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  1. umm...okay The concept is okay, but they just have to make sure they market correctly. I'd be nice to see some coasters with some ethnic names. If they named a coaster "Magic" and it was themed to Magic Johnson and the Lakers, that itself could even be a hit. anything's possible with the right amount of money and a large parcel of land. Apparently they have both, so with good management, it just may turn out nicely.
  2. The Hurler at Paramount's Carowinds. I rode it about 2 weeks ago, and it has to be at it's worst point in its 11 year history right now. Right was rough, rattled my head really bad and I had a headache for the rest of the day.
  3. Carowinds - 1 Hr SFOG - 2 Hrs I live in Spartanburg, South Carolina
  4. Although the guys putting the $ into this have a good amount of startup cash i'm sure, but I just hope they don't pull in the wrong crowd. They better make sure they price accordingly. I like the idea. Maybe they'll pull in BET and get some good marketing for the park if they can pull it off.
  5. I've decided to stay at Hotel Breakers Express to get the park early both days of my stay at the resort. The most important question I have is how crowded is CP on sundays and mondays in august? You guys' help is greatly appreciated
  6. King's Dominion gets my vote. They have a pretty good collection of coasters, if that's your preference.
  7. Park management as well as the coaster manufacturers apparently don't have safety/reliability as their number one priority. The park management wants the biggest and fastest coaster to give an increase in attendance, and the coaster manufacturers want the millions in profit. Either way, apparently money has been coming before safety/reliability. With that said, I don't think Intamin will be getting much business over the next 10 years if they don't improve their reliability issues. EDIT: Hell at this rate, they might as well put a big engine and tranny in thr front of these cars, and put a full time driver/operator on every launch coaster. It surely would fit the theming for TTD Problem Solved
  8. Another shuttle loop, i'm sure hardly anyone remembers this, if you're familiar with Carowinds, then you probably do: White Lightnin' Shuttle Loop. Defunct in 1988.
  9. Our third attraction will be: Viper from SFOG Shuttle Loop Quick fix for a launch coaster for our park of "extinct" rides
  10. Start over since the alphabet has been done once....do it again! Anaconda @ PKD
  11. Start over since the alphabet has been done once....do it again! Anaconda @ PKD
  12. Start over since the alphabet has been done once....do it again! Anaconda @ PKD
  13. Start over since the alphabet has been done once....do it again! Anaconda @ PKD
  14. That motorbike concept would be bad as Now I wonder how long it would take for them to make a Motorbike Stratacoaster that goes 150MPH and is 600 ft tall....hmm :?
  15. As stated before, apparently there was some type of condition that possibly triggered what happened to this child. The ride/experience is a good, and personally I don't see anything "Evil" about it. But, allowing a 4 year old to ride Mission Space wasn't a good idea. For rides that create a sensation of going into space, the child should be at least old enough for to attend space camp. I'm sure NASA wouldn't allow 4 year olds to come to a Space Camp. By the way, I'm sure the "Space Camp" comment sounds harsh, but it is in no way, shape or form meant to be a harsh comment. Just had to put that disclaimer in there
  16. THIS JUST IN, well not really. TTD had a malfunction yesterday (6/13/05). Apparently they have to get a part in from Intamin, so it may be a little while before it's operational again. Strata Coasters have horrific reliability issues. TTD better be up and running when I go to CP in August. EDIT: Just out of curiosity, does Superman:The Escape at SFMM use a different type of technology that TTD/KK? Superman seems to be functional pretty much all the time, and it reaches speed of 100MPH, although it has no top hat to climb over.
  17. Last coaster I rode was the Borg Assimilator Flying Coaster at Paramount's Carowinds. One of the better Vekoma Coasters
  18. Yep! Cedar Point is going to build a 1,000 ft Power Tower with a revolving TGI Friday's on top of it, and it's gonna approach speeds over 150 MPH!
  19. No, more like a Standup Inverted Wooden Launched Floorless Sitdown Looping Giga Strata coaster. That would be the sh*t. That would be umm...confusing ? I wouldn't mind if they would built a flying strata coaster. Now that would be cool. Top Thrill Flyer
  20. I'm going to SFOG in August. I'm about 2.5 hours away. lol, extremely unlikely is putting it likely. It should be up next season.
  21. knock on wood.... They have to be sure that the restraints could hold people of various weight types for a continuous period of time, but i'm sure it could be done. I'd think twice about riding it tho I'm sure that'll be done with a tower sooner or later. But if those restrains come loose, :shock:
  22. If you're sig's forcast stays correct for the next couple of years, I don't think anymore strata coasters should be built until the reliabilty issues are fixed. With that said, there doesn't need to be anymore TTD clones right now.
  23. That is very tragic, so say the least. I can't even imagine the pain that family is going through right now. I'm sure this will open the door to theme parks doing more extensive research on theme park rides and the effect they have on people, especially on youth. I personally think that there should be an age as well as height requirement for some rides. Although they may be tall enough, eveyone's body is different at certain ages. I'm sure Disney is doing all they can.
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