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  1. I agree, here I put the video in a .zip file just extract it then play the video. If you have VLC Media player. THX
  2. Can u convert this video to a youtube video? it wont play for me.
  3. OMG give more details! how was the elements, was it intense? and how was the airtime?
  4. its not confirmed but it sounds believable. look at TPR latest tweet
  5. TWEET- Theme Park Review Retweeted Alexander Pope ‏@AlexanderAPope @ThemeParkReview I'm at Dollywood and the buzz is that Lightning Rod is opening NEXT weekend...
  6. Here's another picture of the roof getting installed on the structure on LR.
  7. Looks like they are installing a roof on the structure at the top of the hill!!!
  8. I think its hard to take pictures of it, because of it being so low to the ground.
  9. Does anyone know if there will be a media day for LR?
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