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  1. Ha, you aren't even old enough to remember that. Magnum XL-200 is one of those great coasters that isn't mentioned that often anymore. It's a great coaster, one of the better coasters in the world, but as soon as something "bigger" comes along, it gets overshadowed.
  2. lol, you beat me to it. "Magnum XL-200 - The ultimate in pleasure"
  3. Steel: 1. Mill Force - Cedar Point 2. Magnum XL-200 - Cedar Point 3. Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 4. Top Gun - Paramounts Carowinds 5. Raptor - Cedar Point 6. Riddler's Revenge - Six Flags Magic Mountain 7. Volcano The Blast Coaster - Paramount's Kings Dominion 8. Incredible Hulk Coaster - Islands of Adventure 9. Georgia Scorcher - Six Flags over Georiga 10. Mantis - Cedar Point I don't do many woodies, so here's my top 5 1. Thunder Road - Paramount's Carowinds 2. Great American Scream Machine - Six Flags over Georgia 3. Mean Streak - Cedar Point 4. Gemini - Cedar Point 5. Georgia Cyclone - Six Flags over Georgia
  4. It was only a matter of time before this would happen. Six Flags has too many parks to manage and they aren't making enough money. I'm not sure what the park count is, but apparently it's more than what they can handle. Sell some of the parks, keep the best parks you can, and start making a profit.
  5. Thunder Road backwards is one helluva ride. The drop does indeed feel a lot longer. Now MF at CP backwards, that drop would feel like you're falling into an endless pit. That's kinda how it felt in the normal direction anyway.
  6. TTD rolled back about 5 times when I was there about 2 weeks ago. It was during testing, so no one was on it. I wish I would have gotten a roll back. That would have been great to get a 2nd launch.
  7. I hope the angle of the drop is more than 60 degrees. It's rather pointless to have a 200ft coaster and the drop isn't all that "great". I guess i'll have to make a trip to SFOG next season.
  8. Actually on Friday, I expected it to be crazy and insanely busy, but there were hardly lines for anything. We rode Dragster and then Iron Dragon, and then Mantis was a complete walk on. Thank god because I would never wait more than a walk on for a stand up.. so I was happy. I agree with you though, Mantis is a death machine. I had a decent ride on it this time, I had just enough room that I could stand in a way to not feel so impotent after the ride. The sad thing is though, I hate stand ups, but I liked Mantis better than Raptor :shock: Maybe Raptor is only a front row coaster now. But yeah.. Friday.. WT had a 15 minute wait max, MAXAirs tiny queue wasnt full most of the time, MF and Dragster were an hour.. so it was a nice definately unexpected surprise to see the park that empty on a Friday. It did downpour for about 30 minutes and that cleared the park out even more. Eric I completely ignored Iron Dragon. I was waiting in line for Mantis and Iron Dragon looked like it was going about 35 MPH tops. Other than that, I did pretty much everything. Even got myselfz a 8 dollar MaXair Cup
  9. Just for Coasterlover420, this is a good example of how to show your opinion. He isn't telling anyone how stupid they are for not liking TTD. The main reason I dislike TTD is that it lasts 14 whatever seconds, and if you closed your eyes you would barely notice the hill, because theres no air (the stupid restraints are staple raped by the ops). 14 seconds is a bit understated, don't you think? And if you wait 2 hours in line to close your eyes, then what's the point of riding it? And what exactly do you mean by the restraints? Hell at least it doesn't have OTSR's.
  10. If you think that was bad, I rode TTD in heavy rain. It felt like getting shot by a million tiny paintballs close range. TTD was open in the rain? I thought they never opened TTD even if there was a drop of rain. I got to ride TTD last week, and it started to rain soon after. They shut it down. But back to the subj, Cedar Point will make you rather excited, especially if you're never been or don't go too often. I went for the first time last week and I was like a kid in a candy store. I did everything in one day. Leaving CP made me sad, but i'll be back same time next year! Well maybe earlier to avoid those August crowds. IOA doesn't excite me. It was "alright". It's no CP, that's for sure. Now I gotta get to Tampa so I can ride Sheikra.
  11. I was at Cedar Point Thursday August 11th. There was some overcast, but no rain, and I got to ride TTD! But I had to wait til about 6 PM to ride TTD because it was down most of the day. I was lucky enough to be the 3rd train once I was in line.
  12. I hear it gets pretty unreasonable at night, especially weekends. I'm dedicating an entire day to go, and it's a tuesday . As with any theme park or amusement park in this case, weekends can be hell. I'm sure Cedar Point is no exception.
  13. Threads like this should go ahead and die early. It won't go anywhere except into a really long circular argument. It's all purely subjective, and for the sake of the argument, there isn't much difference in the two rides, with all technical differences aside.
  14. It's not so much downtime as it is Kingda Ka had a horrific accident and requires major repairs. Michael"There's a bit of a difference"Thomas Umm....I'm well aware of that, but that doesn't excuse the fact that KK is down and TTD is not.
  15. It was open :shock: Last coaster I rode was the Borg at PC.
  16. I'm also planning a trip to CP in august. Quick question tho', how are the crowds on Sundays and Mondays at CP?
  17. I'm sure the Intamin fanboys are coming, but I surely beg to differ. B&M is my personal favorite. The Batman Clones Dueling Dragons (IOA) Apollo's Chariot (BGW) Mantis(CP) Sheikra(BGT) Top Gun (Paramounts Carowinds) - One of the best inverted coasters in the US Superman Ultimate Flight (SFxx) ...and that's just to name a few. Sure they may not make 500 ft Giga coasters, but they make coasters that will provide great thrills and smooth rides. B&M gets my vote.
  18. That was a pretty good video. That's the first video I've seen of Storm Runner. It looks so much smaller than TTD and KK, but looks like a much more complete ride.
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