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  1. I live 20 minutes away, and I haven't been yet. I'll get there eventually before the season is over. It's not like I haven't been on every coaster there at least 10 times... Nice TR
  2. Mantis, without the trim on the drop. That is one forceful beast.
  3. Carowinds just need to add a few flats and a hyper we've been dying to have for the past few years. Other than that, it's a great park. Not the best, but surely not the worst. I'm moving to Charlotte, NC this weekend. I guess I'll become a season passholder now
  4. MF sucks. After that amazing first drop, the rest is mediocre, at best.
  5. Animals (BGW, Animal Kingdom) Watching shows Eating, if the food is good Taking pictures
  6. I'm an SC native, and I can tell you that traffic will be a major problem. They can't get Interstate Access to Myrtle Beach fast enough...
  7. I'd rather have a King of the Hill Theme Park Peggy Land - The Substituter: Vekoma Kiddie Coaster Hank's Land - S&S Screamin Swing with the air tanks modeled after propane tanks. A comedy show based on Bobby's dry jokes. A mine train themed after a trailer park. Finally... A floorless coaster for Cotton Hill. Just to piss him off because he has no shins I'm building this park in Texas.
  8. Strongest LIM Launch - Volcano Strongest Launch - TTD by a mile.
  9. Vekoma. I've ridden Borg and S:UF. S:UF is boring & forceless. Borg shows some force from the first drop to the very end.
  10. Just moved to Sandusky. how lucky are you... I thought about applying for jobs in the Cleveland area just so I could be closer. The wife said no
  11. Busch Gardens Africa - Done as of March 15th. MGM Studios - Done as of March 14th Animal Kingdom - Done as of March 14th Six Flags Over Georgia Carowinds Cedar Point Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Europe I'll have them all complete by Mid August.
  12. I wish my home park would get a hyper I hate having to drive all the way to Atlanta for my 200ft airtime fix.
  13. After riding Sheikra, I'm convinced that Dive Machines have a problem similar to TTD, having an interesting layout after the first drop. Sheikra's first drop was amazing, however the rest of the ride was alright, not great.
  14. I wish I would have known you were there. I was there Wednesday also. Sheikra was about a 30 min wait, but everything else was pretty much a walk on. Great Weather too, and I even got a picture with that huge rabbit
  15. We knew it was coming eventually. It wasn't exactly anything special, that's for sure.
  16. We'll be there from the 10th - 16th. I bought 2 One Day Park Hopper's for $180. That's the best price I could find. We'll probably hit up the best parks with the park hoppers, and buy seperate tickets for the second day. Haven't gotten the BGA tickets yet.
  17. I'm thinking 2 days at Disney, 1 day at BGA, and possibly a day at Universal Studios/IOA.
  18. Either i'm having a hard finding a good price for Disney Word Park hopper tickets, or they're just that expensive. Anyone wanna help me find the best deal before March 1 when we leave?
  19. That domain name sucks. They should use www.weuseairtomakebadassrides.com
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