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  1. What does it matter? A hyper inverted looping coaster is very possible, just to name an example.
  2. Millenium Force, Goliath (SFOG), Sheikra, S:ROS, & Magnum XL-200 300ft Diving Hyper Airtime Machine with an awesome layout. Built by Arrowolliger & Intabillard
  3. Yes all of the former Paramount parks will get their old names back. Cedar Fair has already posted the new logos on all of the old Paramount park sites. Carowinds site hasn't changed.
  4. I wonder if it would have been possible for them to retain the train with the floor, and only install one floorless train?
  5. The Frenzoid returns! It's not a bad ride, but it's not a great one either. And yes, it does hurt when it's holding you upside down with the blood rushing slowly to your head. As for the admission price, it should be $39.99 IMO. $44.99 is too much for Carowinds. This wasn't the news I was hoping for, but whatever. I'd be nice if they installed another coaster or a Huss Giant Frisbee at least. I'm sure Cedar Fair sees the potential in Carowinds, and hopefully they'll give its patrons what they want, and some.
  6. ^ What he said. After the first drop, MF gets very boring. The layout of SD2k looks a ton better than MF just from looking at the POV videos.
  7. As long as they don't take out the "R" and call it... I don't see the problem.
  8. bgwfreak, I'm right down I-85 in Spartanburg, SC and i'd be interested in going. Me and the misses have been to CP for 2 str8 summers and have had a blast each time. As far as travel, we drove both times. The first year in my 97 Cavalier with well over 100k miles and last year in my 02 Explorer with a little over 100k. Neither had a problem making the trip, so i'm up for driving.
  9. I'm from Columbia, SC and haven't been to the State Fair since '02, when the Schwarzkopf "Doppel Looping" was there. It was a pretty smooth ride for its age. It even had a new paint job that year. Too bad if it's not there. It was a must ride every year at the fair EDIT: North American Midway Entertainment did the fair this year, hence no Schwarzkopf coaster. Conkin was doing the SC State fair for as long as i've been born.
  10. 1. Goliath @ SFOG 2. Millienium Force @ CP 3. Raptor @ Cedar Point 4. Top Gun @ Carowinds 5. Magnum XL- 200 @ CP 6. Superman Ultimate Flight @ SFOG 7. Top Thrill Dragster @ CP 8. Dueling Dragons @ IOA 9. Batman @ SFOG 10. Gemini @ CP
  11. The South (excluding Florida) is really stepping it up when it comes to parks. We actually have some variety now. Dollywood - I never thought this park would become what it is today so quickly. Carowinds - Could use a little more thrill. A bit TOO family oriented. But they're profitable and successful. Six Flags - I believe they have 12 coasters now? Kings Dominion - They too have 12 or 13 coasters? One of the best combinations between family and thrill. Hard Rock Park - Soon to come... As for Ghost Town, we'll see what happens. I hope they can pull this off and be successful and profitable.
  12. I hope the Red Devil will be open. I never got a chance to ride it. If they wanted to generate some new hype, this would be a great time to call up S&S and have them build a Desperado/Magnum like hyper. Keep it around 10 million and it'll pay for itself soon enough. However, with Dollywood, SFOG, and Carowinds not too far away, I don't see Ghost Town surviving again unless they come out guns blazing this time.
  13. Batman: The Ride @ SFOG. That ride packs a surprisingly forceful ride the entire time. However, this can be said about quite a few B&M inverts. Mindbender @ SFOG - I think it'd be impossible to fall out of those loops with no restraints at all. Mantis @ CP - Not necessarily a good thing for us guys. All those positive G-forces isn't good for the family jewels.
  14. Someone post some pics of the old sign. You all know that admission is going to go up $20 to pay for that sign
  15. 1. Millenium Force - That drop seems never ending. 2. Goliath @ SFOG - B&M smoothness with tons of air 3. Magnum XL-200 - back seat. Whips you over the hill
  16. Wow, I just looked at the POV, and all I can say is wow. That blows MF out of the water, along with many other hyper/giga coasters.
  17. I used to live 30 miles outside of Fresno, I doubt you go to school with many Americans. Anyway, Huss'll be alright. Someone will gobble them up and we'll see giant frisbee's show up at parks next season.
  18. Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but they're letting the secret out in a week according to CP.com
  19. So who's going to take the responsiblity to update Wikipedia?
  20. That also depends on the seating. If i'm on a B&M invert that has a drop with a turn, i'll feel some airtime if i'm in the front seat.
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