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  1. I just bought my season pass to Knotts Berry Farm yesterday and I'm going to the park for the first time in about two years today. I only have about six or seven hours in the park and I would like to do everything. So it would be really helpful if someone could tell me which rides will usually have the longest lines and when. And what to hit first and second ect.... That would be awsome. Thanks in advance.
  2. Okay this is like the worst case scenario. My birthday just passed right and I was living in Santa Cruz. On my birthday I bought a season pass to the boardwalk there. I only went there twice before I moved to Santa Monica. As you can already guess by now. The horrible thing is that now I have to be tempted to ride the transportation down to Valencia to go to Six Flags. But I won't be able to ride any of the rides. Instead I will just have my boardwalk season pass. I think there should be a way to return it since I only had it for two days before it proved useless. If anybody knows of a way could you tell me please? Because this is killing me!
  3. Going to Magic Mountain hopefully this coming Saturday and scared of X. Definately scared. Waiting in the single rider line will scare me even more. Because I won't have enough time to think about it. I just get in line and wham I'm thrown into death. Ugh. I am gonna pysche myself out so bad. Anyway I am terrified of the ferris wheel after my wretched mother rocked it until our backs were almost vertical. At the tender age of nine. I will always hold her accountable for my fear of that wheel.
  4. Hey hey hey. They have a single rider line. Why you trying to bring a struggling park down?
  5. Lets negotiate. You give me a pov. I give you a sheep. For romantic reason? For sacrificial reasons? Who knows. Just be gald you're getting a sheep. I'll be waiting for your reply.
  6. Change of plans. My mom decided she didn't want to live in Orange County again because we lived there when I was little. So we're moving to West La. Either Malibu or Santa Monica. Probably Santa Monica though because Malibu is a little costly. Anyway. I'll just be happy to say I live in the (good) part of Los Angeles. Although I was really hoping to live in Malibu.
  7. Okay I have a slightly stupid question. What about theming? I mean when I see the drawn promo for the ride with Snoopy on it I see mountaind and trees. But now you guys say it's open tomorrow and they couldn't possibly have any scenary up by then so is this ride just going to be over plain ground?
  8. Yeah. I've installed like ten packs and only one didn't freeze my game. I remember the one that is working now I downloaded accidentally to a different file than where I wanted it and again accidentally I extracted it there because I didn't know any better. Anyway I tried to find it in the game and obviously it didn't show up so I just left it alone. Then I came across it about a month later having a greater knowledge about scenary packs and copy and pasted it to the right file. You know the themed one. And it was already inzipped I think. If it wasn't then I unzipped it there. Either way it had the same outcome I suppose. So now it works is my game. So my theory is I have to download these packs to another file other than the one it needs to be in. Then copy and paste it either zipped or unzipped (not sure) to the right file and it should work. Hmm. Hopefully.
  9. Dude I'm moving from Texas to the Irvine area and I'm getting my season pass to either Knotts or Six Flags in June! It'll probably be Six Flags though. Dude I have yet to ride X or Tatsu or Deja Vu. Just to name a few.
  10. Oh that is horrible. Although I genuinely pay my respects to everyone affected by this tragic accident I have to say this. Wouldn't it have been so funny to hear someone scream this out as went around and around: I'm meltingggg! I mean I know this isn't a comical situation but still. A random Wizard of Oz referance mixed with a random fire on a fair ground type ride is so utterly random and hilarious to me it's unbelievable. I guess to find this whole thing a little funny you'd have to imagine that it wasn't real.
  11. Wait, wait, wait. There's no commute involved for me. I am taking the Metrolink. I've ridden one before and the only thing they stop for is stations. So yes... it should only take an hour to get to Knotts. And it should probably only take about a little more than two hours to get to Magic Mountain. On the train. On the Metrolink. Anyways, I decided I want to be a life gaurd cause they get paid more, plus their like teen royalty. And when you're vying for a carrier as a highly photographed socialite it would be good training for me to be regarded with higher standards than regular teenagers. But I digress.... I can't wait to go to the mountain, although I'll have to get up early to get there for the running of the bulls to X it'll be okay. Now all I have to do now is get my allowance....
  12. Ugh, no. I do not want to surf, and... on the Metrolink it's like a little over two hours, they said it on their site, I think you were referring to how long it would take if I was in a car. And yes I know that Knotts is only fifty two miles away, while is like a little over an hour with no traffic, if not under an hour. Anyways... I'm just trying to figure out is Knotts even worth buying a pass for along with Magic Mountain? Cause I only get a hundred dollars a month... and with minutes for my phone and saving for a Psp, things are going to get a little costly. One more question... I heard that you can work at Cedar Point at fourteen years old... I was wondering if you could do the same for The Mountain, or Knotts. Anyone know?
  13. I got it, I'll but I season pass for Knotts and Six Flags, on the weekends for youth it's only about five dollars. So I'm cool. Uhhh, I'm just sad cause I wanted To ride Millenium Force. Anyway, I'll be making another one of these threads for both of the parks soon. At least I'll have Goliath, Tatsu, Batman, Superman, X, Viper, Deja Vu, Xcelerator, Ghostrider, Montezoomas Revenge, Supreme Scream, Riddlers Revenge, Scream, Boomerang, Ninja, Silver Bullet, and Riptide. Now that I think about... that's awsome, so I'm not so sad anymore.
  14. Oh. My. God. I have a totally major problem in the midst now. My mom, is moving! And the worst part, is that she's taking me too! Just cause it's a little cold is no reason to deprive a teenage boy from his outer-atmospheric rollercoatsers! We're moving to San Deigo.... I know. So now I have to go to the dreaded Six Flags, or Knotts Berry! Damn this turn of events! I think I will kill myself now. Oh... before I do... I forgot to mention that my moms not spending gas money to driv eme more than an hour to a park, so I am banished to the Metrolink. It's a two hour ride to Santa Clarita, plus actually getting to the park! Ahhh, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? I want my Millenium Force, I want my Top Thrill Dragster! No... rescue me. Rescue me from this horrible fate of failure and disappointment.
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