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  1. Detail, theme, and placement, it's all perfect!! The buildings look good the roller coaster is well themed and built!! The thrill ride looks great were it is and the new roller coaster looks great should I say the 2 new coasters!! I cant wait for the next update man!!!
  2. The theme is outstanding and the roller coaster is perfect. The detail and look of this park is really coming along nicely. I can see a lot of good work and dedication and it looks great. The park is coming along very nicely!!
  3. The first roller coaster looks way to wired and the supports don't match the type of coaster. The flyer looks like Tatsu and the lift hill dosent look like a B&M lift hill for a flyer. The layout which I can see looks a little off and painful in some spots. I think some more time spent on the roller coaster's and some looking into things would make them 10x better. Keep up the work thought!!
  4. I could make that station in Rct 3 easily!! (lol) It's well designed and drawn out!! Great Job!!
  5. Ok I think the thing is for me, the hydralic coaster just seems really tall and stands out a lot. The train colors are to yellow. The station looks awesome though great job there. The S&S shot tower is to big to me and the top dosent look good try toping it with hydralic coaster arches it looks super real. The buildings in your park are outstanding. The inverted coaster looks decent the over all theme of the park I don't really get...
  6. A-mazing update man!! Great detail and i'm thinking there is going to be a ride going. I can't wait to here what goes on!!
  7. Great job, the coaster looks smooth and realistic. I like the station and que and exit lines very nicely set and done. Awesome job keep it up!!
  8. hmmmm.... Thats intresting it shoudln't do that with a Rct 3 object... Yeah I just hold off then!!
  9. Busch Gardens America, Update #5 Well it’s been over a week since are last update and I now a lot of people having been waiting. I thank you for your patients and for all the good comments! I’m very happy to hear so many. Well work has been crazy at the park with the California weather back works have been pulling 13hour days and things are getting done. Outlaw is completely tracked and finished just some smooth welding to be done to the tack. The water splash has been filled. In other news the bridge is all done and themed, and there is more concert slaps in the Westward Valley which is very interesting… Construction Update #5 Well construction is in full speed again and things are getting done. Outlaw is finished track and theme and other work is being done. Concrete slaps are back in a new location along with a whole in the ground. Well have to see what this turns out to be. There also have been a lot of talk with B&M again and I think we could start seeing work in one of the other 2 sections maybe dealing with B&M too. Well let’s get on to the pictures for this update! ^ Welcome back to BGA! (The skyline coming along nicely) ^ The new concrete slaps in WestWard Valley. ^ OutLaw's tunnel ,and peeps bridge all done. ^ A look at the start of OutLaw's station. ^ Looks like the storage building for the trains, the track is in place. ^ OutLaw secound drop and inversion. ^ The overbank turn. ^ The S-turn leading into the water splash. ^ The water splash is filled up. ^ Finale turn before the brakes. ^ An overview of OutLaw! Well there you have it the 5th update from Busch Gardens America. The park is coming along slowly but truly. The next update should be an interesting one if I have information right. Any comments or questions are more then welcomed hope to hear from you all soon. As always have a good day! Signed by the manager of BGA, Jeremy Broten
  10. If you need ticket booths I could give you ones I have saved from my other parks. Other wise just do one of them, then save it and then bam you just click and you have the exact same thing. The fog dosen't match to me looks like a kreepy enteance to a forbiden section of a park. I like the look and your effort is well seen. It takes a long time before you can get fast, quick, and A-mazing at this game there are thousands of tricks and stuff to do that. You ever need help or anything just IM me Looking forward to the update!!
  11. Yes!! It's under how you make fireworks there is a water thing!!
  12. I like what i'm seeing very nice!! Can't wait take your time!!!
  13. It's intresting... There something about it I dont like but I cant put a point on it!! IDK... (lol) It looks good!!
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