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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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Anyone who still prefers QuickTime as their media player of choice probably still uses Netscape as a browser and maintains a CompuServe email address.


Glad to see LIghtning Rod testing! Ill definitely be making a return trip this year once the ride opens!


The following is a non-exhaustive list of fun alternative activities that might be of interest rather than using Quicktime:



Flower arranging

Watching repeats of Frasier

Buying a new hat

Thinking about moss

Cleaning limescale from your shower

Investing in a Ponzi scheme

Checking your tire pressure

Laughing at squirrels


Particularly, laughing at squirrels! A delightful use of one's time!

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Testing with workers onboard!



Thanks for sharing! From what I have seen there have only been 2 or 3 videos of LR in action, so these are a welcome addition and much appreciated. I'm finding it pretty ironic that people are giving you crap for using a dated video format, yet their video players apparently aren't advanced enough to play anything you throw at it in 2016. Huh.

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C'mon sheeple! Any ILM hack could CGI that. You all are drinking the Cool Aide! And we all know just how reliable the guys at Coaster Crew are? Between them and the Dippin' Dots Guy, every park from Disney Sea down to your local FEC shoulda had an Aqatrax by now. Dollywood and RMC WILL probably never work in this industry again. Look at Intamin. After the train wreck that was Top Thrill Dragster. What have they done recently? EXACTLY! You all know what I'm sayin'.

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Lighting was hauling A€€ up the hill tonight. Did about 6 launches in the wet conditions then seemed to stop. The thing comes rocketing down the quad. This things gonna be awesome. Que house looks like one of the best themed additions to date.

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