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  1. SFMM will probably be the only one that continues to run. The others will be used for parts probably. Every time I went to SFOG, Deja Vu was never running. It only makes sense to remove the multi-million dollar paper weight and put in a new kids area.
  2. I don't think i'll ever get a Deja Vu credit because they're taking the SFOG Deja Vu down also, which is the closest clone to me...
  3. Carowinds is my home park also, and I'll have to say that while Thunder Road does hold a special place in my heart also, my vote goes to Top Gun. It's one of the best B&M inverts in the US, and it's almost 10 years old now. 1. Top Gun 2 Borg 3. Thunder Road After that, there's not much of a reason do anything else at Carowinds, which is why I haven't been this season. After going to Busch Gardens, Disney Parks, and Cedar Point this year, Carowinds took a spot on the backburner until they get a new coaster or a decent flat ride.
  4. Aren't birds animals too? The seagulls at Cedar Point are very annoying. They remind me of the "Mine mine mine mine" birds from Finding Nemo. I swear I thought they were just gonna swoop down and have a few fries.
  5. We sure didn't miss that you said that three times From the GP's POV, that list is pretty accurate.
  6. Well it sucks that my home park didn't get it. I guess with HRP opening up, I doubt a new coaster would have stolen any thunder from HRP anyway. Well, there's always 2009. I'm a little tired of used coasters anyway.
  7. Is moving wood even possible? I'm not sure it'd be worth the effort
  8. 1. Top Gun @ Carowinds 2. Montu @ BGA 3. Raptor @ CP 4. Ice Dragon @ IOA 5. Batman clones
  9. I wouldn't go that far to say that MF's drop is forceless, because if you have your hands up you nearly blackout on that overbanked turn right after the drop. But TTD doesn't give me that feeling at all, not even a little bit. I feel like I'm going to fall out on the downward spiral, but that "gut movin" feeling isn't there. Now for my rankings... 1. Drop Towers - particularly Intamin 2nd Gen Free Fall Towers 2. Sheikra - WOW, just...WOW. A very close second. 3. Magnum XL-200 - back seat. Gotta love being whipped over that hill and pulled down that 200 ft drop.
  10. Pretty interesting article, but it was a business decision to close GL. This is the same type of uproar we got down here when the Pavilion at Myrtle Beach closed. The locals will get over it.
  11. Well, us Carowindians got a flyer in the mail in 2004. We'd like to let you know that you can have it back. We'll mail it back to you the same way you sent it to us. We'll happily take Dominator and put it in its place. Sincerely, Carowinds- Home of the used vekoma flyer.
  12. Carowinds calls dibs on Dominator. We have more than enough room for it, and we like used coasters. We have HRP and SFOG to compete with, so it's only fair that we get to have Dominator
  13. I've never ridden it, but after looking at the POV on Youtube, that helix looks dangerous It seems a bit short, and it reminds me more of a wooden twister. Could definately use another airtime hill. Other than that, it can't be that bad.
  14. Yup, game over. This thread can be closed now, lol. Nothin is gonna top that.
  15. We've seen hypers pop up all across the country since 2000, but not once have we seen another 300 ft complete circuit airtime machine such as MF and SD2k. I know they're expensive, but most hypers are in the $20 million range. MF was $25 million. What gives?
  16. I live 20 mins away from Carowinds and I haven't been at all this summer. However I managed to drive 500 miles to spend two days at Cedar Point. Other than Top Gun, I have no reason to go to Carowinds at all until they purchase a steel airtime monster. We should all stop going to the park and when they see the attendance dip, maybe they'll catch a hint and install a hyper.
  17. I plan on going tomorrow since it'll be sunny all day, but it's also a saturday and i'm sure the lines are going to be hell. On Sunday and Monday, it's going to rain. 60% & 40% respectively. Well, if you are me, what do you do? Me and my fiance were planning on using one ticket each day and go a total of two days and try to ride everything, but now that's probably gonna get cut to one day and now I have tickets that I may not be able to use...
  18. almighty, that's a very good point. I can think of many instances when a coaster train had multiple empty seats, and yet the train leaves.
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