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  1. Anyone interested in join a small group for a private RIP tour of HHN on Thursday, September 29 at 6:30 pm? My wife and I have the tour booked, and we have two people that are joining us. We're looking for 2-6 more people to share the costs and the expertise of a private tour guide. This means you will get front of the line access to each house, as many times as we can do it!! This will be our fifth HHN. Two years ago, we did a public RIP tour, and had such a great experience, that we decided to up the ante with a private tour. The private tour starts about 6:30 and ends when the park closes. The private tour is limited to 10 people and gets front of the line to all houses all night. The details: * Private RIP tour booked for Thursday, September 29, 6:15 PM. * Tour guide will be with us until the park closes (1:00 AM) except for a 30-minute break. * We will create the touring plan with the tour guide. * Our plan is to tour each house at least twice. There are 2 casts for each house, and we'd like to see each one. We do not plan to use the tour guide for any rides (we can do that during the day...) * We will have VIP seating for Bill & Ted. * We will see the Scare Zones as time permits We are looking for a minimum of 2 more people to join us to make it worthwhile. With 6 people, the cost will be $355 per person. If we get the full 10 people, the costs drops to $213 per person. If we don't get at least 6 people, we will cancel the private tour. Please PM me with any questions. Look forward to meeting you. Steve in Philly
  2. Well, we went for the 4th, got there around 1:15 pm, and did buy a gold Q*Bot. Overall, the park wasn't too bad. We probably didn't NEED the Qbot, but it certainly helped. Most of the coaster lines were about 15 - 20 minutes. With Qbot, we had a 5 min virtual wait. The big savings were for the coasters we wanted to hit most. Kingda Ka, which apparently was down earlier, had a long wait. We got two rides on KK, and as expected, liked it as much as TTD. El Toro was down half the day, coming up around 3:30 pm. People flocked to that ride, and it was great getting 3 quick rides on it while there was a 45 min wait. We rode one last time on ET at night, and it was a walk on for all, but we wouldn't have wanted to wait that long. El Toro was worth ALL the hype and more. It has jumped into one of my top 5 coasters, and was just amazing. Finally, QBot REALLY came in handy for The Dark Knight. The lines were consistently long all day. Had I waited an hour for that lousy lame mouse in a box, I would have been pretty upset. As it was, it was worth the no line wait to check it out. Unless it's a walk on, I won't be going on it in the future. One last thank you to the new improved QBot. This model lets you select the ride from anywhere in the park. You can automatically tell how long a line is. You can select the next ride as soon as you are scanned in on the current ride. However, the big advantage for us was knowing when a ride was down or up. It saved us the trouble of walking through the park to find that something was down, and it allowed us to know as soon as El Toro came back up. Very cool! Steve in Philly
  3. I have a group of 3 headed to Great Adventure on Friday (July 4). However, we can't get there until about 2:00 pm. We plan to buy a gold qbot (possibly in advance, to make sure they aren't sold out). I've never gone on the 4th of July, and have no idea if it is empty or extra crowded that holiday. We don't plan to go back there this summer, and we haven't ridden Kingda Ka, El Toro, or Dark Knight yet. We have to get in multiples of those, plus many rides on Nitro. Does anyone think is isn't worthwhile going there for that period of time? Will it be just too damn crowded by then? Think that, with the gold qbot, we'll have enough time to hit the big coasters plus the other ones at least once? Also, I read that qbots have to be picked up by noon, but I'm assuming that, if paid in advance, they'll hold it until we arrive. Thanks for any advice, Steve in Philly
  4. How do the crowds at Cedar Point usually look on Friday evenings? My wife and I plan to do the evening ticket in two weeks. We will have between 5 and 11 pm. We've been to CP once before, and would like to hit just the big coasters. Have the crowds been awful at this time? Anyone think we could get in the following during this time period? Mil Force TTD Wicked Twister Raptor Magnum Blue Streak Gemini MaxAir Thanks for the Thoughts. DarkOne
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