figure it out. And maybe it’s just me, but there is absolutely no airtime AT ALL! I’d rather have a launched 300ft coaster with a layout. That is one cool guy down there...standing next to one cool landmark. Third Stop - Magnum XL-200: Yes it’s a little rough, but not unbearable. This is a true airtime machine. Out of everything I rode all that day, I can say that I enjoyed Maggie the most. Fourth Stop - Raptor: Raptor is my favorite B&M invert, hands down, and it’s 12 years old. And, it’s a lot smoother than the Intamin’s I rode earlier in the day. I think B&M coasters will stand the test of time. This ride creates some crowds. I waited nearly an hour to ride. Makes me wonder why Cedar Point hasn’t done business with B&M since 1996 with Mantis. Right now, I’d take a B&M over anything(almost) that Intamin has to offer. Fifth Stop - Gemini: This coaster never gets old. There was actually some variety in the blue and red trains winning and losing. Red did get stuck before I got on, but all was well with both trains during my ride. Again, great airtime. Sixth Stop - Corkscrew: I didn’t get to ride Corky last year, so I decided to give it a whirl. It wasn’t a bad ride. It wasn’t great, but I can see why people were excited about it in the 80’s. It gives a wee-bit of airtime, but it’s short as hell. Seventh Stop - Blue Streak: For a 42 year old coaster, it’s in great condition. It had some decent air, and with a 10 minute wait, it was worth it. Eighth Stop: Wicked Twister - As short as this ride is, it always delivers. 30 minute wait, but it was worth it. Smooth as glass too, unlike MF and TTD. I’m sure power is the main reason why parks don’t want to buy them. I wonder if S&S can cook up an air powered impulse coaster. Hope you’re listening… Ninth Stop: Skyhawk - This is one screaming swing. I love the way you can hear the compressed air swish and swoosh. Doesn’t seem like 125ft when you’re on the ground looking at it, but when you get up there, it’s pretty high for a flat ride. Another great addition to the park. Random pics... Soon enough, we'll know all the details... She has the competitive drive, so she won the balls. I just paid for it all The park was rather crowded, so I didn’t get a chance to ride Mantis, but I’m sure nothing has changed. I don’t remember whether it had those trims on the drop last year though. I’m sure that ruins some of it for me. And I don’t like G-forces pressing against my family jewels, so I decided to pass. I’m kinda upset that I didn’t get a chance to do Mean Streak. It looks like a great woodie with a nice layout. Next year when I ride Maverick, I’ll be sure to ride it.
  8. Wood would top my list if they were as smooth as their steel counterparts because i'm a sucker for airtime. However, the last wooden coaster i've ridden lately (GASM @ SFOG, and Hurler at Carowinds) both left me with a severe headache and body aches. Steel gets my vote.
  9. I love airtime, and i've never found it to be torture. All time favorite ride for airtime = Magnum XL-200 without a doubt.
  10. HRP doesn't have me convinced yet, but i'm sure if they provide some great thrills, Carowinds can expect their attendance to take a hit where it hurts. I'm just a bit tired of the same old shit from Carowinds. Same thing, different day. They are indeed the Toyota Camry of theme parks. Do everything right to satisfy the everyday person, but lacks to please an enthusiast. But, they're not catering to that crowd, and from a business perspective, I can understand that. They're in the business to make money, not build coasters for people who like to ride them.
  11. What's wrong with high expectations? And there's a big difference between someone thinking that I have high expectations and me recognizing mediocrity. Understood? LMAO, you're mad because they relocated those flyers? I'm not sure I can understand the attachment, but you can have them back.
  12. ^ It sucks getting hit by bugs on MF. However I can catch bugs with my tongue while riding Iron Dragon.
  13. I'll be more clear. There's nothing in Carwinds that excites me from an enthusiast point of view, since apparently we're not on the same page. Carowinds is a park with a few (3) decent coasters, nothing more. The flat's aren't that great, but it's a great family park and is marketed as such. This is very noticable from the radio commercials, which use a family marketing approach. I can see the crowd they're after, and I doubt Cedar Fair will change that, as Carowinds is profitable just the way they are. However, I think that a larger coaster collection would give the park an even better regional presence.
  14. Carowinds could use a new coaster. Besides Top Gun, Borg, and Thunder Road, there's nothing to do in that park. Sure a hyper wouldn't give a lot more, but maybe it could help boost attendance and generate revenue for more rides to come. You gotta start somewhere. Vortex = teh Poo Cyclone = boring Hurler = headache I live 60 miles away from Carowinds, and i'll drive 1hr and 45 minutes to go to Six Flags instead so I can at least ride a variety of good coasters.
  15. If SFMM and SFGAdv aren't on the list, i'm starting to think that they're not all that profitable, or they've been in the red for a while now. They should let the original owner of Magic Mountain buy it back for the $250k he sold it for.
  16. That would suck. I hate waiting after the brake run on S:UF, and that's only for 2 minutes.
  17. Raze Mean Streak and PRESTO! More room for another coaster.
  18. At 14, you can't have fun at City Walk anyway. I swear, some threads, some posters, some people
  19. No trip to SFOG is complete without a ride on Goliath. It's such a great ride. The smoothest and most quiet B&M i've ever ridden. I went a few weeks back and it was great. I wanted to ride Deja Vu, but it was closed, as usual. BTW my ride on GASM sucked. I got beat up pretty bad and had to take a break for a while.
  20. I'm going Tuesday August 8th. It better not be crowded. Last year I went on a Wednesday, and waited 1.25 hours for MF and 1/2 for Dragster. Magnum was 20 minutes, as the line was moving quickly. Raptor was 20 minutes. Wicked Twister 20 minutes. Gemini was about 15 minutes.
  21. Cobra Roll. I don't like corkscrews, especially slow ones. Carolina Cyclone comes to mind
  22. IOA could use another coaster. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt. They defintely could use another drop tower. DDFF sUX0rs.
  23. Few of you mentioned the Hurler (all of them), which is the roughest i've been on in a while. GASM at SFOG was pretty bad. Ninja at SFOG wasn't that bad when I rode it a few weeks ago, in the rain. Although this is a little OT, but the Mindbender at SFOG is surprising smooth to be nearly 30 years old.
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